Croatia Internet Packages & Data Plan Of 2021

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History Of Croatia

A small country located in the Balkan peninsula is shaped like that of a crescent. Scholars have termed it as ANCIENT YET YOUNG country due to the fact that its history dates back to many years back. However, its development at such a high pace and the standard it has maintained is incredible. The unmatched natural beauty and diversity in culture are seen in such a splendid way that one thinks of staying there forever.

Internet Packages

In a world of Facebook and Twitter, it’s almost a necessity for each to have an internet plan which is handy and affordable. Croatia tends to have some very good options in terms of various internet packages

The main data feature packages are as follows

1. The customers are offered 200 MB at a price if 3kb and can be activated easily by activation code 200MB

2. At a price of 10 on, the customers are entitled to get 500MB and the plan can be activated by code 500MB

3. To Get 1GB data, the activation code is 1GB and the amount that needs to be paid is 20kb

4. 2GB data is offered to the customers at a price if 30kb and 2GB is the activation code to activate the plan

Data Only Sim Packages

1. Plan Dnevna opcija offers a data of 5GB for 24 hours at a price of 10kb

2. Plan Tjedna opcija is a plan for 7 days that entitles a customer for 5GB data at a price of 55kb

3. Plan Mjeseçna opcija gives 250MB data for 30 days at a price of 15kb

4. Plan Mjeseçna M opcija is a plan for 30 days that gives 1GB of data at a price of 50kb

5. Plan Mjeseçna L opcija gives 3GB data for data and the customer is supposed to pay 70kb

Roaming Ninja

It is a convenient gadget when you are traveling. As the name suggests is portable wifi that can be used while you are traveling The plans of roaming ninja start as low as €7.95 and give up to 20GB which happens to be quite enough for a day.

Tele 2 Surf And Call

This gives the liberty to use 10 GB of data, 200 free minutes to call local and international numbers. The cost of the sim card is 59kb

T Mobile Unlimited Internet

This offers much better plans than tele 2. The sim card costs €11 which is 85kb and provides unlimited 4G data at unrestricted speed for 7 days. You can also ext d after 7 days are over for an additional 75 in.

A1 Tourist 4G Sim Card

The plans provided ate very similarly to those of the T-mobile. At a price of 80kb, the network users get unlimited access to the internet day at unrestricted speed.

Drum’s Universal Sim For Travel

This is the most expensive among all network service providers in Croatia. It cost 10.24€ per gigabyte data transfer.

Other networks providing internet packages in Croatia are Tomato and Simpa.

T-Hrvatski Telekom (Simpa) Data Packages

PlanPriceValidityDataEU cap
DAN10 kn24 h1 GB *0.6 GB
S20 kn30 days1 GB1 GB
M40 kn30 days3 GB1.9 GB
L60 kn30 days6 GB2.9 GB
XL90 kn30 days9 GB4.3 GB

A1 Croatia (formerly: Vip) Data Packages

A1 Cool: 2 GB + 500 mins/SMS: 55 kn
A1 Chill: 4 GB + 1000 mins/SMS: 75 kn
A1 Zen: 6 GB + 1000 mins/SMS: 90 kn

Tele2 Data Packages

DataCalls & SMSPriceActivation
2 GBincl. 200 mins or SMS,


1000 mins/SMS = +10 kn

55 kn1GB200 or 1GB1000
6 GB75 kn5GB200 or 5GB1000
unlimited1000 mins/SMS199 knBEZBROJ

Bonbon Data Packages

PackageTimePriceDataEU capVoiceSMS
Tjedni7 days20 kn2 GB1 GB200 mins: +10 kn



20 kn750 MB750 MB100 mins: +20 kn

350 mins: +35 kn
1250 mins:+45 kn
500 SMS: +20 kn
Srednji35 kn2 GB1.7 GB
Veliki45 kn4 GB2.2 GB
Jako veliki60 kn7 GB2.9 GB
Velika Kombinacija90 kn4 GB4 GB1250 mins incl.500 SMS incl.
Jako velika Komb.105 kn7 GB5 GB1250 mins incl.500 SMS incl.

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