How Do You Save A Video On Facebook To Your Phone Gallery? (Explained!)

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To save a video from Facebook to your phone gallery, open the video, tap the three dots in the top right, select “Save Video,” and it’ll be stored in your device.

Can You Download a Video from Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t provide a built-in feature to directly download videos from the platform. However, you can use third-party websites or apps to download Facebook videos. Be cautious, as downloading content without permission may violate Facebook’s terms of service. Always respect intellectual property rights and privacy. To download a video using a third-party website:

  1. Find the Facebook video: Open Facebook, locate the video you want to download, and copy its URL.
  2. Choose a downloading service: Use a reliable website like,, or others. Be cautious of malicious sites and only use well-known services.
  3. Paste the video URL: On the chosen website, paste the video URL in the provided field and click the “Download” button.
  4. Select video quality: Some services may offer options to download in different qualities. Choose the one that suits your preference.
  5. Download the video: Click on the download link generated by the website to save the video to your device.

The Best Method Used When Downloading Facebook Videos On Android And iPhone

Best Method Used When Downloading Facebook Videos On Android And iPhone

Most times, the only way you get to watch good videos is by streaming them on a platform that has this feature. Sometimes it isn’t easy keeping up with that, sometimes the video might have gotten covered by other videos that wouldn’t be easy to find anymore. Everyone would love to know how they can get a video from these platforms and then download it to the phone’s gallery for easy access. Here are the steps to follow when downloading videos with an Android phone and that of an iPhone. 

How Facebook Videos Are Downloaded On Android 

For android users, here is how a video can be downloaded from Facebook without stress to your gallery. It is very simple when following this particular strategy. First, you have to download an app named FastVid that would give you access to the video offline. Here is how the downloading process works. 

Open the Facebook application on your phone and look for the video that you have in mind to download

When you find the video, open it up, and click the button there that says share. A link would be displayed there for you to share. 

When the link is displayed, you copy the link, go over to the FastVid app, and then paste. Download the video after you have pasted the link. 

You can just download it thereby hitting the download button that appears. The video is immediately put in your phone gallery. 

Unlike YouTube, the only way to get videos out of Facebook is through a link, it is just like sharing to someone so the person can also go and watch it. The app helps you by tracing the link back to the video on Facebook and then downloads it like that to your phone gallery. 

How Facebook Videos Are Downloaded On iPhones

Just like the Android system, iPhones can also download videos to the phone gallery easily by also using a downloaded app. One thing with iPhone is that any downloader app can work, as long as it is gotten from the app store. Download the app from the app store and then follow the steps below:

The first step is to search for the video on Facebook and tap the video to open it. 

The next step is to try and share the video by copying the link that is allocated to it. 

Now, whatever downloader application that you have downloaded, just go over there and paste the link, after that, the app will immediately bring up a download button. 

Just to confirm, the app should have a place where it keeps downloaded videos and pictures, you would find your video there. Also, you can go over to your phone gallery and the video would also be there. 

How Are Reels Videos On Facebook Downloaded?

Reels Videos On Facebook

Just like the Instagram Reels and the YouTube shorts, Facebook has decided to make a section that looks exactly like that. The Facebook Reels can be watched through the Facebook website on the desktop and on the app. It is very easy to locate these Reel videos but it is also not easy to get them out of the Facebook app onto your phone gallery. Most people just prefer screen recording these videos but there are other ways to get things done. 

You can download any of the apps that give you the access to download a video from the Facebook Reels feature. The videos can be streamed and downloaded in HD or SD quality. These steps should be of help.

Open the Facebook app or go to the Facebook website. 

Locate the Facebook Reel video that you want to download, copy the link of the Reel video on your smartphone by using the three dots below. The copy option is displayed there as you hit those three buttons. 

After pasting the video on the video downloader you have, it will give you an option to either download in SD or HD quality. 

Choose one quality option and then download. 

A table showing the difference between HD and SD

HD VideoSD Video
HD is known mainly as High Definition, these videos are of higher quality than Standard Definition.SD video is the standard video quality. It is known as the Standard Definition. 


Well, these are the only common ways to download Facebook videos into your phone directly. They are simple and straightforward steps that shouldn’t be hard to follow. The tips given here are very important if you love watching content on Facebook. Android and iPhone users would also benefit.



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