Moldova Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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How To Choose The Best eSIM For Moldova

For travelers and business professionals visiting Moldova, selecting an eSIM can offer the convenience and flexibility that traditional SIM cards cannot. An eSIM (embedded-SIM) is a digital SIM that allows users to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without the need for a physical SIM card. Here is a listicle providing guidance on how to choose the best eSIM for connectivity needs in Moldova.

  1. Check Device Compatibility
    Before purchasing an eSIM, ensure that your device is eSIM compatible. Most new-generation smartphones, tablets, and smart devices support eSIM technology. Review your device’s specifications or contact the manufacturer to confirm eSIM functionality.
  2. Evaluate Coverage and Network Providers
    Look for an eSIM provider that has partnerships with major networks in Moldova. Research the coverage area of each network to ensure you will have a reliable connection where you’ll be staying or traveling.
  3. Consider Data Plans and Pricing
    Understand the data package options available. eSIM providers offer various plans based on the amount of data and validity period (daily, weekly, monthly). Compare prices and select a plan that fits your data usage and budget without excessive overage fees.
  4. Availability of Top-Up Options
    Sometimes, data needs can exceed predictions. Choose an eSIM provider that offers the flexibility to top-up your data easily, either through their app or website.
  5. Assess International Roaming Charges
    If you are planning to visit neighboring countries, check whether your eSIM provider offers affordable roaming options. Some eSIMs have packages for multiple countries, which can be useful for multi-destination trips.
  6. Customer Service and Support
    Effective customer support is crucial. Select an eSIM provider that offers prompt service, with support accessible through multiple channels such as chat, email, or phone.
  7. Activation Process and Ease of Use
    The eSIM activation process should be straightforward. Providers that offer clear instructions or a user-friendly app deserve preference for a hassle-free start.
  8. Language Support
    The language barrier can be problematic in technical matters. Choose a provider that offers customer support and instructions in a language you are comfortable with.
  9. Check for Reviews and Ratings
    Look at online reviews and ratings from other users. Feedback can provide insight into the reliability of the service and user experiences in Moldova.
  10. Understanding Terms and Conditions
    Read the terms and conditions carefully. Be aware of any hidden fees, restrictions, or policies that may affect your usage and costs.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best eSIM provider to ensure seamless connectivity during your stay in Moldova. Always plan ahead, and remember that a suitable eSIM can save you from the inconveniences of poor connectivity and unexpected expenses

Where to buy a SIM card in Moldova

  1. Identification Requirements:
    • In many countries, including Moldova, you may need to provide some form of identification to purchase a SIM card. Make sure to carry a valid passport or other identification documents.
  2. Choose a Mobile Operator:
    • Identify the mobile network operator that best suits your needs. Research the available operators, their coverage, and the types of plans they offer.
  3. Visit a Retail Store or Kiosk:
    • Once you’ve decided on a mobile operator, visit one of their retail stores, kiosks, or authorized dealers. These locations are commonly found in shopping centers, airports, and city centers.
  4. Select a Plan:
    • Speak with the staff at the store or kiosk and inquire about the available prepaid plans. Choose a plan that meets your requirements in terms of data, voice, and text allowances. They can guide you through the available options.
  5. Provide Identification:
    • Present your identification documents to the staff for verification. This is a standard procedure to comply with local regulations.
  6. Fill Out Necessary Forms:
    • Depending on the operator and local regulations, you may need to fill out some forms with your personal details. The staff will assist you in this process.
  7. Receive and Insert SIM Card:
    • After completing the necessary paperwork, you will receive the SIM card. Insert it into your phone, and it should start working after a brief activation period.
  8. Top-Up Your Balance:
    • In many cases, prepaid SIM cards come with a nominal balance. If not, or if you need additional credit, inquire about the top-up options available. You can often do this at the same store or through various channels like online platforms, ATMs, or retail outlets.
  9. Test Your Connection:
    • Make a test call, send a text message, and use data to ensure that your SIM card is activated and working correctly.
  10. Save Important Information:
    • Keep the SIM card packaging or note down important information such as your phone number and any PIN or PUK codes. This information may be needed for future reference.
  11. Explore Additional Services:
    • Ask about any additional services provided by the operator, such as international calling, data packs, or other features that may enhance your mobile experience.

Remember that details may change, and it’s advisable to check with the specific mobile operator for the most up-to-date information on purchasing and activating a SIM card in Moldova.

Orange Data Packages




1 day1 GB (*)10s MDL
30 days250 MB20 MDL
1 GB50 MDL
3 GB100 MDL
5 GB150 MDL

Moldcell Data Packages

500 MB + 120 dom. mins/SMS + unlimited to one number: 40 MDL
1 GB + 180 dom. mins/SMS + unlimited to two numbers: 60 MDL
2 GB + 240 dom. mins/SMS + unlimited to two numbers: 80 MDL

Unité Data Packages

24 hoursunlimited15 MDL
30 days500 MB20 MDL
1 GB35 MDL
3 GB75 MDL
6 GB125 MDL


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