How to Troubleshoot a Boost Mobile Sim Card That’s Not Working

A Boost Mobile Sim card fails to work when not installed correctly. Other causes of failure in Boost Mobile Sim cards include a damaged Sim, dirt in the Sim chip or tray, incompatible phone, or outdated firmware. However, there are ways to solve the issue and get your boost Mobile Sim card working again. One of the troubleshooting hacks is to ensure you install the Sim correctly and activate it so that it will connect to the network.

What’s a Boost Mobile? 

Boost Mobile is a wireless telecommunication firm offering mobile hotspots and unlimited text and talk time. The company provides affordable plans, unlimited music streaming, and high-speed data connection.

Boost Mobile Sim cards use the T-Mobile network, which provides international and roaming services.

Ways to Troubleshoot a Boost Mobile Sim Card That’s Not Working

So, your Boost Mobile Sim card has failed, and you don’t know how to fix the issue? Sometimes the problem doesn’t require a qualified technician. If you maintain your head and try a few tricks, your Sim will start functioning.

Here are a few hacks that will solve the situation:

1.     Check Whether the Sim Card is Damaged

A damaged Boost mobile Sim, like other Sim cards, will not work as required. When your Boost Mobile Sim card fails to work, one of the probable causes might be damage to the Sim.

To check whether there is any damage to the Sim chip, look for scratches or cuts in the chip area. If you spot any, know there will be no proper contact between the Sim chip and the network sensors.

2.     Check if the Phone is Compatible with the Boost Mobile Network

Another reason your Boost Mobile Sim card is not working could be that your phone is incompatible with the Boost mobile network.

If such is the case, you can purchase a regular phone compatible with the Sim card, or better still; you can buy a mobile phone directly from their brand.

3.     Activate the Sim Card

Suppose you have acquired a new Boost Sim card; it will not start working until you’ve activated it. A non-activated Sim can’t connect to the network. Therefore, ensure you activate your new Boost Mobile Sim card.

Activating the Sim is a straightforward process you can perform by phone or at the official stores.

4.     Remove and Reinstall the Sim Card

Sometimes there might be a simple glitch that hinders the connection of your Boost Mobile Sim card to the network. Such a glitch might be solved by removing and reinstalling the Sim card. When reinstalling the Sim Card, check whether the Sim port is damaged. If it’s damaged, ensure you replace it.

Also, it will be prudent to ensure that the Sim card sits properly on its tray before reinserting it. Check whether there’s a barrier between the Sim chip and the phone receptors, and wipe out any dust using a soft cloth dampened in Alcohol.

5.     Switch the Airplane Mode On and Off

Did you know that toggling the airplane mode on and off can solve the glitch of Boost Mobile Sim card failure? The Sim gets reinitiated whenever you turn the airplane mode on and then off and tries to connect to the available network.

Toggling the airplane mode is done by swiping down from the top of the phone’s screen to access the airplane icon.

Another way of toggling the airplane mode is by going to Settings > Connection > Airplane Mode. Turn the icon on and wait for a few seconds before turning it off.

6.     Restart the Phone

A functional error might hinder your Boost Mobile Sim card from connecting to the network. The easiest way to fix this error is by restarting your phone.

Here is how to restart your Android Phone:

  • Press and hold down the power button located at the side of the phone until the power options menu pops up.
  • Press the restart/reboot button on the screen to restart your phone.

Here is how to restart an iPhone:

  • Press the power and the volume decrease buttons simultaneously and hold them down until the power-off slider option shows on the screen.
  • Slide the slider to turn the phone off.
  • To restart your iPhone, press the power button until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

7.     Establish the Boost Mobile Network Coverage Area

If you are outside the network coverage area, your Boost Sim card will not work. The best solution to fix this situation is to find a coverage area that will receive the Boost Mobile Sim signals.

Here is how to establish the coverage area for Boost Mobile in your region:

The Boost Mobile Coverage Map will display network coverage regions in your location. The bonus information is that you’ll identify whether the network provided in your area is 5G, 4G, or 3G.

8.     Reactivate Your Sim Card

If you fail to renew your Boost Mobile plan after 60 days, you’ll be disconnected from the network. In this situation, contact the customer care center and explain your issue.

If your mobile number is still available, you will pay a $10 reactivation fee and the first month’s service fee. After around one hour, the brand will reactivate your line.

9.     Update the Phone’s Firmware

Your Boost Mobile Sim card might fail to receive signals if you stay long without updating your phone’s firmware. The phone can occasionally malfunction in such instances, leading to Sim card failure.

To stay on top of things, ensure you update your phone’s firmware regularly. Here’s how to update your phone’s firmware:

Updating iPhone’s Firmware

  • Connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Go to General and choose Software update.
  • Choose whether to upgrade to the latest iOS version or stay on the current iOS and receive security details.
  • Download and Install the software update you have chosen.
  • Tap Install Now to update the firmware.

The phone will download the firmware update, and once it’s complete, it will reboot.

Updating an Android Phone

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then click About Phone.
  • Tap Check for Updates.
  • Tap Install Updates.

Your phone will update to the latest firmware, and hopefully, your Boost Mobile Sim card will work just fine.

10. Contact Customer Care

If you have tried the above hacks and your Boost Mobile Sim card is still not working, it’s time to contact Boost mobile support and explain your situation. A technician will handle your situation and advice you on the best way forward.


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