Hong Kong Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How to Get a Hong Kong SIM Card

Hong Kong is a bustling city with a need for constant connectivity, whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure. Purchasing a local SIM card can considerably reduce your roaming charges and provide you with quick access to the internet and local services. Below is a listicle outlining the steps to acquire a Hong Kong SIM card.

1. Pre-Arrival Research:
Before even landing in Hong Kong, it’s prudent to research the various service providers and plans available. Companies like CSL, Three, China Mobile, and SmarTone have a variety of options tailored for short-term visitors and longer-term residents. Compare prices, data packages, and validity periods online to choose a plan suited to your needs.

2. Choose Between Prepaid and Postpaid:

  • Prepaid SIM cards are most common for travelers as they are convenient and do not require a long-term commitment or any registration.
  • Postpaid plans might be suitable for expats or long-term visitors but generally require proof of residence and possibly a local bank account.

3. Buying a SIM Card upon Arrival:

  • Airport Kiosks: Right at Hong Kong International Airport, you will find kiosks or counters after you exit customs where you can purchase a SIM card. It’s convenient but might be slightly more expensive than in the city.
  • Convenience Stores: Chains such as 7-Eleven or Circle K, which are ubiquitous in Hong City, also sell SIM cards.
  • Telecom Shops: Visit any dedicated telecom retailer in the city for a wider range of options and potential deals.

4. Required Documents:
For most prepaid SIM cards, no documentation is needed. However, if opting for a postpaid plan, you will be required to present a passport and proof of local address, and sometimes a local payment method.

5. Activation Process:
Activation instructions will typically be provided with the SIM card package. Most often, it’s as simple as inserting the SIM card into your device and following a set of instructions, which might include calling a designated number or sending an SMS.

6. Topping Up Credit:

  • Online: Most providers offer online top-up services through their website or a dedicated app.
  • Physical Stores: You can visit the carrier’s retail stores, convenience stores, or authorized resellers to purchase top-up vouchers.

7. Consider Tourist SIM Cards:
Tourist SIM cards are tailored for short-term visitors and might include local and international calling minutes, texts, and a generous data allowance valid for a set number of days.

8. Portable Wi-Fi Options:
If you’re not keen on using a SIM card, portable Wi-Fi devices, also known as pocket Wi-Fi, can be rented at the airport or online prior to your visit.

9. Ask for Assistance:
Don’t hesitate to ask the staff at the point of purchase for help with installation and activation if you encounter any difficulty.

10. Check Compatibility:
Ensure that your phone is unlocked and compatible with Hong Kong’s GSM network frequencies (900MHz and 1800MHz for GSM, 2100MHz for WCDMA). Most modern smartphones should not have issues.

Pre-ArrivalResearch providers and plansCheck online forums and carrier’s official websites
Prepaid vs PostpaidDecide which type suits your needsPrepaid for travel, postpaid for long-term stay
Upon ArrivalBuy a SIM at the airport, store, or telecom shopCompare prices at different venues
DocumentationHave necessary IDs ready (if needed)Passport for postpaid
ActivationFollow package instructionsSupport is usually available via phone or internet
Topping UpUse online services or physical vouchersCheck for the best top-up promotions
Tourist SIM CardsConsider them as a simple solutionThey are often customized for short-stay visitors
Portable Wi-FiRent if not using a SIM cardUseful for travelers with multiple devices
AssistanceSeek help for setup issuesStaff are usually well-trained to assist customers
CompatibilityCheck GSM network compatibilityUnlocked and compatible devices are essential

By following these detailed steps, obtaining a Hong Kong SIM card can be a smooth and straightforward process, ensuring that as soon visitors land, they are connected and ready to explore the vibrant city with ease.

Multi-byte Info Data Packages

3 days500 MBHK$ 50
10 days1.5 GBHK$ 108
2 GBHK$ 128
15 days1.5 GBHK$ 78
 3 GBHK$ 188
30 days3 GBHK$ 208
120 days1.2 GBHK$ 148
180 days3 GBHK$ 248
365 days2 GBHK$ 168
5 GBHK$ 258



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