What is the best way to check my AT&T voicemail on another phone? (Analyzed!)

Call your own phone yourself. You would have to call your number and wait for it to go to voicemail and then you’ll follow a certain procedure which includes punching certain digit on specific intervals. 

AT&T is a renowned brand in the United States known as the largest provider of long distance and local phone services. Like all telephone service provider AT&T provides voicemail services both for their phones and landlines.

A voicemail is special customize computer-based system that provides both subscribers and phone users the service of exchanging a voice personal messages such as: selection and delivery of voice information, to process transactions that relate to  individuals, product, organization, and services, using just an ordinary phone. In today’s technologically advanced world, it looks so farfetched that you won’t have your phone with you or within arm’s length, and if that’s the case then it would mean your phone is; misplaced, damaged or stolen. Regardless, this would mean you’ll miss some important calls which would automatically be sent to voicemail. 

How do you access this voicemail on your AT&T phone remotely?

How do you access this voicemail on your AT&T phone remotely

Services such as checking your voicemail with another phone is an amazing feature added to the voicemail services. This special feature can be a q lifesaver when you’re in a terrible situation that allows no access to your phone. Customers have attested to how proven remote access to phone could be, and how it has allowed them access to the message left on their voicemail especially when they were expecting an important call and weren’t with their phone.

We took the liberty to compile a well detailed step that would assist you whenever you’re not with your phone and wishes to access the voicemail on your AT&T device.

You can access your voicemail from any AT&T device; wireless, landlines or even via online. Though the process for these are slightly different but all would give you access to your voicemail.

How to check your AT&T voicemail on landline?

You can easily access your voicemail whenever you missed a call/calls on your landline. All you have to do is punch the right buttons and you can then listen to the messages.

Step 1: Pick a phone and dial *98! After *98 processes, now dial your number with your area code of your residence. 

Step 2: It would welcome you to your voicemail and play the greeting message you set over your voicemail. You can press 9 to skip the greeting message. 

Step 3: For verification purposes, you will be asked to input your password (which is always numeric). If by any chance you forgot your password, then you’ll have to hang up and call customer service to reset your password after which you can call back. 

Step 4: When you have correctly input your password, your voicemail would play. Wait patiently for the voicemail you want to listen to.

How to check your AT&T voicemail on a wireless AT&T?

If you have access to an AT&T phone, then you can easily access the voicemail on your own AT&T phone by just following the instructions below.

Step 1: Using another AT&T wireless phone, long press the one button.

Step 2:  You would have to access your own voicemail and you’ll need to input the right password to give you that access. The password helps to restrict invaders/scammers to have access to your sensitive information.

Step 3: The voicemail you have would play automatically. You would need to exercise patient to listen to it all especially if you’ve missed a lot of calls.

How to check your AT&T voicemail online?

How to check your AT&T voicemail online

It’s good news that voicemail are now online and can be accessed using an internet enabling device such as laptop, desktop, notebooks and even probable digital assistant (PDA). 

Follow the steps below to access your AT&T voicemail via the online platform.

Step 1: Create an AT&T online account, then login into the AT&T online account. (You would have to create an account first before you can login)

Step 2: Select the voicemail option that is at the top navigation bar on the webpage. (Note: you would need to select “home phone” first). 

Step 3: The list of voicemail you have would be listed out. Sorted by newest first down till oldest. Click and listen to the voicemail you wish to.

Step 4: After listening, a dialog box would pop stating if you would want to save or delete voicemail. Select the appropriate as applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if no message pop up when I access my voicemail with another device?

Definitely a list of voicemail would play or appear on the screen (if you’re using an AT&T phone or via the online platform). If the messages being played or seen are those you’ve already listened to then it means you don’t have a new voicemail.

How do I enter into voicemail mode on another device?

All you have to do is long press 1 and it would switch to voicemail mode. Then to access your own voicemail, input your voicemail password and you’ll have access to your voicemail.

How do I reset my voicemail password?

To reset your voicemail password, call the AT&T customer service and confirm your identity. You would be asked a series of questions which you must accurately answer before your password would be reset. 

What is the best way to access my AT&T voicemail?

It depends on you. If you have access to another AT&T phone, a landline, or a internet. You have seize these medium to access your voicemail. However the steps and requirements differs, so select that which works best for you 


You would not always be within reach to your phone and it could be because of busy schedule, excess workload or time constraint, regardless the voicemail services is there to help you catch-up on missed call. 

More so, the voicemail services is providing myriad ways to help phone users access their voicemail remotely and easily.

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