Montserrat Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2021

The telecommunications industry in Montserrat is small and open to competition. The government liberalized the industry, allowing the introduction of competition from foreign carriers. Now, there are two local telecommunications companies and a few foreign companies that provide service to the country. The two local companies are Montserrat Telecommunications Company Limited (MTC), which is private, and the Caribbean Cable and Telephone Company Ltd. (CCTC), which is a government enterprise.

Traveling to Montserrat and want to keep in touch with friends and family back home? While the country does have a few internet cafes, most of them are located in the capital city of Plymouth, so unless you are staying in that area, you won’t be able to connect when you need to. If you want to be able to stay in touch with loved ones back home while you’re in Montserrat, then consider using a mobile internet package instead. All of the mobile internet packages that the Digicel and Flow offers are prepaid, so you can buy your SIM card at any of our many locations and start using it immediately.


Flow Data Packages

75 MB1 dayEC$ 2.79
150 MB3 daysEC$ 7.99
300 MB7 daysEC$ 11.99
500 MB7 daysEC$ 16.99
1 GB7 daysEC$ 24.99
1 GB30 daysEC$ 44.99
3 GB30 daysEC$ 89.99

Digicel Montserrat Data Packages

100 MB, 10 local mins, unlimited on-net SMS and WhatsApp for 1 day: EC$ 4.99
500 MB, 70 local mins, unlimited on-net SMS and WhatsApp for 7 days: EC$ 24.99
2 GB, 200 local mins, unlimted on-net SMS and WhatsApp for 30 days: EC$ 90
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