Switzerland Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2020


Switzerland is regarded as a federal Republic. The country has Italy to its south and Germany to its north. Among various network service providers; Swisscom, Sunrise, and CoopMobile are the major network service providers in the country. The mobile coverage in the country operates on 3G as well as 4G LTE.


There are main three internet providers in Switzerland amongst the many. These three are:

  • Swisscom
  • Sunrise
  • CoopMobile


Swisscom has been a major network operator in Switzerland. Swisscom is the major internet service provider in Switzerland that has rolled out the 4G LTE network connection across 98% of the area. The activation for these accounts can be done by going into the customer’s respective account. The internet packages and their prices are as follows:

  • 5GB charges are CHF 5 for 1-day of activation
  • 250MB stands at CHF 4.9 for 30 days activation with unlimited voice calls
  • The price of 500MB is CHF 8.90 for 30 days with unlimited voice calls
  • The cost of the unlimited voice calls along with 1GB for 30 days is CHF 24.9
  • The price of 1.5GB is CHF 19.90 for 30 days activation


Sunrise provides 3G and 4G LTE internet data packages. The network coverage is good across the country. The connection occupies an area of around 98% in 4G/LTE. Since October 2019 5G has been operating in Switzerland. The data package information is as follows:

  • Surf package provides 250MB volume with charges at CHF 7.50 with activation code as SURF
  • SURF XL is the activation code for the Surf XL package that provides 1GB volume with charges at CHF 15
  • Surf 3XL package provides 3GB volume with charges at CHF 30 with activation code as SURF3XL
  • SURF5XL is the activation code for the Surf 5XL package that provides 5GB volume with charges at CHF 45

In order to disconnect from the packages, the customer can send the text SMS of unsubscribing to 5522. The customer can also call on to *136# to get all the details related to connection and disconnection and changes in the package.


The Coopmobile Company, in 2019 switched to Swisscom. The network provider has good coverage across the country and sells the starter packs of SIM cards. The activation will be done in 24 hrs. They provide 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE services. The activation code and the data package information is as follows:

  • 250MB charges are CHF 4.90 with activation code as SURF250
  • 750MB with activation code as SURF750 costs CHF 9.90
  • The price of 1.5GB is CHF 14.90 with the activation code as SURF1500

For the above packages, there is no expiry date. They can be used as long as the SIM is active. It is as a result important to choose a package and keep the SIM active to use the network service.

The 5G network has been established in Switzerland. The increase in technology is expected to hike the internet users by the end of 2025 covering the major areas and people having access to the internet.

Swisscom Data Packages

DataValidityPricemax. Speed
5 GB24 hoursCHF 550 Mbit/s
500 MB30 daysCHF 8.9010 Mbit/s
1.5 GB30 daysCHF 19.9010 Mbit/s

Lycamobile Data Packages

CH DataPriceActivation
500 MBCHF 3.25*139*95490#
1 GBCHF 5.90*139*91490#
2 GBCHF 9.90*139*92490#
5 GBCHF 13.90*139*94490#
10 GBCHF 21.90*139*93490#
unlimited*CHF 39*139*96490#

Mucho mobile Data Packages

2 GB for 30 days: 9.90 CHF, send “Start DATAMINI” to 778 then “1GBGRATIS” to 778
5 GB for 30 days: 19.90 CHF, send “Start DATAMAXI” to 778 then “2GBGRATIS” to 778
10 GB for 30 days, 29.90 CHF, send “Start DATAMEGA” to 778 then “4GBGRATIS” to 778

M-Budget Data Packages

300 MB, 30 mins, 30 SMS: CHF 9.80
1.5 GB: CHF 12.80
2 GB, 2000 mins, 2000 SMS: CHF 28.80

CoopMobile Data Packages

750 MB for CHF 9.90

ok.- Data Packages

CHF 8.50 per month for 500 MB, activation: text “Bundle Data500” to 3131

Aldi mobile Data Packages

Basic 1G: CHF 9.90 for 1 GB.
Medium 2G: CHF 14.90 for 2 GB.
Vielsurfer 4G: CHF 24.90 for 4 GB.

TalkTalk Data Packages


Yallo Data Packages

data-only packages:

  • 250 MB: CHF 4 – activation: SURF 250
  • 1 GB: CHF 15 – activation: SURF 1000
  • unlimited: CHF 40 – activation: SURFFLAT
250 MB: CHF 4 – activation: SURF 250
1 GB: CHF 15 – activation: SURF 1000
unlimited: CHF 40 – activation: SURFFLAT
combo all-in packages:

Lebara mobile Data Packages

120 MBCHF 4.90SURF
1 GBCHF 14.90DATA1
3 GBCHF 29.90SURF3
5 GBCHF 44.90SURF5
10 GBCHF 79.90SURF10
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