Telenor Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Pakistan)

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Pakistan is the greatest country in South Asia, and which considered the fifth country for having a populous of 212.2 million as per the 2018th record census. All over the world, this country is regarded as the largest country in the 33rd position and the majority of Muslim people have been surviving in Pakistan. The total number of internet users in Pakistan are 76.38 million by the record 2020. From 2019 to 2020 nearly 17% of people have been using the internet in 2023.

Telenor Internet Packages 2024: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Telenor, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Pakistan, offers a wide range of internet packages to suit various usage patterns and budget requirements. These packages are designed to provide affordable and reliable connectivity for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re a light internet user or a heavy data consumer, Telenor has a package that fits your needs.

Daily Internet Packages

Telenor’s daily internet packages offer a quick and affordable way to stay connected for short bursts of online activity. These packages are ideal for occasional users or those who only need internet access for specific tasks.

  • Daily 50MB: PKR 12 | Valid for 24 hours
  • Daily 100MB: PKR 15 | Valid for 24 hours
  • Daily Lite 4G: PKR 18 | Valid for 24 hours (12 AM to 9 AM)
  • Daily Social Plus: PKR 20 | Valid for 24 hours (Facebook and WhatsApp)

Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor’s weekly internet packages provide a more cost-effective solution for regular internet users who need consistent connectivity throughout the week. These packages offer a variety of data allowances to suit different usage patterns.

  • Weekly 750MB: PKR 35 | Valid for 7 days
  • Weekly 1.5GB: PKR 65 | Valid for 7 days
  • Weekly 2.5GB: PKR 85 | Valid for 7 days
  • Weekly 4GB: PKR 125 | Valid for 7 days
  • Weekly 7GB: PKR 200 | Valid for 7 days
  • Weekly Messenger Bundle: PKR 10 | Valid for 7 days (WhatsApp)
  • Weekly Social Bundle: PKR 35 | Valid for 7 days (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram)

Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor’s monthly internet packages offer the most value for money for those who rely heavily on internet access for work, education, or entertainment. These packages provide generous data allowances at affordable prices.

  • Monthly 1GB: PKR 70 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 3GB: PKR 150 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 5GB: PKR 200 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 10GB: PKR 300 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 15GB: PKR 350 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 20GB: PKR 400 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 30GB: PKR 500 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 40GB: PKR 550 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 50GB: PKR 600 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 60GB: PKR 700 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly 100GB: PKR 1000 | Valid for 30 days
  • Monthly Unlimited: PKR 2000 | Valid for 30 days (50GB high-speed data, then unlimited at reduced speed)

Telenor- a game-changer company’s internet offers

 The offers are classified into the durations of daily, days, weekly, monthly, social media purposes, easy load packages, hotspots, and for postpaid users.

Daily Data packages:

In this package, the validity for all the following offers is the same one day or within one day only.

  • ‘4G Daily Lite Bundle’ offers 50 MB of data for Rs.12 only for one day.
  • ‘4G Daily Bundle’ which offers 75 MB of the internet for Rs.15 for one day.
  • ‘4G Daily Unlimited Internet Bundle’ This offer will be only for 6 hours only validity, in this people can get 350 MB of data for Rs.16.
  • ‘Telenor Good Time offers’ this package for Rs.5.5 people gets 200 MB for Facebook and 10,000 minutes of on-net free service. This will be only for just for 2 hours from the time of activation,
  • ‘Telenor Raat Din 3G/4G’ will offer 1500 MB by just Rs.12 with 24 hours of validity from 12 AM to 12 PM only.

Internet package for Days:

  • 200 MB general data and 200 MB free for Facebook this offer could be valid for 3 days by Rs. 42 only.
  • By Rs.39 people can get 50 MB general data plus 300 SMS and also extra 600 minutes on-net service for 3 days.

Weekly data offers:

  • ‘4G Weekly Bundle’ offers 750 MB data for 7 days by Rs.75 only.
  • People can access 2500 MB for Rs. 85 for 7 days (1 am to 7 pm) from the package of ‘4G Weekly unlimited internet bundle’.
  • ‘Weekly plus Bundle’ offers 1200 MB for Rs.100 for the same 7 Days.

Data packs for Monthly users:

  • People get 2 GB internet with an extra 1 GB for Pocket TV by Rs.150 for exactly one month.
  • By Rs.300 data of 2250 MB will be available for one month.
  • 4GB of data will be available by Rs.478 for 30 days.
  • People can access 10,000 MB for the same one month by Rs. 750 only.

Social media packages:

  • ‘Social pack’ offers the data of 100 MB by just Rs.6 for only one day.
  • ‘Facebook Flex’ this plan gives 1000MB data for one day, it never comes as a separate offer and it is not at all available.
  • ‘Social Pack’ which offers 50 MB data only by Rs.1 for only one day.

