Jordan Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How To Choose The Best eSIM For Jordan

Traveling to Jordan presents an exciting opportunity to explore ancient wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich cultural tapestry. To stay connected during your journey through Jordan, picking the right eSIM (Electronic SIM) can be essential for seamless communication and internet access. Here’s a listicle guide to choosing the best eSIM for your trip to Jordan:

1. Assess Your Data Needs

Before selecting an eSIM, evaluate your data usage. Are you a heavy data user who streams videos and uses social media constantly, or do you just need minimal data for emails and maps? Understanding your habits will guide your choice.

2. Compare Coverage

  • Not all eSIM providers offer the same network coverage. Jordan has several mobile networks, including Zain, Orange, and Umniah.
  • Check coverage maps and user experiences to ensure your chosen eSIM has reliable signals in the areas you’ll be visiting.

3. Evaluate Flexibility and Plans

  • Daily or Weekly Packages: If you’re staying for a short period, look for plans offering daily or weekly data bundles.
  • Custom Plans: Some providers might allow you to customize your data plan to match your exact travel duration.

4. Local Vs. International Providers

  • Local Providers: Buying an eSIM from a local Jordanian provider may offer the benefit of better rates and specific local services.
  • International Providers: These may have higher costs but could provide multicountry packages if you’re visiting multiple countries.

5. Check for Compatibility

  • Ensure your smartphone or device is eSIM compatible and unlocked.
  • Some providers might offer apps or software for managing your eSIM and data usage.

6. Understand the Activation Process

  • Some eSIMs activate instantly upon purchase, while others may require you to be in the destination country.
  • Know the process ahead of time to avoid being without service upon arrival.

7. Look for Support Services

  • Customer service availability can make or break your experience. 24/7 support via chat or call is ideal.
  • Check for language support if you’re not comfortable with the local language.

8. Consider Online Reviews

  • Look at customer reviews to understand the reliability and user experience of different eSIM providers.
  • Pay attention to feedback on connection quality and customer service responsiveness.

9. Pricing and Hidden Costs

  • Compare the cost per GB or per day between providers and look out for any hidden fees.
  • Check if there are extra charges for calls or texts if those services are needed.

10. Additional Features

  • Some providers might offer extra features like VPN services, data rollover, or the ability to share data across devices.
  • Weigh the benefits of these features against their cost to determine if they’re worth it for your needs.

11. Emergency Services

  • It’s vital to ensure that you’ll still have access to emergency service numbers with an eSIM.
  • Verify this capability with the provider before purchasing.

12. Policy on Refunds and Cancellations

  • Understand the terms and conditions related to refunds or cancellations in case your plans change.
  • Some eSIMs might be non-refundable or have strict cancellation policies.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the eSIM that best fits your needs and ensures a hassle-free connectivity experience in Jordan. Remember to purchase your eSIM well in advance of your travel date to allow for any unexpected issues. Enjoy your trip to Jordan with the assurance of staying connected wherever your adventures take you.

How eSIM can change the way you travel in Jordan

eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card that is stored directly on your mobile device. This means that you no longer need to physically insert a SIM card into your phone to activate it. eSIMs offer a number of advantages for travelers, including:

  • Convenience: eSIMs are much easier to set up and use than traditional SIM cards. You can simply purchase an eSIM online or from a local provider and scan a QR code to activate it.
  • Flexibility: You can store multiple eSIMs on your device, so you can easily switch between different networks when you travel. This can be especially useful if you are traveling to a country with poor coverage from your home network.
  • Cost savings: eSIMs can often be cheaper than traditional SIM cards, especially if you are traveling for a short period of time.

Here are some of the ways that eSIM can change the way you travel in Jordan:

  • You can purchase an eSIM for Jordan before you travel, so you will be ready to go as soon as you land.
  • You can easily switch between different Jordanian networks to find the best coverage.
  • You can avoid the hassle of buying a physical SIM card at the airport or in a store.
  • You can use your eSIM to make calls, send texts, and use data throughout Jordan.
  • You can even use your eSIM to connect to the Internet when you are visiting Petra or the Wadi Rum.

In addition to the benefits listed above, eSIMs are also more secure than traditional SIM cards. This is because they cannot be easily removed from your device, which makes them less likely to be stolen or lost.

Overall, eSIMs offer a number of advantages for travelers, and they are quickly becoming the standard for SIM cards around the world. If you are planning a trip to Jordan, I highly recommend using an eSIM to stay connected.

Zain Data Packages

Zain chart

Umniah Data Packages

unlimitedper minute0.01 JOD
unlimited10-11am, 3-4pm0.1 JOD per hour
130 MB24 hours0.35 JOD
500 MB24 hours0.50 JOD
200 MB7 days1 JOD
400 MB7 days1.5 JOD
500 MB7 days2 JOD
500 MB30 days3 JOD
1 GB30 days5 JOD
2 GB30 days7 JOD
2.5 GB (*)30 days10 JOD


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