Karabakh Telecom Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Azerbaijan)

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Azerbaijan & Nagorno-Karabakh: Buy the Best SIM Cards

  1. Azercell:
    • One of the leading mobile operators in Azerbaijan.
    • Offers a range of prepaid and postpaid plans.
    • Provides 4G/LTE coverage in major cities.
  2. Bakcell:
    • Another major mobile operator in Azerbaijan.
    • Offers various prepaid and postpaid options.
    • Provides 4G/LTE coverage.
  3. Nar Mobile:
    • Offers mobile services with a variety of plans.
    • Provides 4G/LTE coverage in urban areas.

How to Obtain a SIM Card in Azerbaijan:

  1. Visit a Retail Store:
    • SIM cards for Azerbaijani providers are typically available at official stores, kiosks, or authorized retailers.
  2. Provide Identification:
    • You will likely need to provide identification (passport or ID) to register the SIM card.
  3. Choose a Plan:
    • Select a prepaid or postpaid plan based on your needs.
  4. Insert SIM Card:
    • After purchasing, insert the SIM card into your unlocked device.
  5. Activate the SIM:
    • Follow the activation instructions provided by the mobile operator.


Due to the geopolitical situation, obtaining a SIM card in Nagorno-Karabakh may have unique challenges. It’s recommended to check with local authorities or telecommunication providers operating in the region for the latest information.

Comparison Table:

CriteriaAzercellBakcellNar Mobile
Network CoverageExtensive coverage in urban areasBroad coverage with 4G/LTE services4G/LTE coverage in urban areas
Plan OptionsPrepaid and postpaid plans availableVarious prepaid and postpaid optionsOffers a variety of mobile plans
Data Speeds4G/LTE available4G/LTE coverage4G/LTE available
SIM Card CostVaries by plan and providerVaries by plan and providerVaries by plan and provider
Activation RequirementsIdentification required for registrationIdentification required for registrationIdentification required for registration
25 MB10 days500 AMD*200*25#
50 MB20 days750 AMD*200*50#
100 MB20 days1250 AMD*200*100#
200 MB30 days1900 AMD*200*200#
300 MB30 days2300 AMD*200*300#
1 GB30 days5600 AMD*200*1#
3 GB30 days7800 AMD*200*3#
5 GB30 days9800 AMD*200*5#



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