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To get in touch with the AT&T call center, you can call 1-800-288-2020. This is the general customer service number for AT&T, and it is available 24/7. You can speak to a live customer service representative to get help with any AT&T-related issue, including:

  • Account and billing
  • Technical support
  • Sales and new service

How to Contact AT&T Call Center?

There are several ways to get in touch with the AT&T call center:


  • Call 1-800-288-2020 from anywhere in the United States. This is the general customer service number for AT&T, and it is available 24/7.
  • Call 611 from your AT&T mobile phone. This will connect you directly to the AT&T call center.

Live Chat

  • You can chat with a live AT&T customer service representative on the AT&T website. To do this, go to the AT&T website and click on the “Contact Us” link. On the “Contact Us” page, click on the “Chat Now” button.

Social Media

  • You can also contact AT&T customer service through social media. AT&T has customer service accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To contact AT&T customer service through social media, simply send a direct message to one of their social media accounts.


  • Here is a summary of the different ways to get in touch with the AT&T call center:
    • Phone: 1-800-288-2020 or 611 from your AT&T mobile phone
    • Live Chat: Chat with a live customer service representative on the AT&T website
    • Social Media: Send a direct message to AT&T customer service on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

Possible Reasons For Calling AT&T Call Center?

Possible Reasons For Calling AT&T Call Center

You might desire to contact AT&T call service and the reason for that might be one or more of these reasons;

Starting, changing or canceling services

You might have heard of a new offer (such as better call rate either for your landline or wireless device) and you’ll want to get started on the offer and need the code to put you on that tariff plan.

You might also want to change from one service to another and you desire the migration code to perform that operation or you have been using a service for  a while and you simply want to opt from that into another that suits your current needs.

Purchasing and upgrading devices

You might be using a older AT&T device and you now feel it’s time to purchase a new device that suits your new demands, then you’ll to call center to get the right phone and the nearest AT&T store closest to you.

Technical support

You might be experiencing certain abnormalities on your AT&T device or network and you wish to log these complaint to the customer care agent and possibly get them resolved.

Billing and Payment

You might be experiencing some unsubscribed billing accumulating on your network. You might want to call in to report and unsubscribe for such unwanted services.

Alternative ways to reach out to AT&T?

Alternative ways to reach out to AT&T

Online Forums

An alternative way to reach out to AT&T is via their online forum. AT&T forum was lunched in 2014 and as at present boast of about 1.5 million active participate. AT&T forums serves as a 24/7 online website that brings together the AT&T users to one platforms they can interact with each other.

The forum is designed to enable users find answers to questions about AT&T processes, products and services. Forums participant ask questions and also respond to the question of others. They can share tips and access technical support. 

Live Chat

AT&T live chat is one of the best and easiest way to contact AT&T customer support. Customers has attested that it’s most preferred than calling in or sending email. AT&T users can always access the live chat by clicking on the icon that reads ‘live chat’ at the bottom of the page, usually at the right-hand side.

The live chat is an automated assistant that is programed to assist customer with their complaint by a sophisticated algorithm that processes your request and transforming them into actionable steps that it instruct you to take towards resolving your complaint.

Social media

AT&T has a profound presence on social media, with emphasis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All their social media platforms are active and customers can user their preferred to post their complaints and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T provide a good customer service?

A lot of customers that were serviced well by AT&T would say Yes they provide great service but those who are let disgruntled would have a contrary opinion.

How can I call AT&T customer service?

You can always call AT&T on their direct line on main service line at 800-331-0500, alternatively you can dial 611 from your wireless device. These line are always available 24/7.

Can I chat with AT&T online?

Yes, you can chat with AT&T representatives online via their live chat. Many AT&T users have recommended this as the best and fastest way to reach out to AT&T and get responses for their complaints or questions.

What is AT&T Forum?

AT&T forums is an online community of AT&T users that share questions about using the AT&T device or network. They also provide answers and tech support. The forums operate 24/7. 

How can I contact AT&T customer service via their Social media platforms?

You can reach out to AT&T via any of their Facebook, Twitters and Instagram platforms , there you can post your complaints or questions and you would get a response either from their representative or another AT&T user.


You can always call AT&T on their main service line on 800-331-0500 or 611 on your wireless phone and follow the prompt to speak to the customer care representative who would address your complaint or answer your question.

Alternatively, you can explore other means such as live chat, forums or social media to resolve your complaint or question.


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