Rwanda Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Mobile internet providers in Rwanda

Rwanda has experienced significant growth in mobile internet connectivity, facilitated by the government’s push towards becoming a regional tech hub. Here is a listicle outlining the major mobile internet providers in Rwanda:

  1. MTN Rwanda
    • Market Position: MTN Rwanda is a leading provider of telecommunications services in the country.
    • Services Offered: Offers a range of data plans, including daily, weekly, and monthly packages, designed to cater to various user needs.
    • Network Coverage: Renowned for extensive coverage across Rwanda, ensuring connectivity even in rural areas.
    • Additional Features: Provides mobile money services through MTN MoMo, enhancing digital financial inclusivity.
  2. Airtel Rwanda
    • Market Position: A robust competitor in Rwanda’s telecom market, Airtel has made a significant impact since its inception.
    • Services Offered: Features an assortment of prepaid and postpaid internet plans, alongside voice and SMS packages.
    • Network Coverage: Known for its reliable signal and network strength in major cities and towns.
    • Additional Features: Offers Airtel Money, which allows users to conduct financial transactions easily.
  3. Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN)
    • Market Position: KTRN is a unique provider, primarily focusing on wholesale 4G LTE services.
    • Services Offered: Supplies 4G connectivity to other retail telecommunications companies, who in turn offer 4G services to end-users.
    • Network Coverage: Concentrates on major urban centers with a strong 4G LTE network presence.
    • Additional Features: It is the backbone of 4G LTE proliferation in Rwanda, powering both fixed and mobile broadband solutions.
  4. Tigo Rwanda (merged with Airtel)
    • Market Position: Formerly a key player, Tigo has now merged with Airtel Rwanda.
    • Services Offered: While Tigo offered competitive data and voice packages, existing customers now benefit from Airtel’s suite of services.
    • Network Coverage: The merger has enhanced overall network strength and reach within the country.
    • Additional Features: The consolidation broadened Airtel’s customer base and facilitated improvements in service quality.

Comparative Table of Features:

FeatureMTN RwandaAirtel RwandaKTRN
Market PositionLeaderStrong CompetitorWholesale Provider
Services OfferedDiverse Data PlansPrepaid/Postpaid Plans4G LTE Wholesale
Network CoverageExtensiveMajor Cities/TownsUrban 4G Coverage
Additional FeaturesMobile MoneyAirtel Money4G LTE Infrastructure
Merger and AcquisitionsNoneTigo Rwanda MergerNot Applicable

MTN Data Packages

24 hours15 MB100 RWF
50 MB200 RWF
100 MB350 RWF
200 MB500 RWF
1 GB1,000 RWF
7 days500 MB1,000 RWF
1.5 GB2,000 RWF
1 GB/day5,000 RWF
30 days300 MB1,000 RWF
1 GB2,000 RWF
3 GB5,000 RWF
10 GB10,000 RWF
30 GB25,000 RWF
1 GB/day21,000 RWF
2 GB/day25,000 RWF
3 GB/day30,000 RWF

Airtel-Tigo (merged from Tigo and Airtel) Data Packages

50 MB24 hours100 RWF
120 MB200 RWF
500 MB500 RWF
1.5 GB1000 RWF
1 GB7 days1000 RWF
3 GB2000 RWF
10 GB5000 RWF
1.5 GB30 days2000 RWF
3.5 GB3000 RWF
7 GB5000 RWF
30 GB10,000 RWF
65 GB21,000 RWF
95 GB30,000 RWF
125 GB40,000 RWF


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