What Does A Verizon Personal Hotspot Cost? (Detailed Explanation!)

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Verizon Personal Hotspot costs $10 per month for 15GB of data. After that, speeds are reduced to 600 Kbps. You can also purchase additional data boosts for $35 each.

A Table Showing Different Plans, Their Fees, How Long They Last, And What They Offer. 

PlansPricesDuration Hotspot dataStreaming offers
Essential20 dollarsOne monthYou are offered 15GB of premium mobile hotspot data. In addition, an unlimited lower-speed dataNormal
Plus40 dollarsOne monthThis plan offers 5G ultra wideband with 50 GB for mobile hotspot data and lower speed data, unlimited.They also give a 4k UHD view when streaming with a 5G ultra wideband. With 720 HD views when streaming with 4G LTE or 5G nationwide. 
Pro60 dollars and 90 dollars for standalone plansOne month It offers full 5G ultra wideband access. You are given 100GB of personal hotspot data and unlimited lower-speed data.You get 4K UHD streaming on 5G ultra wideband. Also, 720p HD streaming for 5G nationwide or 4G LTE. 
Premium80 dollars and 110 dollars for standalone plansOne monthYou have access to a 5G ultra wideband with 150GB of a personal hotspot.They give 4k UHD streaming for 5G ultra wideband. Also, 720p HD streaming on 5G nationwide or 4G LTE.

Free Verizon Hotspot With Unlimited Data

Free Verizon Hotspot

On Verizon, the mobile hotspot is free, especially for unlimited data subscriptions. However, the hotspot data is considered used up when the hotspot data Limit has been reached. After crossing the limit, hotspot data usage counts against your normal data. At this time, you might notice that the hotspot data speed reducing. The hotspot data limit is different for the different plans. 

However, it is also necessary to note that using your mobile phone hotspot data would cause it to drain. This implies that you would be running out of data speed faster than you thought. 

Charges For Hotspot Data Over Use

There are no charges or penalties for the overuse of hotspot data. Moreover, most of the phone plans on version allow unlimited low-speed data for hotspot connections without charges. The plans also allow mobile hotspot use with 4G and 5G networks. 

Nevertheless, it is advisable to check the details of the plan you are subscribing to before you assume that it is free for you. If you regularly use hotspot when it isn’t free, it reflects on your data balance. The hotspot high-speed data on most Verizon unlimited plans ranges from 25GB to 50 GB. However, when you go past that high-speed data amount. The speed of your hotspot data will be reduced. The hotspot would be functional but it won’t be as fast as it used to be. 

Verizon Hotspot Monthly Cost

Verizon Hotspot Monthly Cost

The monthly cost of Verizon Hotspot depends on the plan you choose. Verizon offers two Hotspot plans:

  • Essential Hotspot: $10 per month for 15GB of data. After that, speeds are reduced to 600 Kbps.
  • Plus Hotspot: $20 per month for 30GB of data. After that, speeds are reduced to 600 Kbps.

You can also purchase additional data boosts for $35 each. Each data boost gives you an additional 15GB of data.

If you have an existing Verizon Unlimited plan, you can get a 50% discount on the Essential and Plus Hotspot plans. This means you can get the Essential Hotspot plan for $5 per month and the Plus Hotspot plan for $10 per month.

Here is a table summarizing the monthly cost of Verizon Hotspot:

PlanMonthly costData
Essential Hotspot$10 ($5 with Unlimited plan)15GB
Plus Hotspot$20 ($10 with Unlimited plan)30GB
Data boost$3515GB

How to use a mobile hotspot on Verizon

Using a mobile hotspot on Verizon is simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Check Plan: Ensure your Verizon plan includes mobile hotspot features. Some plans may require an additional fee for hotspot access.
  2. Activate Hotspot: On your mobile device, go to “Settings” and find the “Hotspot” or “Tethering” option.
  3. Turn on Hotspot: Toggle the switch to enable the hotspot. You may need to set up a Wi-Fi password for security.
  4. Connect Devices: On the device you want to connect, search for available Wi-Fi networks. Find and select your Verizon hotspot from the list.
  5. Enter Password: If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi password you set up earlier.
  6. Start Using: Once connected, your device can now access the internet through the Verizon mobile hotspot. Monitor data usage to avoid exceeding plan limits.
  7. Adjust Settings: Explore hotspot settings to manage connections, change passwords, or limit the number of connected devices.
  8. Turn Off Hotspot: When done, turn off the hotspot to conserve battery and data. This is usually done in the same settings where you activated it.


How Much Time Is 15GB Of Hotspot Data?

With 15GB of hotspot data, you can browse and stream for at least 50 hours before it runs out. This time is only speculation though. How long your data lasts depends on how you use your data. When you use streaming platforms or other platforms that drain data, it might not be enough for you. 

Can Hotspot Replace Your Home Wi-Fi?

Yes, it can. They are clearly almost the same thing. People connect to home Wi-Fi the exact same way you connect to a mobile hotspot. However, there is one slight difference. Verizon customers who are light data users can use hotspots in place of Wi-Fi. The browsing freaks are advised to use home Wi-Fi because it offers more data speed throughout the month. 

Can 100GB Of Hotspot Data Last For One Month?

100GB of data is the same as 100,000. We could say that this should be enough for one month. Even so, it isn’t unlimited so it all depends on how people use their data. This might not be enough in a business firm because they use data a lot. The Verizon data plan that offers you this much gives you high-quality streaming access so this could also drain your data. 


So, Verizon as we have seen doesn’t charge customers for hotspot data. The major thing people pay for is monthly plans, Prepaid, and unlimited plans. These plans come along with hotspot data for Verizon customers to enjoy after subscription. 


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