Etisalat Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024 (Afghanistan)

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Etisalat: Popular Name In The World Of Telecommunication 

When it comes to quality internet in the Middle Eastern region, then one of the most famous names that emerge is definitely Etisalat. Here are a few key aspects of the brand that you might be interested in knowing. 

Etisalat Internet Packages and Data Plan

Has a wide audience 

Etisalat has built a broad audience for itself. It was founded back in 1976, and since then it has spread to about 15 countries. It is there in a number of countries across Asia and in the middle eastern countries and even Africa. A high revenue has always followed the brand. 

Fast internet services 

One of the best aspects of the internet services provided by the Etisalat brand is the fact that it provides high-speed internet. So, if you have been looking for high-speed internet in any of these regions, then you can definitely go ahead and get a connection from these telecommunication agencies.

Have a number of reputed subsidiaries 

Etisalat has a number of subsidiaries that have been performing pretty well in the market. Some of the most significant ones are hutch, Ufone, telecom, Maroc, Etisalat Misr, and MORE. Thus, this has helped the brand to maintain a steady revenue in the market, making it one of the best places to invest.

Thus, if you have been looking at the background and the popular services from Etisalat then now you know what you should be looking at and why this has been such a steady choice of several people over time. 

The popular name in Afghan’s telecommunication report

In Afghanistan there are so many popular internet service providers has been working and giving valuable data with affordable speed and convenient amount or charges. Among them all, the most famous and ancestral company is Etisalat which was founded in 1976 and it was much eminent among the other fifteen countries. The reason for the success of this company was to afford the high-speed internet forever.

The types of internet packages:

The packages are classified into a well-determined way and it will be comprehensible to all over the users of Etisalat internet service providers. The offers are:

  • Hourly data packages: The hourly internet packages are ‘Hourly 20 MB Bundle’ which affords 20 MB of data for 50 Pols for one hour. And another one is ‘Hourly 200 MB Bundle’ which affords 200 MB by 5AFN for one hour only.
  •  Daily internet packages: in the daily data offers people can get 50 MB of data to 1 GB of data. The first offer is ‘Daily 50 MB Bundle’ which offers 50 MB data for one day by 5AFN. And the last one is ‘Daily 1 GB Bundle’ this offers full 1 GB of data by 50AFN.
  • Weekly data packages: from this weekly offer people can acquire 200 MB to 1.5 GB of data without fail. The first one is ‘Weekly Bundle- Small’ which gives 200 MB by 45 AFN for complete one week. The next one is ‘Weekly Bundle- Large’ which offers 1.5 GB of data by 149AFN for 7 days.

Monthly packages:

This monthly package is like a gift to the internet users who were using the data for month-wise offers which mean 30 days. The offers are:

  • ‘Monthly 1GB Bundle’- this package offers the data of 1GB for 30 days by 250AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 1.5 GB Bundle’- in this offer people can get 1.5 GB of data by 299AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 3 GB Bundle’- this package is for thirty days with 3 GB of data by 449AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 4 GB Bundle’- in this package people can get 4 GB of the internet by 499AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 5 GB Bundle’ – this offer gives complete 5 GB of data for thirty days by 599AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 7 GB Bundle’- in this package people get 7 GB of the internet by 799AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 10 GB Bundle’- this offer affords the total 10 GB of data by 999AFN.
  • ‘Monthly 20 GB Bundle’- this package offers 20 GB (first 15 GB will be much speed in Mbps but after 15 GB the speed will be decreased as to 256Kbps up to the last 20 GB).

Mega-Bundle offer:

This mega-bundle offer is for ninety days with high-speed data which is affordable for the people. The offers are:

  • The first offer is ’90 Days 6 GB Bundle’ which offers complete 6 GB internet for ninety days by 999AFN.
  • The second offer is ‘’90 Days 25 GB Bundle’ which affords complete 25 GB of data for the same 90 days by 1999AFN.

Nigh time data package:

  • ‘Night 3 GB Data Bundle’ this is the only night time offer which affords 3 GB of data up 10 PM to 6 AM only, by 99AFN.

Etisalat Internet Offers

PromotionsBenefitsPriceValidityActivationDeactivationAuto- renewal
Monthly 10GB Bundle10GB999 AFN30 Days10GB to 3378PU<space>10GB to 3378Yes
Monthly 7GB Bundle7GB799 AFN30 Days7GB to 3378PU<space>7GB to 3378Yes
Monthly 5GB Bundle5GB599 AFN30 Days5GB to 3378PU<space>5GB to 3378Yes
Monthly 4GB Bundle4GB499 AFN30 Days4GB to 3378PU<space>4GB to 3378Yes
Monthly 3GB Bundle3GB449 AFN30 Days3GB to 3378PU<space>3GB to 3378Yes
Monthly 1.5GB Bundle1.5GB299 AFN30 Days1HGB to 3378PU<space>1HGB to 3378Yes
Monthly 1GB Bundle1GB250 AFN30 DaysA1 to 3378PU<space>A1 to 3378Yes
Weekly Bundle – Large1.5GB149 AFN7 Days149 to 3378PU<space>149 to 3378Yes
Weekly Bundle – Small200MB45 AFN7 Days200MB to 3378PU<space>200MB to 3378Yes
Daily 1GB Bundle1GB50 AFN1 DaysD50 to 3378PU<space>D50 to 3378Yes
Daily 50 MB Bundle50MB5 AFN1 Days50MB to 3378PU<space>50MB to 3378Yes
Hourly 20 MB Bundle20MB50 Pols1 HourHS to 3378PU<space>HS to 3378Yes
Hourly 200 MB Bundle200MB5 AFN1 HourHL to 3378PU<space>HL to 3378Yes
90 Days 25GB Bundle25GB1999 AFN90 Days25GB to 3378PU<space>25GB to 3378No
90 Days 6GB Bundle6GB999 AFN90 Days6GB to 3378PU<space>6GB to 3378No
Monthly 20GB Bundle20GB (After 15GB PCRF will throttle the speed to 256 kbps up to 20GB)1499 AFN30 Days20GB to 3378PU<space>20GB to 3378Yes
Night 3GB Data Bundle3GB, Usage time (10 PM-5:59AM)99 AFN30 DaysNBS to 3378PU<space>NBS to 3378Yes


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  1. Your service is not good and the internet packages rate are much higher then to other communication companies in Afghanistan, and compare to neighbor countries Afghanistan communication rates are very much high. For example in India in 360 Rupees they provide unlimited call and 1.5 GB daily for 1 month.
    Hope you consider in your packages rates.

  2. The bundle has expired! Now you can get 150MB internet for a day for 10 AFN only, to subscriber send 150 to 3378.Daily bundle expiry notify is activated.
    But now you sent 100 mb

  3. I really like Etisalat internet packages because it has working very well all around the Kabul, and it has good internet connection, and it has excellent speed. But, the call center employees are really rude, and they don’t solve the pressing issues of its customers which is condemnable, and I request the CE Etisalat to pay attention to it because the bad attitude of your call center staffs emotionally hurt me, and made me angry yesterday, but no one hear my complaint.

  4. I have visited Afghanistan for 45 days and I have experienced to see any honest network which supposed to work .
    The worst are experienced as bellow
    Roshan= not working at all
    Etisalat= not working at all
    The other network not used to go short stay in Afghanistan
    Please stop fooling your own people it’s a disgrace.


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