What Is The Difference Between 3.5 mm Jack In Mobile And Laptops? (All You Need To Know!)

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The 3.5 mm jack in newer laptops is the same as the one in mobile phones. However, older laptop jacks didn’t have a mic connection. Mobile phone jacks have four connections: left, right, mic, and stereo.

Comparison Table – Differences Between 3.5 mm Jack In Mobile And Laptops

The table below contains the major differences between 3.5 mm jack in mobile and laptops. Let’s check it out! 

CriteriaLaptopMobile Phone
Number of connections Three connectionsFour connections 
Types of ConnectionNot compatible Compatible 
Types of connectionLeft, right, and stereoLeft, right, mic, and stereo 
FunctionIt creates either stereo or mono sound, depending on the audio sourceIt converts audio signals from digital to analog. 

Different Types Of Ports In Laptops And Mobile

Different Types Of Ports In Laptops And Mobile

As we may or may not know, there are three major kinds of ports on your phones and laptops. We have TS, TRS, and TRRS. Most times the TS is not available because the world has advanced from that kind of system. 

A table comparing all three kinds of ports available on these jacks

This type of jack gives you both the stereo and microphone features. This particular jack is known to have a stereo system but doesn’t have a microphone as part of its feature. These kinds of headphones would allow you to listen to music but will not allow you to make calls because the other side cannot hear you without microphones. This type of jack gives you both the stereo and microphone feature. 

The 3.5mm Jack Size

Most times, the wired headphones that we have today are of this exact jack size. The auxiliaries you find in your laptops, sound systems, and mobile phones are mostly 3.5mm jack sizes. This is what most manufacturers work with today. Although with technology today, there are wireless headphones all around the world, smartphones still produce plugs for headphones. Most smartphones work with the 3.5 mm jack size. 

This headphone jack size is used mainly for recorders, smartphones, audio players, MP3 players, and a lot more devices, including laptops. The normal headphones are TRS connectors and 3.5mm in size. The ones that have microphones installed inside them are mainly TRRS connectors and still have 3.5 mm jack sizes. 

The Different Jack Sizes

Only three different jack sizes are known popular today. For one, we have 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 6.35mm. All of these jacks are different based on size and plugs. The size refers to the length of the plug and the jack diameter. The length of each jack size isn’t always stable. Some of them vary in length. This happens mostly to the 3.5mm jack and the 6.35mm jack. 

For the 3.5mm jacks, sometimes the length can get up to 15mm and 17mm and still be called standard. Both lengths are used for video applications most time. The 17mm is the rare kind among both of the lengths. What this means is that the 3.5mm jack is designed to have either 17mm or 15mm plugs attached to it. 

For the 6.35 mm jack sizes, we could say that they seem more standard than the 3.5mm sizes. This is because they have a smaller range when it comes to length. They are placed between 30mm to 31mm. This is understandable because there is a very small gap between the lengths of this jack size, it is said to be standard most times. Not everyone can say they know the difference between 30mm and 31mm when they see it with their bare eyes. 

Most of the headphones that we buy today have the 3.5mm jack feature with a 15mm length. Most times they are either TRS or TRRS connectors. These are the best-wired headphones that we have today. These are the best headphones for any portable music player you have, maybe an iPod or even your smartphone. You can also use it for your laptop because it works perfectly with most devices. There are also professional amps that make use of these headphones, you can either get the 3.5mm or the 6.35mm jacks for the professional amps.

How to connect a 3.5 mm Razer headset to a desktop, laptop, or mobile device

Connecting a 3.5mm Razer headset to a desktop, laptop, or mobile device involves a straightforward process. Here are detailed steps:

Connecting to a Desktop or Laptop:

  1. Identify the Ports:
    • Locate the 3.5mm audio ports on your desktop or laptop. Commonly, these are color-coded green for audio output and pink for audio input (microphone).
  2. Plug in the Headset:
    • Connect the 3.5mm plug from the Razer headset into the corresponding audio output (green) port on your computer. If your headset has a microphone, plug its 3.5mm jack into the audio input (pink) port.
  3. Adjust Audio Settings:
    • Open your computer’s audio settings to ensure the correct output device is selected. Right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray (Windows) or use the sound settings in System Preferences (Mac).
  4. Test the Headset:
    • Play audio or use a voice recording application to confirm that the headset is working properly. Adjust the volume levels as needed.

Connecting to a Mobile Device:

  1. Identify the Headphone Jack:
    • Locate the 3.5mm headphone jack on your mobile device. Some newer smartphones may require a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter.
  2. Plug in the Headset:
    • Connect the 3.5mm plug from the Razer headset into the headphone jack on your mobile device.
  3. Adjust Audio Settings (if necessary):
    • Most mobile devices automatically recognize the connected headset. If needed, go to the device’s sound or audio settings to verify the headset is selected as the audio output.
  4. Test the Headset:
    • Play audio or make a test call to ensure the headset is functioning correctly. Adjust the volume using the device’s controls.


Are All Headphone Jacks The Same?

No. Even headphones of the same jack sizes are not completely the same because most times they have different numbers of wires. Some 3.5 mm jack-size headphones can have 3 wires and sometimes 4 wires. Here is what happens. Some of these headphones have a mono sound attached to them, some of them on the other hand have full stereo sound. Many times, these headphones are manufactured with sounds from two channels.

What Is A 3.5 mm Jack Useful For?

It is used for most consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, camcorders, DVDs, laptops, and mobile phones. They all make use of these 3.5mm jack-size headphones for videos and audio output. Some of these jack sizes with TRS connectors have mono unbalanced audio output with video. On the other hand, the TRRS connection only has the feature for unbalanced audio and video. 

Are The 3.5mm Jacks Standard?

Yes. This is still considered the standard jack size in most places around the world. However, some smartphones have changed to different ones. Plugs, some have decided not to leave this jack size. 

What Jack Size Is Smaller Than The 3.5mm Jack Size?

We have the smaller Jack size that is no longer popular, manufacturers don’t make this size anymore. It is a 2.5mm jack size. Just like we have mentioned before, we have different jack sizes, 3 different ones available for consumers. The major ones though are 3.5 mm and 6.35mm. 

Wrapping Up

As we can see, the article has been able to lecture you on how the 3.5mm jack size works on different electronic devices. 


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