Montenegro Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Internet Providers in Montenegro

Montenegro, a Balkan country with its picturesque beaches and rugged mountains, is also on the map for its progress in internet connectivity. Here is a list of prominent internet providers that have established a significant presence in the Montenegrin market, offering a range of services including broadband, mobile internet, and more:

1. Crnogorski Telekom

  • Services Offered: Fiber, ADSL, mobile internet, IPTV
  • Coverage: Nationwide
  • Packages: Various packages catering to different speeds and data requirements
  • Additional Features: Bundled services with television and landline options


  • Services Offered: Mobile internet, fixed broadband
  • Coverage: Good coverage in urban areas with expanding services in rural regions
  • Packages: A plethora of options with flexible data plans
  • Additional Features: Offers TV and mobile phone services, often in discounted bundles

3. Telemach

  • Services Offered: Cable internet, mobile internet
  • Coverage: Extensive network particularly in urban centers
  • Packages: Competitive and customizable plans
  • Additional Features: Provides digital TV and fixed telephony; part of United Group with regional presence

4. Telenor Montenegro

  • Services Offered: 3G and 4G/LTE mobile internet
  • Coverage: Strong coverage throughout Montenegro
  • Packages: Diverse prepaid and postpaid plans
  • Additional Features: Part of a large international group offering roaming and international packages

5. Sat-Trakt

  • Services Offered: Satellite internet
  • Coverage: Ideal for remote areas where cable and mobile networks are limited
  • Packages: Fixed data packages with different speed tiers
  • Additional Features: Offers a solution for maritime and remote rural connectivity

Comparison Table of Internet Providers in Montenegro:

ProviderServicesCoverageNotable Features
Crnogorski TelekomFiber, ADSL, MobileNationwideBundled services, IPTV
MTEL CGMobile, BroadbandUrban & RuralTV and mobile services, bundles
TelemachCable, MobileUrbanPart of United Group, digital TV
Telenor MontenegroMobile (3G/4G/LTE)Strong NationwideInternational group benefits
Sat-TraktSatelliteRemote AreasMaritime and rural solutions

Residents and businesses in Montenegro can choose from these providers based on their specific needs, such as speed, coverage, and additional services. It’s important to compare current offers as promotions and service capabilities may frequently change.

Crnogorski Telekom (T-Mobile) Data Packages

200 MB1 day0.39 €
3 GB7 days2.95 €
5 GB15 days3.90 €
10 GB 8pm-8am

+2 GB 8am-8pm

15 days3.90 €
7 GB30 days6.90 €


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