What’s Verizon’s Network Unlock Code? (Explained!)

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Verizon’s network unlock code is either 000000 or 123456. Verizon does not provide network unlock codes to customers. To get an unlock code, contact Verizon customer service and provide your phone’s IMEI number.

Locked Phones

A locked phone isn’t that different from the usual devices other people use. Locked devices are just a little different. Although the difference isn’t physical. It doesn’t even affect the phone’s major features. The only difference is that they are locked to a particular carrier and can only work with the carrier’s SIM card. So many network carriers do this to phones that they sell too. 

Also, locked phones affect mobile plans. Both the prepaid and postpaid plans are affected if your phone is locked to one carrier. In addition, if there is an inclusion in your contract about unlocked phones in your carrier. Your phone will be delivered with a carrier lock. 

Why Phones Are Locked 

Why Phones Are Locked 

Obviously, some people don’t know the importance of these locks on phones. According to Verizon, the locks are used to prevent theft and help their customers avoid fraud. Verizon believes that most thieves don’t see a phone locked to one carrier as attractive. Although the phone doesn’t show that it is locked physically. But since the phone is locked, the thief cannot use it. Also, he or she cannot access your details on it. 

A stolen locked phone would either have to be unlocked or used with the same carrier. Two things are bound to happen here. Firstly, if a thief tries to unlock the phone then he or she could be tracked. Better still, the phone wouldn’t unlock. On the other hand, buying the same carrier’s SIM card for the phone is risky for the thief too. Just make sure you report the theft case.

Why People Unlock Their Verizon Phone 

People choose to unlock their Verizon phones for various reasons, including:

  1. International Travel:
    • Unlocking allows the use of local SIM cards abroad, avoiding expensive roaming charges.
  2. Switching Carriers:
    • Enables the phone to be used with other carriers, providing flexibility in choosing a service provider.
  3. Resale Value:
    • Unlocked phones generally have higher resale value since they appeal to a broader range of potential buyers.
  4. Network Compatibility:
    • Some users may need to switch to a carrier that operates on a different network technology.
  5. Contract Completion:
    • After meeting Verizon’s requirements, unlocking is common for postpaid and prepaid users once the contract or activation period is fulfilled.
  6. Freedom and Control:
    • Users value the freedom to choose their carrier and have control over their devices.

Unlocking offers users increased versatility and the ability to make the most of their device in various situations.

How To Unlock Verizon iPhone By Calling Customer Care

Unlock Verizon iPhone By Calling Customer Care

1. Navigate to the phone app on your iPhone

2. Dial the customer service line number. 

3. Follow the instructions of the automated voice. Also, when it says so, just say unlock operator. 

4. Speak to the representative and tell him or her that you want to unlock your iPhone. 

5. Enter all the information required

6. Wait for the confirmation 

7. Put in a SIM card from another network operator.

Phone Unlocking Policies Of Verizon

Verizon, one of the leading telecommunications providers in the United States, has specific policies in place when it comes to unlocking phones. This article will discuss Verizon’s phone unlocking policies to help customers understand what to expect.

1. Prepaid and Postpaid Devices

Verizon distinguishes between prepaid and postpaid devices for its unlocking policies.

Prepaid Devices: Verizon will automatically unlock these devices after 60 days, irrespective of whether they are engaged with the Verizon prepaid device service.

Postpaid Devices: These are automatically unlocked the moment they activate on the Verizon network.

2. 4G LTE and 3G Devices

Verizon’s 4G LTE and 3G World Device smartphones and tablets are not locked, hence customers can easily switch to another carrier if they prefer.

3. Locked Non-Active Devices

Non-active devices will also be auto-unlocked after 60 days of purchase, following the policies of the wireless telecommunications industry commitment made to the United States Federal Communications Commission(FCC).

4. Military Personnel

Verizon has a separate policy for deployed military personnel, who may get their devices unlocked, assuming that their account is in good standing, and they can provide deployment paperwork.

5. Non-Payment Devices

Devices associated with fraudulent activities or purchased through non-payment will not be unlocked by Verizon.

6. Non-Verizon Devices

Devices that are not purchased from Verizon or a Verizon-authorized retailer may also not be unlocked by Verizon.

Here is a brief summary of the rules:

Type of DeviceUnlocking Policy
Prepaid DevicesAutomatically unlocked after 60 days
Postpaid DevicesAutomatically unlocked when activated
4G LTE & 3G DevicesNot locked
Non-Active DevicesAutomatically unlocked after 60 days
Military PersonnelCan be unlocked with deployment paperwork
Non-Payment DevicesWill not be unlocked
Non-Verizon DevicesWill not be unlocked


Which Of The Verizon Phones Are Unlocked When You Buy Them?

Not all Verizon phones are locked when you buy them. Some categories of phones are kept unlocked. For instance, the Verizon 4G LTE phones are all unlocked. This is their default setting. Some of the 4G LTE phones are iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8. If you buy this category of phones from Verizon, you can definitely use it with another carrier. 

However, the 3G devices are locked and can be unlocked by calling Verizon. You just have to request a phone unlock. 

How Do I Unlock A Verizon Cell Phone?

They can be difficult sometimes. However, if you press the ok button which is in the middle, and hold it for very long, the different tasks on the phone will be displayed. 

Can I Unlock My Verizon By Myself?

In most cases, you don’t have to do anything. Your phone is automatically locked for 60 days by Verizon. After 60 days, your phone gets unlocked without you doing anything. As long as you bought the phone through Verizon, you must go through this process. After 60 days, if you are in doubt, just dial *611. Also, you can reach the Verizon customer care line by calling 800-922-0204. 

Can I Unlock My Phone Using IMEI?

Yes. Just go through the settings of your phone to get your IMEI number. Firstly, open your Settings, and then navigate to about device in your settings menu. Go to status on about devices and then you will find your IMEI. With your IMEI, Verizon can start unlocking your phone for you. 

Are All Verizon Phones Locked?

No. Not every Verizon phone is locked. Some phones have been unlocked while some of them were never locked. However, the thing is that Verizon locked all their 3G phones for a period of 60 days before they automatically unlock it. Verizon doesn’t mind if you paid for your phone in full or not. 

Can I Unlock My Verizon Phone For Free?

Yes. As long as you are eligible for it, your phone would be unlocked for free. As long as you are a Verizon customer, the law says that they are not allowed to charge you for unlocking. 


Well, the Verizon unlock code and the unlock process are both very simple things. Customers don’t go through any stress trying to unlock their phones. This is a right that everyone has. If you want your phone to accept different carriers then you can just go through the simple process. Or use the unlock code. 


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