Pakistan Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Best Network Providers in Pakistan

  1. Jazz (Mobilink):
    • Jazz, previously known as Mobilink, is one of the largest and most popular mobile network providers in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of prepaid and postpaid plans, including voice, SMS, and data packages. Jazz has a significant market presence and a large subscriber base.
  2. Telenor Pakistan:
    • Telenor is another major telecom operator in Pakistan. It provides a variety of prepaid and postpaid plans, including 4G data services. Telenor is known for its customer-centric approach and has a widespread network coverage.
  3. Zong (China Mobile):
    • Zong, a subsidiary of China Mobile, is recognized for its extensive 4G coverage across Pakistan. It offers competitive data packages and has gained popularity for its high-speed internet services. Zong has a strong presence in urban and rural areas.
  4. Ufone:
    • Ufone is a Pakistani telecom company that provides voice and data services. It offers a range of prepaid and postpaid plans to cater to different user needs. Ufone is known for its innovative packages and promotions.
  5. Warid (Now Part of Jazz):
    • Warid Telecom was acquired by Jazz (Mobilink), and the two networks merged. As a result, former Warid customers are now part of the Jazz network. Existing Jazz customers can also benefit from the extended coverage and services.

When choosing a network provider in Pakistan, consider factors such as network coverage in your area, the quality of service, data speeds, and customer support. Additionally, compare the prepaid and postpaid plans offered by different providers to find the one that best suits your communication and data usage needs.

Jazz (merged from Mobilink and Warid) Data Packages

Internet Hourly2 GB2 hoursRs. 17*846#
Daily Browser50 MB24 hoursRs. 10*117*11#
Daily Social200 MB for FB, WARs. 5*114*5#
Daily Data1.1 GB (2am-2pm)Rs. 20*117*4#
3 Day Extreme500 MB (2am-2pm)3 daysRs. 15*114*14#
Weekly Browser300 MB7 daysRs. 50*117*3#
Weekly Streamer750 MBRs. 80*117*7#
Weekly Premium2 GBRs. 110*117*47#
Weekly Extreme2.5 GB (2am-2pm)Rs. 60*117*14#
Weekly Mega4 GBRs. 160*159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus8 GBRs. 200*453*2#
Monthly Browser2.1 GB30 daysRs. 160*117*77#
Monthly Extreme5 GB (2am-2pm)Rs. 100*117*34#
Monthly Mega Plus7.5 GBRs. 500*117*30#
Monthly Supreme12 GBRs. 800*117*32#

Telenor Data Packages

500 MB1 hourRs. 8 *60#
50 MB1 dayRs. 12 *12#
350 MBRs. 161am-7pm*10#
200 MB3 daysRs. 42+200 MB FB*32#
750 MB7 daysRs. 75 *72#
2.5 GBRs. 851am-7pm*345*144#
2 GB30 daysRs. 170+1GB Goonj*301#
6 GBRs. 500 *303#
10 GBRs. 750 *345*136#

Zong Data Packages

Daily Basic100 MB1 dayRs. 15
Daily Data Max500 MBRs. 35
Super Weekly2 GB7 daysRs. 100
Super Weekly Plus4 GBRs. 130
Super Weekly Max10 GB*Rs. 200
Monthly Mini 150150 MB30 daysRs. 50
Monthly Basic 500500 MBRs. 150
Monthly Premium 3GB3 GBRs. 300
Monthly Premium 12GB12 GB**Rs. 717

Ufone Data Packages

Daily Light40 MB1 dayPKR 10Apps*2256#
Daily Heavy75 MBPKR 15Apps*2258#
Daily (1am-9pm)50 MBPKR 5Apps*3461#
Night (1am-8am)2 GBPKR 12 *550#
3-day bucket100 MB3 daysPKR 25Apps*3350#
Weekly Light250 MB7 daysPKR 50Apps*7811#
Weekly Heavy500 MBPKR 125Apps*7815#
Super Internet1 GBPKR 100 *220#
Monthly Light1 GB30 daysPKR 250Apps*7807#
Monthly Heavy3 GBPKR 500Apps*803#
Monthly Max10 GBPKR 1000Apps*5100#


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