Albania Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Albania: Buy the Best SIM Cards

When traveling to Albania, staying connected to the internet and being able to make calls is essential for many. To ensure a hassle-free experience, purchasing a local SIM card is often the best and most economical option. This listicle guides you through the best SIM card options available in Albania, helping you to make an informed decision to stay connected during your travels.

1. Vodafone Albania

  • Coverage and Speed: Vodafone offers excellent coverage throughout Albania, especially in urban areas where high-speed 4G data is readily available.
  • Prepaid Options: Vodafone’s ‘Visitor SIM’ is quite popular among tourists. It generally includes data, local minutes, and international calls.
  • Where to Buy: SIM cards can be purchased at the Vodafone stores located in major cities or at Tirana International Airport.
  • Price: Competitive pricing with various options to suit different needs.

2. Telekom Albania (One Telecommunications)

  • Coverage and Speed: Telekom Albania provides good coverage across the country with reliable 4G services in most towns and cities.
  • Prepaid Options: Offers prepaid plans that are suitable for short-term visitors, including ‘Tourist Card’ packages.
  • Where to Buy: Available at official Telekom shops and authorized resellers.
  • Price: Offers cost-effective solutions for travelers with flexible data and call packages.

3. ALBtelecom

  • Coverage and Speed: While its coverage is slightly more limited compared to Vodafone and Telekom, ALBtelecom has been expanding its network and provides satisfactory service in most populated areas.
  • Prepaid Options: ALBtelecom’s ‘Eagle Mobile Tourist SIM’ is targeted at visitors and includes a mix of data, SMS, and call minutes.
  • Where to Buy: Can be bought at ALBtelecom stores and various other outlets.
  • Price: Priced to appeal to the budget-conscious traveler, offering good value for money.

4. PLUS Communication

  • Coverage and Speed: PLUS Communication offers decent coverage although it might not be as extensive as the major providers. Good 4G service in urban centers.
  • Prepaid Options: They offer prepaid plans that are quite flexible in terms of validity and usage.
  • Where to Buy: SIM cards are available in PLUS stores and selected retail outlets.
  • Price: Generally affordable with various options depending on usage requirements.

Important Considerations When Buying a SIM Card in Albania

  • Device Compatibility: Ensure your device is unlocked and compatible with the GSM network used in Albania (900/1800 MHz for GSM and 2100 MHz for 3G).
  • Identification: Albania may require you to present identification, such as a passport, when purchasing a SIM card.
  • Top-Up Options: Check for the availability of top-up vouchers or electronic top-up services.
  • Plan Validity: Be aware of the validity period of your chosen plan to avoid losing unused credits.
  • Customer Support: Consider the ease of accessing customer support, particularly support in English or other languages you may be fluent in.

Having the right SIM card can enhance your travel experience in Albania, ensuring you remain connected with loved ones and have access to online resources for navigation, recommendations, and more. Choose the option that best aligns with your needs and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

Best Tourist Sim Cards in Albania – Everything Kou Need to Know

Albania’s telecommunications market is dominated by two major providers: Vodafone and ALBtelecom. Both offer a range of tourist SIM cards tailored to meet the needs of travelers. Here’s a closer look at each provider:

Vodafone Albania:

Vodafone Albania is the leading telecommunications provider in Albania, offering extensive network coverage and reliable connectivity throughout the country. Their tourist SIM cards are particularly popular among visitors due to their generous data allowances and affordable prices.

  • Vodafone Tourist SIM Card:
    • Price: 2000 lek (approximately €15)
    • Includes: 35GB of data, unlimited national minutes and SMS
    • Validity: 15 days
    • Purchase locations: Vodafone stores, Tirana Airport, authorized retailers nationwide


ALBtelecom is Albania’s second-largest telecommunications provider, offering a strong network presence and competitive pricing. Their tourist SIM cards provide a balance of data and voice options, making them a suitable choice for travelers with varying needs.

  • ALBtelecom Super Start Package:
    • Price: 500 lek (approximately €4)
    • Includes: 2GB of data, 200 national minutes, 200 SMS
    • Validity: 10 days
    • Purchase locations: ALBtelecom stores, Tirana Airport, authorized retailers nationwide

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tourist SIM Card:

  • Data Allowance: Assess your data usage patterns and choose a plan that offers sufficient data for your needs.
  • Voice and SMS: If you plan to make frequent calls or send SMS messages, consider a plan with included minutes and SMS.
  • Validity: Choose a plan that aligns with the duration of your trip.
  • Network Coverage: Prioritize providers with extensive network coverage in the regions you’ll be visiting.
  • Price: Compare prices and choose the plan that offers the best value for your money.

Purchasing and Activating a Tourist SIM Card:

  • Purchase locations: Tourist SIM cards can be purchased at major airports, telecommunications provider stores, and authorized retailers nationwide.
  • Identification: You may be required to present your passport or other valid identification document for registration purposes.
  • Activation: Follow the instructions provided by the SIM card provider to activate your SIM card.

Tips for Using Your Tourist SIM Card in Albania:

  • Top-ups: Purchase top-up vouchers to extend the validity or add additional data if needed.
  • International calls: If you need to make international calls, consider purchasing international calling cards or using VoIP services.
  • Data usage: Monitor your data usage to avoid exceeding your allowance and incurring additional charges.
  • Network settings: Ensure your phone is configured to use the correct network settings for the SIM card provider you’ve chosen.

Vodafone (Albania) Data Packages

daily pack (Paketa Ditore): 100 Lekë incl. 100 domestic mins, 100 on-net SMS and 200 MB data valid for 24 hours
weekly packs (Pakteta Javore):
  • 300 MB data: 100 Lekë
  • 100 dom. mins, 3000 on-net SMS, 30 dom. SMS and 1 GB: 300 Lekë
  • 300 dom. mins, 3000 on-net SMS, 30 dom. SMS and 300 MB: 300 Lekë
300 MB data: 100 Lekë
100 dom. mins, 3000 on-net SMS, 30 dom. SMS and 1 GB: 300 Lekë
300 dom. mins, 3000 on-net SMS, 30 dom. SMS and 300 MB: 300 Lekë

ALBtelecom (formerly Eagle Mobile) Data Packages

1 GB24 hours100 LekëID100
1 GB7 days300 LekëIJ300
2 GB30 days300 LekëIM300
4 GB30 days500 LekëIM500
6 GB30 days600 LekëIM600
10 GB30 days1000 LekëIM1000
20 GB30 days1500 LekëIM1500


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