Where Do You Buy Verizon SIM Cards? (Explained With Some FAQs!)

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You can buy Verizon SIM cards from various sources:

Verizon Stores: Visit a Verizon retail store.
Online: Purchase from Verizon’s official website.
Retailers: Authorized retailers and electronics stores often carry Verizon SIM cards.
Third-Party Sellers: Online marketplaces like Amazon may offer Verizon SIM cards.

Where Do You Buy Verizon SIM Cards?

Obtaining a Verizon SIM card for your mobile device is relatively easy, with various sources available both online and in physical stores. Here’s a comprehensive guide on where to get your Verizon SIM card:

Verizon Official Website

You can purchase a SIM card directly from the Verizon Wireless website. They provide options for both prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. The SIM cards are compatible with most 4G devices and come with a simple, quick-start guide for easy installation.

Authorized Verizon Stores

Verizon has a large number of authorized physical stores across the United States. You can visit any of these locations to buy a SIM card, and the staff will also assist you with any technical questions and help you with the installation and activation process.

Verizon on Amazon

You can also find Verizon SIM cards available on Amazon. These cards already been activated and can be installed by following the instructions provided in the package. It’s a great option if you prefer online shopping and doorstep delivery.

Best Buy

Best Buy, a renowned electronics retail store, offers Verizon SIM cards. You can purchase them in person or online. Best Buy also provides the option for store pick-up or home delivery.


Walmart sells Verizon SIM cards both online and in-store. The advantage of purchasing from Walmart is its nationwide presence, making accessibility easy.


Similar to Walmart, Target also stocks Verizon SIM cards that you can buy from their brick-and-mortar stores or from their website online.

Verizon WebsiteOnline
Verizon StoresIn-store
Best BuyIn-store & Online
WalmartIn-store & Online
TargetIn-store & Online

How To Activate Your Verizon SIM Card Properly

Activate Your Verizon Sim Card Properly

Since we now know where to get Verizon sim cards from, the next step to take is to activate the sim card so it works properly. The activation can be done in two ways, you can either activate your sim card using the phone call method or online method. 

Activation By Call

Step 1: Get your receipt for the sim card and make sure it is by your side before you make the call. You need the information on the receipt for the activation process to go through.

Step 2: Open the phone app on your phone and then tap the keyboard icon there so the keyboard would appear. Sometimes immediately the app is open, the keyboard immediately comes up.

Step 3: Dial Verizon activation number 8778074646

Step 4: As usual, an automated voice is there to give you instructions until your activation process is complete. Sometimes the kind of sim card and the kind of phone would determine the instructions you get. 

Step 5: After the call, await your activation text from Verizon. 

Activation Online

Step 1: Visit the Verizon official website 

Step 2: Sign in to your online Verizon account by putting your user ID and password. After filling out your online login, click on sign in. 

Step 3: The option that says my devices, click it for your current device to show up. 

Step 4: Scroll down the menu that would appear and click activate my phone. 

Step 5: Scroll again and then click on activate my sim card 

Step 6: You would be given a space to input your phone number, put it in, and then press enter. 

Step 7: After all of this, just continue with the instructions given to you online. 


Is It Possible To Get A Verizon eSim?

Yes. As long as your phone is compatible with the sim, you can get the Verizon eSim and use it on your phone. It is quite simple, just order the phone or purchase it from wherever you can find it, then put it into your unlocked phone. Your phone has to be unlocked for a new sim to work on it. 

Can I Just Decide To Get A New Sim Card?

If the phone you have is using the GSM technology, then it is possible that you can decide to buy a new phone when you want. Just make sure the phone is unlocked when you get a new sim. 

Where Is It Possible For Me To Find An eSim QR Code?

The QR code is sent to you alongside an activation code when you decide to download an eSim profile. Beg0re activating an eSim, a wireless carrier is being provided for you alongside your eSim data plan.

Can My Verizon Sim Card Stay In A Prepaid Phone?

Yes, this is quite confusing sometimes but the truth is that it works, as far as the sim card fits into the sim slot in your phone and is from Verizon too. Verizon sim cards will also work with phones from Verizon prepaid. 

Does Verizon Allow eSim Work On iPad?

Yes. The application though is that only devices that are unlocked are allowed to activate with Verizon. All the iPads bought from Verizon directly usually get unlocked after approximately 2 months. This means that you cannot get your eSim to work on your iPad until after that amount of time. Not only does Verizon has this policy for iPads, but also offers network carriers do too. 

What is Verizon eSim?

The eSim is also known as an embedded sim card that is placed inside your device. Using eSim would mean that you are not physically seeing your sim card, the network is just making you know that there is a sim inside the phone. 

Do Verizon Phones Allow You To Just Swap Sim Cards?

Yes. You are allowed to switch son cards between two phones as long as both phones are Verizon‘s and as far as you have an active Verizon plan. When the device is being locked with another service provider then the switch would not be possible. 

Can I Do The Verizon Activation Myself?

Yes, the process is very simple, you just have to make sure it is yours. Using the My Verizon app to do the activation most times makes it simpler. 

Can I Get A New iPhone And Then Change The Sim Card

Yes, you can. If you want to use another sim card on your iPhone then you have to make sure that the phone is unlocked. For iPhones, it is better when you get the phone from an apple store so you are sure that the phone is unlocked. 

Can I Change My Verizon Phone To Prepaid?

Yes, this option is open to every Verizon customer and other big network carriers too. Most of the big network providers allow customers to switch their contract plans to prepaid plans. You don’t need another phone to make this switch, you get to enjoy it without much work on your part. 

How Much Will Verizon Charge For The Service Of Activating An Unlocked Phone?

Verizon would charge any customer 35 dollars for each device when activated or upgraded. The charge is paid per device because every device has its specific setup. The few that you pay is just for that one time, after that payment, no other payment is to be made. 


It doesn’t take much to get a sim card these days, you can purchase online, go to the store, or places like Walmart. 


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