Andorra Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021

Andorra Internet Packages

In Andorra there are many international telecommunication service providers and these organizations have their base in different countries of the world. But, the exclusive tie-up with the regional vendors has made this telecommunication service provider more effective compared to the others. The primary reason behind the superiority of this telecommunication service-based organization is the seamless experience.

Vsat Telecommunication:

Unlike any other 4G service providers, this organization doesn’t offer sluggish internet services. The officials of this organization claim that the users of this organization have experienced 300mb/s speed regularly.

Packages for Travellers:

If you are an international traveler, then finding the right telecommunication service could be challenging for you. The majority of the telecommunication service providers conduct their business operations in the regional market place and this factor has helped them to load their infrastructure to meet the demand of their consumers.

However, unlike these regional telecommunication service providers, Vsat is offering is serving to the Gen Y who likes to fly to different countries. The nomadic lifestyle has become extremely popular among the youth and no one is willing to settle down to one place for their entire life. To help this generation to conduct their business activities in different parts of the globe a reliable internet and telecommunication service provider is required. Smartphones have become an integral part of the modern-day population and this factor has increased the need for high speed and reliable data. If you are also someone who is looking forward to getting reliable network services then this is the perfect solution for you.

I-Direct Evolution Network

However, if you don’t want to make frequent payment and taking the sim card for a long period then it is best to choose from their long-term network plans.

Packages for Long term visitors:

This will help you to get as high as a 30% discount on their average charges. However, if you are visiting a new country and just looking forward to getting a simple internet connection to make phone calls to your near and dear ones then going for the small 10 days packages should be a good option for you.

Also, you need to remember that the charges you see on their official website are inclusive of all the government taxes and you just need to pay that amount to get your sim card. After that, you can experience seamless internet and connectivity from your phone in a convenient manner.

Andorra Telecom Internet Services

However, you need to order the sim card at the time of making your flight bookings. This way you will be able to avoid any kind of inconvenience at the airport and your sim card will be ready before even you arrive at the airport.

People face a wide range of difficulties due to the lack of internet connection and connectivity while they are at an international airport and losing the way to the hotel is one of these challenges. However, choosing the sim at the right time will help you to save yourself from a wide range of problems in the long run.

Andorra Telecom Data Packages

Price Volume Validity Activation code
1.00 € 50 MB 24 hours  empty SMS to 101
3.00 € 250 MB 48 hours empty SMS to 102
5.00 € 500 MB 7 days empty SMS to 103
10.00 € 1 GB 15 days empty SMS to 104

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