Tuvalu Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Mode of Subscription of Tuvalu Telecom Data Plans

Tuvalu Telecom offers a variety of data plans to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Subscribing to these plans is a streamlined process designed for accessible and convenient activation. Below is a comprehensive listicle of the modes of subscription for Tuvalu Telecom data plans:

1. USSD Code Subscription

  • Direct Activation: Customers can activate data plans directly on their phone by dialing a specific USSD code provided by Tuvalu Telecom for the desired data plan.
  • USSD Menu Browsing: By dialing a universal USSD code, users can navigate through a menu that lets them choose and subscribe to different data plans.

2. SMS-Based Subscription

  • Activation Code: Subscribers can send a specific activation code via SMS to a designated number to enable the desired data plan.
  • Plan Inquiry: Users can inquire about available data plans and their details by sending a keyword to a certain number provided by the telecom operator.

3. Online Account Management

  • Online Portal: Customers can manage their subscriptions by logging into the Tuvalu Telecom online portal where they can select and subscribe to data plans.
  • Mobile App: If Tuvalu Telecom offers a mobile application, subscribers can use the app to browse and select data packages.

4. Customer Service

  • Call Center: By calling the customer service helpline, users can request the activation of a specific data plan.
  • In-Store Assistance: For those preferring face-to-face interaction, visiting a local Tuvalu Telecom store for plan subscriptions and personal assistance is available.

5. Auto-Renewal Subscription

  • Automatic Activation: Users can opt for data plans with an automatic renewal feature to ensure uninterrupted services.
  • Subscription Management: Subscribers can often manage their auto-renewal settings through the methods mentioned above, enabling or disabling the feature as per their needs.

6. Third-Party Applications

  • Partnered Mobile Wallets: Subscriptions might be available through mobile wallets or platforms that have partnered with Tuvalu Telecom.
  • E-commerce Services: Certain e-commerce platforms may also facilitate the purchase and activation of Tuvalu Telecom data plans.

7. Retail Purchase

  • Voucher Purchase: Data vouchers available at retail outlets can be purchased and activated via a USSD code or an SMS to grant the user their data subscription.

Below is a summarized table to present modes of subscription agilely:

Subscription ModeActivation MethodDetails
USSD CodeDirect dialing or menu browsingQuick and easy, done directly from phone
SMSActivation code or inquiry keywordSimple text-based subscription process
OnlinePortal or mobile appConvenient web-based management of plans
Customer ServiceCall center or in-store assistancePersonalized help for subscription
Auto-RenewalAutomatic activationEnsures constant connectivity without manual re-subscription
Third-Party AppsPartnered wallets or e-servicesAlternative platforms for subscribing to data plans
Retail PurchaseVoucher activationPhysical vouchers for subscription activation

Tuvalu Telecom Corporation (TTC) Data Packages

250 MB15 daysAU$ 5
700 MB15 daysAU$ 10
1 GB30 daysAU$ 20
2.5 GB30 daysAU$ 50
5 GB30 daysAU$ 100
12 GB30 daysAU$ 200
18 GB30 daysAU$ 300
32 GB30 daysAU$ 500
60 GB30 daysAU$ 750



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