Kenya Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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List of Home Internet Service Providers in Kenya

Kenya’s demand for reliable and fast home internet services has been growing steadily with the advancement of technology and remote work trends. Various providers are competing to offer the best internet services, each with unique packages and services to suit different customer needs. Here is a listicle of prominent home internet service providers in Kenya:

  1. Safaricom Home Fibre
    • Coverage: Available in major towns and cities across Kenya.
    • Packages: Offers several packages based on internet speeds ranging from 8 Mbps to 200 Mbps.
    • Features: Includes the Safaricom Home Fibre Plus package which bundles internet, mobile data, voice, and SMS.
  2. Zuku Fiber
    • Coverage: Has a strong presence in Nairobi, Mombasa, and other major towns.
    • Packages: Provides a variety of bandwidth options with speeds from 10 Mbps to 250 Mbps.
    • Features: Apart from internet services, Zuku also offers television services that can be bundled with the internet.
  3. Faiba (Jamii Telecommunications Ltd)
    • Coverage: Limited to certain parts of Nairobi and a few other areas due to reliance on their own fiber infrastructure.
    • Packages: Multiple packages offering speeds from 30 Mbps to 150 Mbps.
    • Features: Known for providing high-speed internet at affordable prices and also offers Faiba TV services.
  4. Airtel Kenya
    • Coverage: Predominantly urban areas with plans to expand.
    • Packages: Airtel has introduced home broadband services with various data plans.
    • Features: Airtel’s services are offered through a portable Wi-Fi router, allowing flexibility in usage within the home.
  5. POA! Internet
    • Coverage: Currently available in specific low-income areas in Nairobi and Kiambu counties.
    • Packages: UnlimiNet packages with unlimited internet.
    • Features: Focuses on affordable internet access for every household and also offers free access to selected websites.
  6. Liquid Telecom Kenya
    • Coverage: Covers various areas around Nairobi and some other key towns.
    • Packages: Offers Hai home internet packages with different speeds and data limits.
    • Features: Apart from their home packages, Liquid Telecom is known for its enterprise solutions.
  7. Telkom Kenya
    • Coverage: Availability in major urban areas with expanding coverage.
    • Packages: Provides Home Plan packages with specified data allocations.
    • Features: Telkom’s internet service also comes with a home plan that includes free Telkom-to-Telkom calls and a set amount of off-net minutes.

The following table summarizes the basic offerings of each provider:

Internet Service ProviderCoverageSpeed RangeNotable Features
Safaricom Home FibreMajor cities and towns8 – 200 MbpsHome Fibre Plus package with additional mobile services
Zuku FiberMajor urban areas10 – 250 MbpsBundled TV and internet packages
Faiba (JTL)Limited areas30 – 150 MbpsHigh-speed at affordable rates, Faiba TV
Airtel KenyaUrban areasVarious data plansPortable Wi-Fi router
POA! InternetSpecific low-income areasUnlimited InternetFree access to selected websites
Liquid Telecom KenyaNairobi and other key townsDiverse Hai internet plansEnterprise solutions
Telkom KenyaMajor urban areasHome data plansFree intra-network calls, off-net minutes included

Safaricom Data Packages

PriceVolumeWhats AppPeriod
daily bundles:
5 KES7 MBno24


10 KES15 MBno
20 KES35 MByes
50 KES150 MByes
99 KES500 MByes
99 KES1 GBno
weekly bundles:
50 KES100 MBno7


99 KES350 MByes
250 KES1 GByes
500 KES3 GByes
999 KES10 GBno
monthly bundles:
250 KES350 MBno30 days
500 KES2 GByes
1000 KES5 GByes
2000 KES15 GByes
3000 KES25 GByes
3-monthly bundles:
3000 KES6 GB 90 days
6000 KES16 GB 
9000 KES30 GB 

airtel Kenya (to be merged with Telkom) Data Packages



daily bundles:
5 KES8 MB24 hours 
10 KES25 MB24 hours 
20 KES70 MB24 hoursfree
50 KES200 MB24 hoursfree
99 KES2 GB24 hoursfree
weekly bundles:
50 KES150 MB7 daysfree
100 KES350 MB7 daysfree
250 KES2 GB7 daysfree
500 KES6 GB7 daysfree
monthly bundles:
300 KES1.5 GB30 daysfree
500 KES4 GB30 daysfree
1000 KES10 GB30 daysfree
1500 KES15 GB30 daysfree
2000 KES20 GB30 daysfree
3000 KES40 GB30 daysfree
90 days bundles: 
3000 KES12 GB90 days 
6000 KES40 GB90 days 
9000 KES70 GB90 days 

Telkom (formerly Orange, to be merged with Airtel) Data Packages

25 MB1 day9 KES
80 MB19 KES
500 MB49 KES
2 GB99 KES
40 MB7 days19 KES
140 MB49 KES
400 MB99 KES
2 GB249 KES
12 GB990 KES
1 GB30 days249 KES
3 GB499 KES
10 GB999 KES
20 GB1999 KES
36 GB2999 KES

Faiba 4G (4G-only, by JTL) Data Packages

unlimited1 hour150 KES
1 GB1 day50 KES
8 GB7 days300 KES
15 GB30 days500 KES
25 GB30 days1000 KES
40 GB30 days2000 KES
70 GB30 days3000 KES
120 GB30 days4000 KES
210 GB30 days6000 KES


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