Postpaid internet packages:

  • ‘Internet 100’ is the first offer of this package, in this offer people get 150 MB of data for 1 month by Rs.100 only.
  • ‘Internet 200’ is the offer by Rs.200 for 300 MB with one-month validity.
  • 600 MB will be available by Rs.250 in the offer of ‘Internet 350’.
  • 4000 MB will be accessible by the people by Rs.600 valid for one month in the scheme of ‘Internet 600’.
  • The last offer is ‘Internet 1000’ in this offer people get 8000 MB of data for complete one month.

Telenor: A Game-Changer

The Telenor company started its operations in 1855. At first, the Telenor company was started as a monopoly. They offered first telecom services at Norway in 1878, and international telecom services were offered in 1893. The Telenor company offered mini services such as telephones, telegraph, telex services, and satellite phone communication. In the 1990s, Telenor started its mobile communication in some of the major countries throughout the world.


The Telenor company offers a wide range of telecommunication services. It has remained the leading company in both the mobile market as well as the ADSL market. It provides mobile communication majorly in East Asia markets. They also provide communicative solutions as a retail business to both residential as well as business customers. One of the Telenor corporate units is Telenor research. They conduct research and markets, innovations, technologies, and data and deliver those to the Telenor group. Since telecom companies provide services in the international market, they face competition in many of the countries at the international level. Day competition with competitors on the wholesale as well as the broadcasting market. 

Present scenario

Currently, the Telenor Group is a leading group in some of the countries and provides a number of business services. Some of these services are:

  • Plans- includes subscription plans, add-on plans, roaming, and international call plans.
  • Mobile internet- providing plans for laptop and tablet and their subscription.
  • Business services- business-related services and fixed services, mobile to mobile services
  • Communicative services- providing communicative services to both residential and retail business
Telenor Daily Internet Package
Internet BundlePriceVolume MBsValiditySubscription
4G Daily Lite BundleRs 1250 MB1 dayDial *12#
4G Daily BundleRs 1575 MB1 dayDial *345*131#
4G Daily Unlimited Internet BundleRs 16350 MB1 am to 7 pmDial *10#
Telenor Good Time offerRs 5.5200 MBs (Facebook) + 10,000 on-net minutes free2 hours from activation (not available 6 PM to 9 PM)Dial *345*20#
Telenor Raat Din 3G / 4GRs 121500 MBs24 hours (12 AM to 12 PM)Dial *150#
Telenor 3 Days Internet Packages
Bucket NamePriceVolumeValiditySubscription
4G 3 Days BundleRs 42200 MB + 200 Free MB for Facebook3 DaysDial *32#
3/3 Mini BudgetRs 3950 MBs + 300 SMS + 600 On-net Minutes3 DaysDial *345*243#
Telenor Weekly Internet Packages
4G Weekly BundleRs 75750 MB7 DaysDial *345*134#
4G Weekly Unlimited Internet BundleRs 852500 MB7 Days from 1 am to 7 pmDial *345*144#
Weekly Plus BundleRs 1001200 MB7 DaysDial *345*164#
Telenor Monthly Internet Package
Monthly Data OfferRs 1502GB + 1GB Pocket TV1 monthDial *345*835#
4G Monthly Starter BundleRs 3002,250 MB1 monthDial *345*935#
4G Monthly BundleRs 4784 GB1 monthDial *345*135#
4G Monthly Plus BundleRs 75010,000 MB1 monthDial *345*136#
Telenor Social Internet Bundles
Social PackRs 6100 MB1 dayDial *5*325#
Facebook FlexRs 01000 MB1 day——
Social PackRs 150 MB1 dayDial *311#
Telenor Video Bundle
Video BundleRs 8500 MB for YouTube, Daily Motion and Pocket TV1 hour from activationDial *60#
Telenor Internet Easy Load Packages
PackagePriceInternet BalanceValiditySubscription
Internet Easyload Rs 50Rs 5010015 daysFrom any Easy Load Shop / Retailer
Internet Easyload Rs 100Rs 100—-30 daysFrom any Easy Load Shop / Retailer
Telenor Hotspot Bundle Package
4G Monthly StarterRs 75010 GB1 month*345*2002#
4G MonthlyRs 5004 GB1 month*345*2001#
4G Monthly LiteRs 1,50036 GB +free nights from 1 am to 7pm1 month*345*1001#
4G Monthly Smart PackageRs 2,20085 GB + free nights from 1 am to 7 pm1 month*345*1002#
4G Monthly Value BucketRs 3,800150 GB1 month*345*1003#
4GH Monthly Unlimited BucketRs 6,000275 GB1 month*345*1004#
Telenor Internet Packages (Postpaid)
Internet 100Rs 100 (excluding tax)150 MB1 Month*345*481#
Internet 200Rs 200 (excluding tax)300 MB1 Month*345*482#
Internet 350Rs 250 (excluding tax)600 MB1 Month*345*483#
Internet 600Rs 600 (excluding tax)4000 MB1 Month*345*484#
Internet 1000Rs 1000 (excluding tax)8000 MB1 Month*345*485#
Postpaid Social BundleRs 100 (excluding tax)Unlimited MBs30 days*345*486#


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