Can I Switch SIM Cards Between MetroPCS Phones?

MetroPCS is a wireless carrier that offers unlimited talk, text, and data with no contracts. Customers can bring their own phone to MetroPCS or buy one from them for an additional monthly charge. 

Some customers are wondering if they can swap SIM cards between different phones on the network – here’s what you need to know! The answer depends on which type of MetroPCS phone you have:

If it’s a basic phone with just calling and texting capabilities, then the answer is yes, you can switch SIM Cards between MetroPCS Phones. However, if your device has 4G LTE capabilities including mobile hotspot capability (also known as tethering), then the answer is no because there may be some issues when linking up with another device for this feature.

Cellular phone providers are different. For example, MetroPCS customers need to put the SIM card in the new phone before they activate it.

If you have a MetroPCS account, you can switch SIM cards between different phones. However, this will only work if the phone is unlocked and compatible with your other device. For example, using an activated T-Mobile SIM card in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge should be possible. The same goes for iPhones – just make sure that they are both from the same carrier before swapping SIMs!  You may want to contact MetroPCS to find out more about their requirements for switching devices and what plans might be available to you after doing so. All of this information can be found on their website at

Step By Step Guide On Switching SIM Cards Between MetroPCS phones

1. Contact MetroPCS customer service to request a SIM card swap.

2. Fill out the form and send it back via email or fax.

3. Provide your phone number, account PIN, and last 4 digits of your social security number.

4. After you receive confirmation from MetroPCS that the process is complete, insert a new SIM card into the old phone.

5. Turn off the old MetroPCS phone and turn on a new one with the same carrier.

6. Enter the account information for the new SIM card in the settings menu on both phones.

How Do I Put A MetroPCS SIM Card In My Phone And Activate It?

MetroPCS SIM Card

Step 1: Call MetroPCS customer service at 877-430-2355 to see if they offer coverage in your area.  

Step 2: Go to their website and fill out an application for new customers. You may need some information such as your Social Security Number, Driver’s License number, or Military ID number depending on what state you live in. 

Step 3: Once approved by a representative from MetroPCS, wait for your phone to arrive in the mail. It should only take a few days.

Step 4: Once you get the new phone, turn it on and follow the on-screen instructions. The phone will guide you through setting up your account information and transferring your old number from MetroPCS over to this new phone.  


MetroPCS is a great wireless carrier, which offers affordable rates and the latest in cellular technology. If you have two or more phones that are compatible with their network, then yes! You can switch SIM cards between them to save on data usage, make international calls at no extra charge, and share your plan across all of your devices.

However, if you want one phone number to reach both devices for voicemail retrieval purposes only (not as an alternate line), this may not be possible because MetroPCS does not support the visual voicemail feature on multiple lines. It’s always best to check first before switching to avoid any potential issues down the road.

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