Poland Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


Located in Central Europe, Poland country has its capital as Warsaw. The country shares its borders with Kaliningrad Oblast to its north and the south in the Czech Republic. The country is well developed with around 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The telecommunication sector in Poland has shown rapid growth in the internet space, where there are around 25 million internet users.


There are main three internet providers in Poland amongst the many. These three are:

  • Play
  • Fakt
  • Orange


Play is a 4G network operator owned by P4. It was established in February 2007 and to the first position in terms of the number of subscribers by 2017-18. The operator covered around 97% of the population by mid-2018. The data packages provided by the Play internet service providers range from 50 MB to 100 GB. The internet packages and their prices are as follows:

  • 50MB stands at a price of 0-9 PLN for a 5-day activation at the code *163*7#
  • 600MB costs about 5 PLN with the activation code *111*541*1#
  • The price of 3.5GB is 100-300 PLN with 150 days of activation at the code *163*7#
  • 10GB charges are 25 PLN for 30 days of activation with their code as *111*978*1#
  • 100GB with unlimited usage for 30 days of activation at a cost of 49 PLN with an activation code of *111*788*1#


Fakt provides internet data packages from 500MB to 10GB and is the 4G network provider in Poland. It operates on the 4G operator. At 5 PLN the starter kit is available for 30 days, post which we can SMS to 4949 the ‘BONUS1GB’for which we will get 1GB for another 30 days. The data package information is as follows:

  • 500MB with a price of 4 PLN with an activation code of *111*831*1 for 31 days
  • The price of 1GB is 5 PLN for 31 days and the activation code is *111*832*1
  • 2GB charges are 9 PLN for 31 days of activation with their code as *111*835*1#
  • 4GB costs about 15 PLN with the activation code *111*833*1#
  • The price of 10GB is 25 PLN for 31 days and the activation code is *111*834*1

The above packages have a cap on their usage which is varied across the packages.


Launched in December 1991, Orange is a public company. The subscribes for this company are around 5.6 million. The available packages are as follows.

  • 1GB costs about 1 PLN with a 1-day activation and the code is *115*5*1#
  • Price of 7GB package is 7 PLN for 7-day activation and the code is *115*5*7#
  • The price of 10GB is 10 PLN for 10 days and the activation code is *115*5*10#
  • 50GB plan charges are 50 PLN for 50 days with an activation code of *115*6*50#
  • 100GB costs about 100 PLN for 100 days activation code of *115*6*100#

Around 65% of the population has an internet connection. This figure of percentage is expected to hike by the end of 2025 covering the major areas and people having access to the internet.

Play Data Packages

DataEU capPriceActivation
500 MB340 MB4 PLN*111*831*1
1 GB420 MB5 PLN*111*832*1
2 GB760 MB9 PLN*111*835*1
4 GB1.26 GB15 PLN*111*833*1
10 GB2.10 GB25 PLN*111*834*1

Orange Polska Data Packages

PriceDataEU CapValidityActivation




1 PLN1 GB90 MB1 day*115*5*1#n/a
3 PLN3 GB260 MB3 days*115*5*3#*115*6*3#
5 PLN5 GB420 MB5 days*115*5*5#*115*6*5#
7 PLN7 GB590 MB7 days*115*5*7#*115*6*7#
10 PLN10 GB840 MB10 days*115*5*10#*115*6*10#
5 PLN1 GB420 MB30 days*115*5*31#*115*6*31#
15 PLN5 GB1.26 GB30 days*115*5*35#*115*6*35#
30 PLN30 GB2.51 GB30 days*115*5*30#*115*6*30#
50 PLN50 GB4.18 GB50 days*115*5*50#*115*6*50#
100 PLN100 GB8.36 GB100 days*115*5*100#*115*6*100#

T-Mobile Polska Data Packages

DataPriceValidityEU capActivation
2 GB*13 PLN30 days#1.11 GB*150*152*2#
5 GB^10 PLN3 days860 MB*150*153*2#
20 GB20 PLN5 days1.71 GB*150*154*2#
1 GB*4.99 PLN183 days430 MB*150*151*2#

Lycamobile Data Packages

VolumePriceEU capActivation
100 MB2 PLN100 MB*139*5103#
300 MB3 PLN300 MB*139*5107#
1 GB5 PLN450 MB*139*5200#
2 GB7 PLN600 MB*139*5201#
3 GB10 PLN1 GB*139*5202#
5 GB15 PLN1.5 GB*139*5104#
15 GB25 PLN2.25 GB*139*5105#
30 GB35 PLN3 GB*139*5106#

a2mobile Data Packages

“Unexhausted” internet12.90 PLN*222*7#
“Unexhausted” calls and intenet17.90 PLN*222*4#
“Unexhausted” SMS/MMS and internet17.90 PLN*222*3#
“Unexhausted” all 19,9019.90 PLN**222*1#
“Unexhausted” all 24,9024.90 PLN*249*1#
“Unexhausted” all 29,9029.90 PLN*299*1#

Klucz mobile Data Packages

Data VolumeEU capPriceActivation
1 GB420 MB3 PLN*121*11*03#
2 GB420 MB5 PLN*121*11*04#
10 GB850 MB10 PLN*136*11*01#
30 GB*2.96 GB35 PLN*136*11*09#
100 GB4.23 GB50 PLN*136*11*02#
100 GB

+ 200 GB at night*

4.23 GB50 PLN*136*11*12#
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