How Can We Download 9anime Videos On Mobile? (Find Out!)

There are two different methods that can be used to achieve this, you can either download from 9Anime directly to your phone, or you make use of one of the apps available for viewing anime Online. 

There are different platforms that help anime lovers watch as much anime on their mobile phone or PC is very high quality, it also gives them the chance to download them offline and view them as they want. 9Anime is one of the most popular platforms that give you services like this. The only issue with 9Anime is that they do not have an app to allow you to enjoy this service. 

To enjoy the 9Anime service on your mobile, you can just go to your browser and type in their website to see what they have for you.  Www. is the main website used to log on to 9Anime. When looking for a website, you have to be careful because the websites that pop up on Google searches are much and might get you confused. 9Anime gives you three options for download. 

Option 1: Download Directly From 9Anime To Your Phone

This is the simplest method because when watching or viewing an episode of one of your favorite Anime series, you can see it clearly that with one button, you can just download the anime you want direct to your phone. Let us give you the simplest steps for this

Step 1: Try and search for the official website of 9Anime through google and then make sure you get the Anime that you have in mind to download. 

Step 2: After selection, it is not even difficult anymore, all you need to do is open the page so you can view your favorite Anime, hit the button that says MP4upload then the download button that is displayed at the bottom right corner as you view is what you click on next. 

Step 3: Now you hit the download button that will take you straight to the download file page of mp4upload. You can continue by clicking on the button that says Go To Download Page.

Step 4: After going through step 3, you would get a summary of the episode that you are about to watch, then when you hit the download button displayed there, the anime immediately starts to get downloaded as an MP4.

Option 2: Utilize Video DownloadHelper

Firstly, what is Video DownloadHelper? It is a well-known extension for chrome web browser and Firefox web browsers. It is used mainly for downloading videos from different sites that stream videos using HTTP format. Here are the steps to download 9Anime from DownloadHelper. 

Step 1: Video DownloadHelper Has a Website, you will have to visit this website, then you can click on the button that says add extension then a new icon would be sent to you on the browser’s toolbar. 

Step 2: After the icon appears on your browser toolbar, go straight to open up the 9Anime website, look for the anime that you have in mind to watch or download. When you find it and click on it, the DownloadHelper icon shows up colorful, click the icon, and then click on the icon on the next page close to the anime title. 

Step 3: Now all you have to do is tap the quick download from the menu and then use the browser to get the anime downloaded on MP4. 

Option 3: Utilize The CoCoCut Video Downloader

This is easier than the last option, it also helps you for downloads of HTTP videos and streaming as well. You can also stream them as MP4. It is one of the most reliable 9anime videos downloaders.

Step 1: Firstly you have to include the cococut video downloader icon and then add it to the video toolbar.

Step 2: Go to the 9anime website and then locate the video or anime you have in mind to download. Be patient and watch the icon change by showing you the number of videos that you want to download. 

Step 3: The next thing you do is make sure that you click on the CoCoCut icon as it pops up, then you hit the download so your anime is downloaded smoothly.

What Makes 9Anime Outstanding?

For one thing, unlike other anime viewing platforms, 9anime gives you the same quality for free. They have all the anime movies and series that you are expected to watch. 

A table showing different platforms and how much they charge before watching the anime you want

Online PlatformPaymentMobile OS Supported
Funimation$7.99 per monthAndroid/IOS
Crunchyroll$9.99 per monthAndroid/IOS
Hulu$5.99 per monthWindows/Android/IOS
Netflix$8.99 per monthWindows/Android/IOS
Amazon prime video$12.99 per monthAndroid/IOS

Why Does Your 9Anime Download Continue To Fail?

Just like you, there are many other anime lovers who are using the 9Anime platform to get the anime they want. It is very easy to use but it is also prone to malfunction after it has been used too much. There are several issues that could prevent your download from happening at any given time. For instance, the server might be down, the source of the video has been altered, some countries are not allowed to use 9Animes, and maybe the video is fake. 

What Is The Major Website That 9Anime Uses?

This is a platform used to download anime, of course, you would need to get the major website before you can make good use of it. When you type in 9anime on Google, so many websites pop up because people tend to use the name to lure people into their websites. Most of them are fake and they don’t have what you want. Make sure you look for 


This post has done its job by informing you about the different methods to download from 9anime platform. There are two different anime extensions that were introduced here too. Follow the guidelines and you would be fine. 

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