What Is The Best Way Do Check My AT&T Voicemail From Another Phone? (Detailed Explanation!)

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The best way to check your AT&T voicemail from another phone is to call your 10-digit wireless number and press * to interrupt the greeting. Then, enter your voicemail password and follow the voice prompts.

What Is The Best Way Do Check My AT&T Voicemail From Another Phone?

To check your AT&T voicemail from another phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial Your AT&T Number:
    • Call your AT&T mobile number from another phone. If you have a landline or another mobile phone, use it to call your AT&T number.
  2. Interrupt the Greeting:
    • When your voicemail greeting starts playing, interrupt it by pressing the star (*) key on your phone’s keypad.
  3. Enter Your Voicemail PIN:
    • You’ll be prompted to enter your voicemail Personal Identification Number (PIN). Input your PIN using the phone’s keypad.
  4. Access Voicemail Menu:
    • Once your PIN is verified, you’ll enter the voicemail menu. Follow the automated voice prompts to listen to your voicemails, delete messages, or access other voicemail options.
  5. Listen to Voicemails:
    • The system will guide you through your voicemail messages. Typically, you can press specific keys to listen to messages, save them, delete them, or access additional options.
  6. End the Call:
    • After you’ve listened to your voicemails and taken any necessary actions, you can end the call.

Additional Tips:

  • Forgot Your Voicemail PIN:
    • If you forgot your voicemail PIN, you might need to reset it. Contact AT&T customer support for assistance.
  • International Access:
    • If you’re checking voicemail from outside the country, you may need to enter additional digits for international access. Check with AT&T for specific instructions.
  • Visual Voicemail App:
    • If you have a smartphone, consider using the AT&T Visual Voicemail app. It provides a visual interface for managing voicemails and can be a convenient alternative to traditional voicemail retrieval.

Checking Your Voicemail With Another Phone

1. Call your number using the phone close to you at the time. 

2. As soon as you hear your voicemail message playing, you just hit the * key. This would interrupt the message from playing. 

3. It would tell you to input your voicemail password

4. Just make sure you follow the instructions given to you by the voice on the phone. 

These steps should help you get the voicemail you want to listen to. There shouldn’t be any complications as these steps are straightforward. You just have to make sure that the instructions given to you by the voice on the phone are followed. 

You Can Call Voicemail To Listen To Your Voicemail On Your Wireless Phone 

If you own a wireless AT&T phone, then you can just follow these steps to get your voicemail wherever you are. 

1. With the AT&T wireless phone in your hand, you can press and hold one down. For home phones, you can just dial 1 and it will do the same thing.

2. When the voice says so, you just type in your password, and then afterward, you will start hearing any of the unheard messages from your voicemail. 

3. If you only want to listen to the old and saved voicemail on your phone, that means you don’t have any new voicemail. The voice would tell you to press one. When you do that, you would start hearing your saved voicemails, starting from the old to the newest ones.

A Table Showing Your Voicemail Navigation Key

Rewind 10 seconds back1
Rewind to beginning11
Skip 10 seconds ahead3
Skip to the end of the message33
Delete message7
Recover deleted message1 and 9
Save message9
Skip message #
Replay message0 and 4
Hear more options0
Go to main menu*

How To Check AT&T Voicemail For Landline

Check AT&T Voicemail For Landline

AT&T is a united states based local and long-distance telephone service, provider. When you get a message on your voicemail on an AT&T landline and you have to retrieve the said message, you have to follow a few steps to get the message. With the right buttons on your phone, you can get the message you need to listen to. 

Step 1

Pick up your phone and then wait for the dial tone. 

Step 2

Use the keypad to dial *98 on the phone. This is if you are not home and you have to check the voicemail on your AT&T phone.

Step 3

After the *98 processes, dial your phone number, make sure the area code where you reside is also included. 

Step 4

During the greeting that you placed for voicemail, press 9 at any point to interrupt it. Just be patient and then listen to the AT&T voice on the phone and watch it welcome you into your voicemail.

Step 5

You will be asked for your password. The password is always numerical, the password is always created alongside the voicemail. You type in the password that you must have set the day you created the voicemail. If by chance you don’t have the password in your head at the time, you can call the AT&T customer service number. They would give you a chance to reset the password and then your voicemail can be accessed. 

Step 6

Wait patiently to listen to your voicemail as they would start playing after your correct password must have been injured.

As you must have noticed, some of these steps have different notes attached to them. This is a detailed guide that would help you in every way possible. 

Listen To Voicemail Messages Online 

Listen To Voicemail Messages Online 

AT&T also gives you the chance to listen to your voice messages online. This should be the most amazing part of this voice mail technology. Your voicemails are online. Here are the steps to get your AT&T voicemail messages online. 

1. Every AT&T customer should have an online account. Before accessing this particular service, you would need that online account. 

2. Click on the home phone which is located at the top of the navigation bar. After that, select the option that says check voice mail. 

3. After that, you would be shown a list of your voice messages. The new ones would be displayed there, also the saved ones would be there too. You just have to listen to whichever one you choose to listen to. 

4. Listen to the messages you want to listen to, after that, you are given the option to either delete or save. 

Can I Check My Old And New Voice Mails Online?

Yes. Make sure that you sign in to your online AT&T account. Just follow the steps very well and you will be given access to your messages online just by living into your account. 

What Is The Voicemail Access Number On AT&T?

AT&T voicemail has two different access numbers you can use this access number to check your mailbox with a phone. You have an access number and your telephone number. It is also your mailbox number or your home number. This number is intertwined with your voice mail service. 

Do Voice Mails Expire?

Yes. At some point they do. The voice mail you delete from your phone doesn’t go immediately. You have to delete also from your voicemail app. If left after 90 days, they will expire and be gone for good. 


AT&T’s voicemail system is simple to use and navigate through. The carrier has always brought in the best feature for customers. 


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