InternetPkg.com is about the information on Mobile Internet and Telecommunication Service Provider’s various offers they have.

We will update each of our contents and offer/package pages so that you will get updated package offers all the time.

What We Do?

The Internet Package and Mobile Data Plans Researcher is responsible for researching and recommending internet packages and mobile data plans for the different company’s consumers. This includes researching internet package offerings, developing consumer surveys, recommending internet packages to customers, and creating reports to support marketing efforts.

The Internet Package and Mobile Data Plans Researcher is responsible for generating ideas, identifying trends, and providing product recommendations for new mobile data plans.

  1. Identify and research emerging trends in the mobile sector
  2. Identify market opportunities for new mobile data plans
  3. Research competition to understand their strengths and weaknesses
  4. Provide product recommendation to the Product Manager
  5. Develop presentations, white papers, webinars, and marketing material
  6. Execute on new business opportunities
  7. Support the Product Marketing Manager with ideation
  8. Support the Product Manager in developing new features
  9. Act as a leader within the company
  10. Proactively identify opportunities for cross-functional collaboration

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Kelli Miller
InternetPKG Team.