Is Verizon GSM? (Find Out Today!)

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No, Verizon is not GSM. Verizon uses CDMA technology, which is different from GSM. CDMA is a wider network, which allows Verizon to provide coverage in more remote areas. However, GSM is more widely used around the world.

Does Verizon Have GSM or CMDA?

Verizon traditionally operated on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology. However, with the evolution of wireless networks, including the rollout of 5G, Verizon has undergone changes. Here are the details:

  1. CDMA Legacy: Historically, Verizon’s 2G and 3G networks were based on CDMA technology.
  2. LTE Transition: Verizon transitioned to LTE (Long-Term Evolution) for 4G services, utilizing a different technology than traditional CDMA.
  3. 5G Network: Verizon’s 5G network incorporates a mix of technologies, including mmWave and sub-6 GHz frequencies. This allows compatibility with a broader range of devices, including those using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology.
  4. GSM Compatibility: Verizon’s 5G network, being more universal, is compatible with GSM devices, allowing greater flexibility for consumers with various device types.

What Is GSM? 

GSM is a very old and popular radio system. It is extremely reliable and used everywhere in the world. However, GSM only supports 2G networks. Therefore, GSM hardly provides a good network signal. Also, communication speed over the network is extremely slow. Even so, it is omnipresent.

What Is CDMA? 

This is a radio system found in cell phones. It is a basic technology. CDMA offers a prominent 2G/3G network used by some US network carriers. The network is basically used for telecommunications on mobile devices. However, these CDMA-supported devices are hard to find now. Also, CDMA networks are blocked by recent devices. 

Also, the new 5G technology in a trial phase will be a part of the obstruction. Verizon operates with CDMA to communicate. Verizon also has plans to turn off its CDMA network. Verizon plans on switching to 5G network. 

Network And Data Rate For GSM And CDMA

Data Rate For GSM And CDMA


The larger regions are split into different cells. Every cell has a tower that provides network services. These services are for every mobile phone in that particular cell block. GSM also uses GPRS to transfer data. However, the bandwidth for GPRS is very slow. Also, another reason why the data transfer is slow.


For CDMA, a physical medium is provided for every device. Furthermore, these devices all have specific codes. Their network stations send out frequencies every time. The device being used here is identified with the code theory in the network. CDMA uses EVDO, they have a faster data bandwidth. This means, the data transmission rate is very fast. 

Technology And Roaming


GSM technology is usually TDMA and FDMA. For TDMA technology, users are given multi-user access. It is done by slicing channels into different time slices. For FDMA, the multi-user access is done by separating the frequencies. Because GSM is omnipresent, you can go anywhere in the world using your GSM phone. 


This technology allows the identification of multiple users. Also, the different users are separated by the code used for sending signals. CDMA technology is called CDM. Unlike GSM it isn’t accepted everywhere around the globe. Its roaming accessibility is limited. 

A Table Comparing GSM And Verizon Operator(CDMA).

Comparison BasisGSMCDMA
BasicSpecific to SIMsSpecific to phones
Full form Global system for mobile communication Code division multiple access
Technology FDMA and TDMACDM
NetworkEvery cell block has a cell tower to serve mobile phones in that area. They have a physical channel. There are codes given to each device.
TransmissionVoice and data transmission at onceVoice and data transmission don’t work together. 
Data rateSlowFast


Is Verizon CDMA Or GSM?

Verizon network is a CDMA wireless network. 

Can I Use A GSM Phone On Verizon? 

No. GSM doesn’t work with Verizon. As long as it is a 2G GSM phone then Verizon is not compatible with it. Verizon makes use of the CDMA network. 

Is Verizon Still A CDMA Network?

Yes. However, that is just for now because the status of this might change soon. Verizon sets to decommission its CDMA network very soon. 

Is The CDMA Network Better Than GSM?

Well, technically they are better in their ways. Both standard users have the same service. Also, the quality of your network depends on your carrier. 

Would My Verizon SIM Card Work In An Unlocked Phone?

Yes. Since your phone is unlocked, it would work with both Verizon and non-Verizon SIM cards. On the other hand, a locked Verizon phone would take a Verizon SIM card and only the SIM card. 

How Do I Figure Out If My Phone Is GSM Or CDMA?

It is simple. You can easily check through the about or status page. On that page, you will find an IMEI, ESN, or MEID number. Phones with IMEI numbers are GSM phones. On the other hand, phones with ESN or MEID numbers are CDMA. If your phone has both then it supports both network systems. 

Is It Possible To Just Switch SIM Cards Between Verizon Phones?

Yes. You can swap SIM cards anytime you want on Verizon. You just have to be sure that the two phones are Verizon smartphones. There also has to be an active Verizon plan for your Verizon account. However, if the service is locked to one carrier then you can’t just switch. 

Why Does Verizon Prefer CDMA?

Well, back then when it was first released, it immediately became the latest technology. It was faster and more flexible than GSM too. Verizon decided to use it because of its features. 

What Type Of SIM Card Works For Verizon?

Verizon works with 4G LTE and 5G SIM cards. Your SIM card entails all the information you have as a customer. Also, your SIM card is very portable and works on all Verizon devices. 

How Do I Know That My Verizon Phone Is Unlocked?

It is simple, just place a call to your carrier’s customer service and they would tell you.


Verizon as it stands doesn’t have any business with GSM. Your GSM phones don’t work with the Verizon network also. Verizon works mainly with CDMA technology. 

Also, Verizon isn’t a GSM operator and its network won’t work with GSM devices. In addition, this is just so that before buying a phone to use with Verizon. Ensure that you have confirmed the operator of the phone. If you get a GSM device, it will definitely not work on Verizon. 


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