What Happens If I Stop Paying My Sprint Phone Bill? (Complete Explanation!)

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If you stop paying your Sprint phone bill, you may face late fees, service suspension, account termination, collection action, and damage to your credit. Communicate with Sprint if you’re having trouble paying to discuss payment plans or other options.

What happens if I don’t pay my Sprint phone bill?

What happens if I don't pay my Sprint phone bill

If you don’t pay your Sprint phone bill, your account will go into arrears. Sprint can terminate your service so you’ll be prevented from placing or receiving calls. Sprint can also charge month-to-month customers a reconnection fee if they decide to turn the phone back on. Once your contract is cancelled and you don’t take care of the debt within 30 days of it going into default, Sprint can choose to hire a debt collection agency to collect on their behalf, as with any other carrier bill? Mobile phone bill payment should be treated as a priority because of things like these. The followings are likely to happen if you stop paying your Sprint phone bills; 

  • Issuing a County Court judgment
  • Disconnecting the mobile phone
  • Passing on the debt to a third party debt collection agency1
  • If the amount exceeds £5,000 Sprint might apply for your bankruptcy. (Usually applies to the UK only) 

Mobile phones & the Consumer Credit Act

When a customer signs up for service with a carrier, they must sign two agreements. The first is the contract agreement, which establishes the terms and conditions that are required of the customer in order to use the cell phone. The second agreement is what’s called an electronic signature pad, which details how one will be held accountable for services paid for by their credit card as well as any charges or fees. This agreement essentially allows users independent access to their own account information via a website known as My Sprint. The two agreements include;

  1. If you’ve signed a contract for the sale or loan of the device this is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act.
  2. Any debt is not covered by the Consumer Credit Act if you’ve signed a contract covering the minutes, text and data usage,

What To Do If You Can’t Pay For Your Sprint Phone Bill?

Using your phone abroad can be a huge headache if you don’t keep an eye on your bill. You can go over your inclusive allowance or use premium rate services, both of which could lead to unexpected bills that you may be unable to afford. The best approach to avoid any unfortunate situations is to make sure you always check the claims text messages we send out at the end of each month – it’s our way of ensuring important information like your most recent bill is always available for you at all times!

Speak to Sprint about the arrears: Most providers like Sprint are extremely supportive and ready to help customers who are struggling to pay their phone bills. This may include:

  • Shifting customers bill date to a more reasonable date
  • Changing paying plan from ‘pay monthly’ to pay-as-you-go
  • Moving customers into a lower and cheaper tariff
  • Hindering payments for a period of time depending on customer’s circumstances

Review your tariff: An important part of every mobile phone contract is getting to know your usage limits (which are all explained in the small print) and making sure you don’t go over them. Sometimes companies will have caps, so you’d better make sure that the allowances for texting, calling and downloading are all affordable for your bill! Otherwise, if you hit those usage cut offs too hard, you’ll find yourself with massive fees.

Trying out another cheaper provider: If you’re due an upgrade before the contract is up, and the deals sound much more tempting than your current package, it may be worth taking a look at other options. Of course, it’s always worth checking with any provider you are already paying first to see if they have plans available as upgrading can cost a lot! A handy or comparison website (Ofcom) might also help speed things along for you.

What happens when I cancel my mobile phone contract with Sprint?

If you want to cancel the contract and the payments are still outstanding (meaning the amount is higher than what you originally paid for your contract) then your cancellation could be processed as a return of your investment or received equal to the remaining obligation through Sprint.

If you’re contacting Sprint to cancel a contract, remember that you have to do this in writing at least two business days before taking action. There may be a r cost involved with canceling early; however, if it works out less overall than continuing with monthly payments then this option could work out cheaper than making more payments towards your obligations. 

By the way, if Sprint proves unwilling to reduce your bill or offer any alternatives, you’ll have no other option but to pay however much the monthly subscription is for however many months remain of your contract. You will be unable to use their services after being suspended for non-payment, but you can still pay off the rest of the sum – likely over a longer-than-average period of time after cancellation.

Closing Words

Staying connected is more important than ever during these modern times, so it’s natural to be upset and irritated if you find yourself committing to a contract with Sprint and then unable to pay for it. Sprint has its own guidelines for the payment options it provides on a case-by-case basis. It’s good to know that you can always contact them directly if your current financing isn’t going to cut it.

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