Niger Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Buying a Sim Card for Niger in 2023

When traveling to Niger, staying connected is essential for safety, navigation, and keeping in touch with loved ones. Buying a local SIM card is often the most economical way to ensure you have reliable mobile service. Below is a listicle to help you purchase the right SIM card for your needs in Niger in 2023.

Considerations Before Purchasing a SIM Card

  • Legality: Ensure you are allowed to purchase and use a SIM card as a foreigner in Niger.
  • Compatibility: Check if your mobile device is compatible with Niger’s network frequencies.
  • Duration: Consider the length of your stay to choose a plan that offers the right amount of data and call time.
  • Coverage: Different providers have varying coverage, so select one that best covers your travel area.

1. Know the Major Mobile Network Providers

Niger has several main mobile network operators to choose from:

  • Airtel Niger: One of the largest providers with extensive coverage.
  • Orange Niger: Offers competitive pricing and packages.
  • Moov Niger (formerly Telecel): Known for their affordable services.

2. Where to Buy Your SIM Card

  • Airport kiosks: Convenient, but might be more expensive.
  • Official carrier stores: Located throughout major cities and towns.
  • Authorized resellers: Often found in markets or street stalls.

3. Required Documentation

According to Nigerien regulations, you may need to provide:

  • Passport or ID: For identification purposes.
  • Local address: Where you are staying in Niger.

4. Understanding Prepaid Plans

Most SIM cards will be prepaid, which means you’ll pay upfront for data and minutes. Prepaid plans can often be customized to fit your needs, usually through:

  • Data bundles: Pay for a set amount of data usage.
  • Minute bundles: Pre-purchase call time.
  • Combo packs: A combination of data and call time.

5. Recharging Your SIM Card

You can top up your SIM card through:

  • Voucher cards: Purchased at various outlets and entered via your phone.
  • Online: Using the provider’s website or app.
  • Direct carrier recharge: Often available at carrier stores.

6. Cost Considerations

Prices for SIM cards and data plans can vary, so consider:

  • Initial SIM card cost: This is a one-time fee for the physical card.
  • Data and minutes rates: These will depend on the amounts you choose to purchase.
  • Promotions: Carriers might offer special deals or better rates for certain customer segments or time periods.

7. Network Coverage and Speeds

Do some research on the network coverage of providers in the areas you’ll be visiting. You can typically find coverage maps on the providers’ websites. Also, consider the following:

  • 3G/4G Availability: Not all areas will have 4G coverage, and you may be limited to 3G speeds in certain regions.
  • Speed tests: Online forums and reviews can provide user feedback on the network speeds of different operators.

8. Customer Support

Evaluate the level of customer service offered, such as:

  • Language barriers: Not all staff may speak English or other foreign languages.
  • Availability: Look for providers with readily available support, including hotlines and online chat services.
  • Service Quality: Prefer providers known for stability and reliability.

9. Roaming Options

If you are traveling across borders, check if your chosen provider offers affordable roaming services, especially if you plan to visit nearby countries.

10. User Reviews and Experiences

Lastly, check online travel forums, blogs, and review sites for recommendations and experiences from other travelers. These insights can be invaluable in choosing the right SIM card for your needs.

Airtel Niger Data Packages

35 MB24 hours150 CFA
125 MB300 CFA
350 MB500 CFA
1 GB1000 CFA
250 MB7 days500 CFA
750 MB1000 CFA
2 GB2000 CFA
1 GB30 days2000 CFA
4 GB5000 CFA
10 GB10,000 CFA
20 GB20,000 CFA
200 MBmidnight

– 5am

250 CFA

Orange Niger Data Packages

20 MB24 hours100 CFA1J1
100 MB200 CFA1J2
350 MB500 CFA1J3
250 MB7 days500 CFA1S1
500 MB1000 CFA1S2
2 GB2000 CFA1S3
1 GB30 days2000 CFA1M4
4 GB5000 CFA1M1
10 GB10,000 CFA1M2
20 GB20,000 CFA1M3
50 GB180 days60,000 CFA6M
1 GBmidnight

– 6am


Moov Niger Data Packages

25 MB24 hours100 CFAJ1
75 MB200 CFAJ2
400 MB500 CFAJ3
300 MB7 days500 CFAS1
800 MB1000 CFAS2
2 GB2000 CFAS3
1 GB30 days2000 CFAM1
4 GB5000 CFAM2
10 GB10,000 CFAM3
20 GB20,000 CFAM4
200 MBmidnight

– 6am



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