Vanuatu Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2024

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Can I top up with more data in Vanuatu?

To top up with more data in Vanuatu, you would typically follow these steps:

  1. Select a Mobile Operator: Vanuatu has multiple mobile operators, including Digicel and Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL). Choose the operator that provides your mobile service.
  2. Visit a Retail Store or Authorized Vendor: Go to a retail store or an authorized vendor that sells top-up cards or vouchers for your chosen mobile operator.
  3. Specify the Data Top-Up: Inform the store attendant that you want to top up your data specifically. They will provide you with a top-up card or voucher that includes a data allowance.
  4. Enter the Voucher Code: For most top-up methods, you’ll receive a voucher with a unique code. Dial the specified code on your phone and follow the prompts to redeem the data. The process may vary slightly between operators.
  5. Check Your Balance: After the top-up, check your data balance to ensure the correct amount has been credited. You can usually do this by dialing a specific code provided by your operator.
  6. Alternative Methods: Some operators also offer online top-up options through their websites or mobile apps. You may need to create an account and follow the instructions to add data to your plan.
  7. SMS Commands: Some operators allow you to top up or check your balance by sending SMS commands. Check with your operator for the specific commands and details.
  8. Automatic Renewal (Optional): Some plans offer automatic data renewal. If you want your data plan to renew automatically after expiration, inquire about this option.

How To Choose The Best eSIM For Vanuatu

Choosing the best eSIM for Vanuatu involves considering several factors to ensure compatibility, coverage, and cost-effectiveness. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Research eSIM Providers:
    • Identify eSIM providers that offer services in Vanuatu. Major global providers like GigSky, Truphone, and Ubigi often support various countries, including Pacific islands.
  2. Check Network Coverage:
    • Review the coverage map of each eSIM provider to ensure they have reliable coverage in Vanuatu. Consider the areas you plan to visit or reside in.
  3. Data Plans and Pricing:
    • Compare the data plans offered by different eSIM providers. Consider your data usage needs and find a plan that offers a suitable data allowance at a reasonable price.
  4. Compatibility with Devices:
    • Ensure that the eSIM provider supports your device. Most modern smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are eSIM-compatible, but it’s essential to confirm compatibility.
  5. Activation Process:
    • Review the activation process for each eSIM provider. Some may require you to download an app, while others might activate through a QR code. Choose a provider with a user-friendly and convenient activation method.
  6. Duration of Plans:
  7. Flexibility and Customization:
    • Look for eSIM providers that offer flexibility in terms of plan duration and data allowances. Some providers allow you to customize your plan based on your specific needs.
  8. Customer Reviews and Support:
    • Read customer reviews to gauge the satisfaction level of users with a particular eSIM provider. Additionally, check if the provider offers reliable customer support in case you encounter issues.
  9. Security and Privacy:
    • Ensure that the eSIM provider prioritizes security and privacy. Check their data protection policies and security measures to safeguard your personal information.
  10. Trial Period (if available):
    • Some eSIM providers offer trial periods or money-back guarantees. Take advantage of these options to test the service before committing to a longer-term plan.
  11. Local Recommendations:
    • Seek recommendations from locals or expats in Vanuatu for insights into which eSIM providers are commonly used and reliable.

Vanuatu Internet Packages & Data Plan ( Service Provider List With Details )

Antel Communications

Serial Data Plans Price
1. ADSL 256 (256/64)$ 390
2. ADSL 512 (512/128)$ 490
3. ADSL 640 (640/128)$ 585
4. ADSL 1024 (1024/128)$ 883
5. ADSL 2048 (2048/128)$ 1268

Prices Include IVA


SerialData PlansPrice
ADSL 256 (256/64)$ 390
ADSL 512 (512/128)$ 490
ADSL 640 (640/128)$ 585
ADSL 1024 (1024/128$ 883
ADSL 2048 (2048/128)$ 1268
ADSL 4 MEGA (4096/512)$ 2480

Prices Include IVA

Dedicado Telecommunications

SerialData PlansPrice
1. 768 (768/128)$890
2. 512 (512/256)$1281
3. 1024 (1024/384) (Includes 1 Fixed IP)$1940
4. 512 (512/512) (Includes 1 Fixed IP)$2184
5. 3072 (3072/512) Corp. (Includes 1 Fixed IP)  $2916

Prices Include IVA

Digicel Vanuatu Data Packages

100 MB1 hourVUV 25
50 MB24 hoursVUV 50
100 MB*24 hoursVUV 150
200 MB7 daysVUV 200
500 MB14 daysVUV 500
500 MB*7 daysVUV 700
700 MB10pm-6amVUV 200
1 GB30 daysVUV 1000
3 GB*30 daysVUV 3500
4.5 GB30 daysVUV 4500
7 GB30 daysVUV 6500

TVL (Telecom Vanuatu Ltd.) Smile Data Packages

200 MB3 hoursVUV 50buy 50 
150 MB24 hoursVUV 100buy 100 
300 MB24 hoursVUV 200buy 200free Facebbok
500 MB7 daysVUV 300buy 300 
2 GB7 nightsVUV 400buy 400valid only 8pm-6am
850 MB7 daysVUV 500buy 500free Facebook
700 MB14 daysVUV 700buy 700free Facebook
1 GB30 daysVUV 1000buy 1000free Facebook + 750 MB night bonus
3.5 GB30 daysVUV 2000buy 2000free Facebook + 1.75 GB night bonus


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