Bulgaria Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Prepaid SIM card for Bulgaria: Where to buy in 2024

Bulgaria offers three main telecommunications providers: A1 Bulgaria, Yettel, and Vivacom. These providers offer a variety of prepaid SIM cards with different data allowances, validity periods, and pricing options to suit various needs and budgets.

Where to Buy Prepaid SIM Cards in Bulgaria:

  1. Telecom Provider Stores:

Each of the three major providers has a network of physical stores across Bulgaria. You can visit these stores to purchase prepaid SIM cards, inquire about plans, and receive assistance from customer service representatives.

  1. Airport Kiosks:

Both Sofia Airport (SOF) and Varna Airport (VAR) have designated kiosks where you can purchase prepaid SIM cards from all three major providers. This is a convenient option for travelers arriving in Bulgaria and seeking immediate connectivity.

  1. Authorized Partner Stores:

Apart from their own stores, the three providers have a network of authorized partner stores, including supermarkets, kiosks, and newsstands. These partner stores typically display the provider’s logo and can sell prepaid SIM cards.

  1. Online Purchases:

You can also purchase prepaid SIM cards directly from the providers’ websites. Each provider offers an online store where you can select your preferred plan, make an online payment, and receive the SIM card via courier or postal delivery.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prepaid SIM Card:

  1. Data Allowance: Consider the amount of data you typically consume and choose a plan that meets your needs. Most providers offer a range of data packages from small daily bundles to larger monthly plans.
  2. Validity Period: Pay attention to the validity period of each plan, which determines how long the data allowance and other benefits remain active. Choose a plan with a validity period that aligns with your stay in Bulgaria.
  3. Additional Features: Some plans may include bonus minutes for local or international calls, SMS packages, or social media bundles. Consider these additional features based on your usage patterns.
  4. Network Coverage: Check the network coverage of each provider in the areas you plan to visit. A1 Bulgaria and Vivacom have the widest coverage, while Yettel is particularly strong in urban areas.

Pricing Comparison:

ProviderPlan NameDataValidityPrice (BGN)
A1 BulgariaStart XS1GB7 Days5.99
YettelStart2GB7 Days5.99
VivacomStart2GB7 Days6.99

Additional Tips:

  1. Passport or ID: When purchasing a SIM card, you’ll need to present your passport or a valid ID for identification purposes.
  2. Activation: Once you have your SIM card, follow the instructions on the packaging or contact the provider’s customer service to activate it.
  3. Top-ups: You can top up your prepaid SIM card using scratch cards, online, or through ATMs.
  4. Customer Service: Each provider has customer service hotlines, online chat options, and physical stores to assist you with any issues or inquiries.

Internet service providers:

The top three internet service providers are:

  • Networx Bulgaria
  • Telnet Ltd.
  • Komsis Bulgaria

Networx Bulgaria data packages:

For the fast and smart communications, it’s very mandatory that which will provide you 24/7 high-speed internet service. Usually, they provide data as MB and GB in terms.                              

Validity packages for 5GB data:

  • This data package will give you 5GB data.
  • You will be able to do unlimited calls and Sms but only within the country (Europe).
  • The price of this data package will be around $30 with 30 days of validity.

Validity packages for 8GB data: 

  • In this package, you will get S – 8GB data.
  • In any place worldwide you can call for 30 minutes and also you will have the opportunity to do 200 SMS.
  • The market rate of this package is $30 which comes to you with 14 days’ validity.

Validity packages for 12GB data:

  • This data package will give you 12GB data per month.
  • This 12GB data pack will be value for money to you. You can do unlimited calls and SMS within the country.
  • The validity of this package will be 30days, the price will be $40.

Validity packages for 20GB data:

  • In this data package, you will get S-20GB data.
  • You will get 120 minutes of very cost-effective talk time.
  • No matter in which place you want to massage, you will be able to do 1000 SMS worldwide.
  • It will cost you around $50 with 14 days of validity.

Telnet limited data packages:

Telnet limited provides an exclusive offer to its customers. It gives the bonus for some specific app. it uses the name as IONOS. The structure of its data package is given below. 

 Role of Telnet Ltd:

Telnet plays a very important role in the internet database industry for so many years. Usually, it uses local networks. After 1980, it better is known as OPAC to the people. This data server and the packages only for those people who are belonging to this particular country, Bulgaria. They add so many things to their local customers. They are providing their customers the high-speed internet at a very reasonable price.

Komsis Bulgaria data packages: 

There are so many packages available here at a very low price. These service providers give so many offers on throughout the year. That’s how this team became big and it engages its customer a lot. Usually, it provides 2G and 3G internet coverage to the area.2G used on 900 and 1800 MHz. On the other hand, 3G provides 2100 MHz to its provider. In the upcoming decade, it will increase and enhance their planning for internet users no doubt.

A1 Bulgaria, formerly Mtel (Мтел) Data Packages

100 MB 30 days2.99 BGND2
1.5 GB 30 days9.99 BGND3
1 GB100 min, 100 min on-net15 days5.99 BGNC3
3 GB150 min, 300 min on-net30 days14.99 BGNC4

Telenor (Теленор, formerly GloBul) Data Packages

Datamax. SpeedTimePriceActivation
150 MB3G1 day2.49 BGN*123*3*1#
1 GB3G7 days3.99 BGN*123*3*2#
3 GB4G/LTE30 days9.99 BGN*123*3*3#
5 GB4G/LTE30 days14.99 BGN*123*3*4#

Vivacom (Виваком, formerly VivaTel) Data Packages

+Talk7 days200 MB300 mins20 mins3.99 BGNM2
+Talk Super25 days1 GB500 mins50 mins6.99 BGNM3
+Net7 days400 MB150 mins10 mins3.99 BGND1
+Net Super25 days1.5 GB300 mins20 mins6.99 BGND2

T.com (formerly Max Telecom) Data Packages

50 GB for 30 days: 39.90 BGN
100 GB for 60 days: 69.90 BGN



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