What Is The Ending Of The Game SIM Sara Is Missing? (Full Details!)

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The ending of the game SIM Sara Is Missing is ambiguous, but it is implied that either Sara or Faith (the player character) is killed. If the player chooses to save Sara, the killer will send them photos of Sara being murdered. If the player chooses to save Faith, the killer will kill Faith instead.

A Table Explaining The Ending Of The Game With Whoever You Choose To Select. 

If Sara was the name you decided to pick when you were given the option in the ending, you would receive pictures from the murderer, he will show you that he has killed Sara. The Siri or IRIS would start telling you that you were supposed to protect Sara. If you choose faith, the murderer would murder her and then send you the pictures of him while he was doing it. The IRIS would now tell you that Sara is currently safe before the game comes to an end. 

As we know, the SIM game is mainly concerned with the decisions of the players. These are the things that we have found out about the game endings. They are on the table above. Those are the only possible ways in which the game can end.

Also, when the game asks you to choose between Sara and Faith, and you waste too much time, the game would automatically choose faith, and then the murderer would kill faith and the IRIS comes up to tell you that Sara is secure and that is where the game comes to an end. 

The Game SIM 

Stimulated Gameplay

Monsoon Lab the creature of this mobile game went all out to make sure that they create something good. They created this game based on what the world has turned into, everyone is glued to their phones nowadays no one likes to leave their phones anymore. This is a game that could keep anyone captured for hours. 

They used the idea of technological immersion after they used found footage that somehow looks similar to the horror film market. This game can also be called the simulator. 

See how brilliant the game gets, you are using your phone to go through Sara‘s smartphone. According to the game, you are with Sara’s phone but you are with your phone in real life. To find the missing girl, you have to go through some things on Sara’s phone. You have to check out all her videos, pictures, emails, and messages so you can get clues to finish the game. 

The game gets some players turned off and not excited because it has a lot of reading attached to it, you have to read her messages and emails, this might be tiring. Although, whenever you are stuck, you have IRIs to ask for help and she will use her tool to help you investigate the phone. This game is no different from real life, a lot of people read so many materials on their phones when looking for information, why can’t you read the messages. Go through some materials and find the girl, this is a mystery kind of thing. 

During the game, one of the most important things you would be asked to do is to fund the necessary information needed and then give them to IRIS so that she can analyze it for you. You are also given the chance to chat with her concerning some important information. Most of the things that you would talk about would be between you and IRIS. Some other characters are given the chance to also chat too. 

Don’t think that you can just continue chatting as you like, the game only allows you to respond to the chats two or three times. The keyboard showing is not useful, it is just placed there. The game is very straightforward as there are no serious complications. It is very easy to navigate inside the game because the controls are not hard to understand, you can know where you are without any stress. Since you are in control of Sara’s phone, the game makes it look like you have a real smartphone in your hand. 

Game Sound

With what we have explained about the games so far, you would agree with me that the game isn’t very sound-prone, it has some sound effects that are used throughout the whole game. Most times, the sound effects you hear are the ones the phone makes when a message comes in. The audio you get from the videos you watch and all the voicemails you listen to would be clear. Although the voice messages and phone calls might have imperfect sounds, these should be done on purpose by the game producers. 

Since the game puts you on someone’s smartphone, you won’t hear any smartphone background music. You would also be advised to use a headphone so you can hear every detail of the phone calls, audio messages, and videos. 

Is The Game Story Real?

No. The story gotten for the game is fictional. These things never happened in real life. Some things in the game were done with a lot of research though. The creative team had to search for real and fictional materials so that the game can be created. 

The IRIS, which is artificial intelligence was gotten from somewhere, the red room, and the footage-style videos were all gotten from a particular place. 


Sara is missing is a game that has to be played because its mission is like no other game. It has a story to tell and it has the unique technology that makes it an advanced game. It isn’t much of a big game if you look at it, but it has a unique setting. Creativity is what we classify as an Alternate Reality because it puts the player in a real-life kind of setting.




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