What Are Verizon’s Store Hours? Is It Better To Go To The Store Or Call Customer Service? (Explained With Ample FAQs!)

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Verizon store hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm

Go to the store if you have a complex issue, need to purchase a new device, or need to speak with a representative in person. Call customer service if you have a simple question or need to make a payment.

Verizon Business Hours

Verizon Business Hours

Weekdays: Verizon weekdays are mainly from Mondays to Saturdays and the stores are open from 10 am to 8 pm. Although might have to confirm the time with the store in your area because the store business hours might vary from place to place.

Weekends: Verizon weekend is Sunday in some places, while in some areas it is Saturday and Sunday, depending on the location. Verizon stores in some areas might open from 8 am and close by 10 pm on Saturday and not open at all on Sundays, but in some places, the stores might open from 12 pm and then close by 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Wherever you are located, just make sure you check the store in your area regularly so you can figure out their opening and closing hours. 

Also, if the Verizon store is located in one of the malls in the US, the store might have to stick to the mall business hours. 

Ways To Confirm The Verizon Business Hours

Ways To Confirm The Verizon Business Hours

There are different ways other than visiting your local Verizon store to reach out to Verizon and confirm certain things like their business hours for their local stores, although it would have been better if you just confirm with the store close to you. 

Call Them: You can easily call Verizon customer service on 1-800-922-0204 so that you can confirm the retail store business hours. 

Social Media Pages: Verizon replies to most of their customers when they make inquiries on social media platforms. You can learn a lot from talking to them via social media, including the retail store hours. 

A Table Showing The Different Holidays In America And How The Verizon Stores React To Them.

DateName Of HolidayOpen/Closed
January 1stNew Year dayOpen for some hours of the day
January 17thMartin Luther King dayOpen
February 21stPresidents dayOpen
May 30thMemorial dayOpen
July 4thIndependence dayOpen
September 5thLabor dayOpen
October 10thColumbus dayOpen
November 11thVeterans dayOpen
November 23rdThanksgivingClosed
November 25thBlack Friday Open
December 24thChristmas eveOpen
December 25thChristmas dayClosed


Are Verizon Phones Cheaper Online Or In The Store?

No. The price of your Verizon phone only depends on the method you use to purchase it. Verizon made buying online cheap and at the same time expensive too. Also, going to the store requires activation fees that are also equivalent to you buying online. 

Is There Any Difference Between The Verizon Stores And The Verizon Authorized Retailer?

Yes. Both stores are very different. The Verizon stores are owned officially by Verizon, that is, Verizon pays the tax for the store, the rent, and the worker’s salaries too. For authorized retail stores, they are people who use these stores as a business to earn a living. They work with Verizon to retail their products, they don’t work for Verizon.

Why Are Verizon Phones More Expensive?

Well, the only reason that we can give you here is to say, their phones are expensive because they are allowed to make them that pricey. They have the biggest market amongst all network providers in America so they can hype their prices a little because when you look at it, you are getting the best out of what you are looking for. 

Are You Allowed To Negotiate Phone Prices With Verizon?

Yes. Just make sure when you are with the salesperson at Verizon, you have to make sure you have a specific and realistic price in your mind so you can at least make sense when you are talking. Research and check for good prices of whatever you are planning on buying so that your negotiation can go a long way.

Which Is Better, Upgrading Your Phone Online Or In A Verizon Store?

The only way to upgrade your phone would be to get a new phone other than the one you have. Whichever way you decide to go about this purchase is a good idea. When buying from a store, you are limited to several options but you are allowed to negotiate. Buying online would give you options but no room for support and negotiation. 

How Much Do Verizon Store Owners Make?

They earn cost to 75k dollars every year from profits and after making all necessary payments. They don’t earn much because working for Verizon gives you close to that same amount every year.

Does Verizon Give Their Sales Rep Any Commission?

Yes, they do. Every confirmed sale from the store would attract a particular percentage of commission for the sales representatives. The commissions from the sales are taken from the amount that the customer paid for whatever he or she bought. Here is what we are trying to say, when a sales rep makes a sale of about 2000 dollars and is receiving a 10% commission, that sales rep gets 200 dollars for that sale. 


This article must have been informative because it gave all the necessary information needed for customers to figure out the Verizon standard business hours. 


Verizon business hours

Verizon store hours

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