How Do You Trade In Roblox Mobile? (A Step-By-Step Guide!)

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To trade in Roblox Mobile:

  1. Have Roblox Premium.
  2. Go to profile of person to trade with.
  3. Tap 3 dots > Trade Items.
  4. Select items to trade > Make Offer.
  5. Await response.

How A Simple Trade Is Made On Roblox 

1st Step: Open And Login Into Your Roblox Account

You are not allowed to make any trades on the mobile application for Roblox but there is a way to bypass that rule. What you do is to go straight to your browser, the one you normally use. Open it and type in the Roblox website which is login in to your account and then search for the person you have decided to trade with.

2nd Step: Select the Item You Want To Trade

As soon as you get to the profile of who you have decided to trade with, click the three dots on the right side of the browser in the upper part of the phone. You won’t have to scroll down too far before you find the option that says the desktop site. As soon as the browser desktops the site for you, you will find that you haven’t been seeing all the items on the app before. This would open everything up so you can get to choose the one you want. After getting what you want to trade, the next thing is to click on the three dots near the person’s avatar and then choose the trade item option. 

3rd Step: Finish Up Your Trade

The items that you have for trading would be under the heading that says your offers. The other section of items would be the items that the other player has to trade with you. Before you can trade with someone, the person has to change their setting to allow trading in their privacy settings. If this person’s setting says otherwise, the trade would not go through. What most people do is join a trading group on Roblox so they can get enough people to trade these items with. 

Roblox Trading System

The trading system has an amazing technology that lets users communicate with each other and get items that can be traded. Some of these items are limited while some are not. Some of them have more limited offers than others do. Before two people are allowed to trade, they have to go to the settings page and then enable the trading through the privacy tab on their account. 

Generating A Trade

If you want to start a new trade, you would have to follow these steps:

1. Locate and enter the player’s profile page 

2. Click on the button that has three dots located in the upper right corner of the box. These three dots would take you to the player’s username, friends, and followers data.

3. A menu will appear after this, just select trade items. 

4. After clicking that, a new page would emerge, on the new page, you would find the different items that you and the player have to trade. 

5. Select some of the items on your list that you have to trade away. These items are your offers, they will stay under the list of your offers while trading. 

6. Select the items you want to get from this person and they will be on your request list. 

7. Remember that this is a deal you are making, if you need whatever item he or she has badly, you would have to sweeten the deal. Also, a 30% fee is involved Soon as the transaction is accepted.  

8. Make sure you check the trade before accepting it because it cannot be undone when the trade is successful. 

9. When you are sure about the trade, click on make an offer, the trade will be submitted, confirm the trade request, and then the notification will be sent to your partner. 

A table showing the difference between the items on the required and offered list

Required ListOffered List
This list is filled with items that you want from the other party. This list is filled with items that you are willing to give up for the trade. 

Accepting A Trade, Declining A Trade, Countering A Trade 

In Roblox, the trading system allows players to exchange items, but it primarily operates on the Roblox website or desktop app. The process involves accepting, declining, or countering trade offers. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Accepting a Trade:

  1. Initiate or Receive Trade:
    • A trade can be initiated by either player. If someone wants to trade with you, you’ll receive a notification.
  2. Review the Trade Offer:
    • Click on the trade notification or go to the “Trade” section on the website to view the trade offer. Review the items being offered.
  3. Accept the Trade:
    • If you agree with the offered items, click “Accept Trade.” Confirm the action to finalize the trade.
  4. Completion:
    • Once accepted by both parties, the items are exchanged, and the trade is completed.

Declining a Trade:

  1. Review the Trade Offer:
    • Follow the same steps to view the trade offer as if you were accepting.
  2. Decline the Trade:
    • If you do not wish to proceed with the trade, click “Decline Trade.”
  3. Communication:
    • Optionally, you can use the chat to communicate the reason for declining or negotiate changes to the offer.

Countering a Trade:

  1. Review the Trade Offer:
    • Similar to accepting or declining, review the trade offer.
  2. Propose Changes:
    • If you want to make adjustments to the offer, click “Counter.” You can modify the items being offered.
  3. Send the Counter Offer:
    • After making changes, send the counter offer. The other player can then accept, decline, or counter again.
  4. Negotiation:
    • The trading process may involve multiple counters as both parties negotiate until an agreement is reached.

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know about trading on Roblox. It is all very easy to navigate and there isn’t any complicated thing about using the app or the website. You just have to follow the guide, make sure you don’t click on something else, you will surely get what you want. Trading here is very interesting according to users. 


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