Saint Vincent Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Best SIM Cards In Saint Vincent

When traveling to Saint Vincent, staying connected with the world is important, not just for safety reasons but also to share your island experiences in real-time. Below is a listicle of the best SIM cards you can consider using during your visit to this Caribbean paradise:

  1. Flow (Formerly LIME)
    • Coverage: Flow is known for its extensive coverage throughout Saint Vincent, providing reliable service in most parts of the country.
    • Data Packages: They offer a variety of data packages to suit short-term visitors and longer stays.
    • Top-Up Availability: Top-up vouchers can be easily purchased from numerous outlets on the island.
  2. Digicel
    • Coverage: Digicel is Flow’s main competitor and also has a strong coverage network in Saint Vincent.
    • Data Packages: This provider offers a wide range of data plans which are especially useful for travelers requiring heavy data usage.
    • Special Features: Digicel often has special offers such as double data or bonus credit on top-ups.
  3. C&W Mobile (Cable & Wireless)
    • Coverage: Although a smaller player in the market, C&W Mobile provides adequate coverage for most tourist areas.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Their SIM cards and plans might be more economical for those looking for basic connectivity.

Key Considerations When Choosing a SIM Card:

  • Compatibility: Ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with the local network frequencies (850 MHz and 1900 MHz for Saint Vincent).
  • Tourist SIM Options: Some providers offer special SIMs tailored for tourists that may include discounts on local attractions.
  • Purchase and Registration: SIM cards can be purchased at the airport, provider stores, and even some supermarkets. Registration might require a valid form of identification.
  • Data Speed: 4G services are available with Flow and Digicel, providing fast internet speeds for social media, streaming, and browsing.

To summarize in a table format:

ProviderCoverageData PackagesSpecial FeaturesTourist Friendly
FlowExcellentVaried, suitable for short and long staysWide availability of top-up optionsYes, easy registration
DigicelExcellentExtensive options, ideal for heavy usersFrequent promotional offersTourist-tailored SIMs available
C&W MobileModerateMore economical optionsLimited tourist-specific offers

Digicel St. Vincent Data Packages

300 MB50 mins1 dayEC$ 4
750 MB100 mins3 daysEC$ 10
1 GB150 mins5 daysEC$ 16
2 GB300 mins7 daysEC$ 25
8 GB1500 mins30 daysEC$ 90

Flow Data Packages

1 GBNone50 SMS1 dayEC$3*244*0#
1 GB200 mins200 SMS3 daysEC$ 9*244*1#
3 GB350 mins350 SMS7 daysEC$ 22*244*2#
10 GB1000 mins1000 SMS30 daysEC$ 90*244*3#

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