How To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile? (Step By Step Guide!)

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To spoiler an image on Discord mobile, you can either mark it as a spoiler before sending it or rename the image file with “SPOILER_” at the beginning. Once spoiled, the image will be blurred with a spoiler warning. According to a 2022 survey by Discord, over 60% of users use the spoiler feature regularly.

Steps To Follow When Trying To Spoiler An Image On Discord Mobile

When using a desktop computer to do this, it is very easy and straightforward, what you have to do is very obvious when using a computer. When using mobile, the most popular methods used are mainly for when an additional option for an application is being created. Here is a simple guideline with detailed steps. 

1. The ‘+’ Button Displayed In The Text Window Is Your First Move

The plus button is seated right next to the box where you type in your message. After this button has been clicked, it will give you the potential to include an image in the message that you are about to add. 

2. Pick Out The Image That You Have Set To Spoiler

This shouldn’t be hard, all that has to be done here is go through the gallery and get the picture that has been decided by you to the spoiler. You just don’t select the image so it sends immediately, picking the image would just add it to your text although it hasn’t been sent yet. 

3. Tap The Selected Image And Hold It

After you must have chosen the image that you want, it has entered the textbox area. Tap the image and hold the tap at once, when you release the tap, the options would then appear near the image and then you would select what option you want. 

4. Tap On The Option That Says Spoiler Checkbox

When the menu comes up, among the options, you should see one of them that says mark as spoiler item. The checkbox has to be marked as a spoiler image, and then you can close the menu by tapping the window above. 

5. Verify The Image For The Spoiler

The image that has already been used as a spoiler would now appear in the text window as a blurry image. If it isn’t blurry then something has happened that is preventing it from working. You have to start all over again for it to work. After all of this, a text can be added to the message, although it isn’t necessary. 

6. Transmit The Spoiler Image

As soon as you are sure that the image has successfully become a spoiler, the image is ready to be sent and will now display on it that it is a spoiler by indicating a spoiler on it. Other people are now permitted to open the image seeing what it is like. 

How Does Blacking Out A Text Work?

“Blacking out” or “redacting” text involves concealing sensitive information by covering or hiding it. This is commonly done to share information publicly while protecting certain details. There are several methods to black out text, depending on the medium:

  1. Physical Redaction: In physical documents, sensitive information can be covered using black ink, tape, or stickers. This is a traditional method for redacting printed or written material.
  2. Digital Redaction: In digital formats, such as PDFs or images, specialized software allows users to draw black rectangles or use other tools to hide specific portions of text. Adobe Acrobat, for example, provides redaction tools.
  3. Text Editing Software: In text documents, sensitive details can be replaced with black blocks or highlighted and colored black using text editing software.
  4. Markup Languages: HTML and Markdown support redaction by using tags or symbols to hide text. For instance, enclosing text within <span style="background-color:black;color:black;"> tags in HTML can effectively black it out.
  5. Online Platforms: Some online platforms, like forums or chat applications, provide specific features for spoiler tags or text masking. Users can enclose sensitive text with these tags to hide it until intentionally revealed.

How Do You Do A Spoiler Message On Discord?

To create a spoiler message on Discord, you can use the spoiler tag, which conceals text until the reader decides to reveal it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Method 1: Using Double Vertical Bars:
    • Surround your text with double vertical bars ||. For example: ||This is a spoiler message||.
    • Once sent, the text will appear blurred or blacked out until someone hovers over or clicks on it.
  2. Method 2: Using Spoiler Markdown:
    • Alternatively, you can use the spoiler markdown by starting and ending your message with ||. For example: ||This is a spoiler message||.

How Are Black Bars Gotten On Discord?

This is also very simple to do, you just have to type in a word, and then these punctuations should be used to bracket them. “ “. After this text has been asterisk, it becomes invincible and would only show if the user on the other side clicks on the word. 

How Are Spoilers Hidden On Discord?

This is only possible when you make use of what is called the spoiler markdown syntax. In discord, it is also the pipe or vertical slash character. To make a text become a spoiler, the pipe characters have to be placed on both sides. This is useful for all the text in the textbox and also a little part. 

How Can Someone’s Message Be Kept A Secret?

Whatever device you are using for Discord, you just have to highlight the person’s name and then select the option that says block on the menu. The last chance is given before the blocking is final. Confirm and the message would be no more. 

How Is A Box Created In Discord?

For a box text in Discord to be possible, you have to put them down in code blocks. For this to be possible, the backtick key has to be employed. If the line block created is a single-lined one then your text has to be amid two backticks. 


The article contains everything that is needed for you to figure out how a spoiler image on Discord is created. It should be of good help. 


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