What is the Reason Why Facebook is Deleting My Friends? (Explained)

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Facebook may delete friends due to account inactivity, fake profiles, or privacy settings. Accounts inactive for long periods or violating community standards can result in friend removal. Facebook’s policies evolve, affecting friend lists.

Why friends are missing on your Facebook friends’ list

Below are possible reasons your friendship list is reducing on Facebook:

1. Deleted accounts

Social media can take a toll on people’s lives, and your friends can take a break by deleting their accounts. Maybe they are tired of getting updates about everyone’s life, or they want to avoid Facebook addiction. Once your friend deletes their account, they won’t appear on your friends list. You can only add them back if they create another account and you receive or send a friend request.

Deleted accounts

2. Suspended accounts

There are Facebook guidelines that every user must adhere to when creating and operating their accounts. The guidelines are meant to protect the community against harmful content. If your friend violates any of them, their account may be suspended. Consequently, they will be deleted from your list.

3. Deactivated accounts

If your friend disables their account instead of deleting it, they will still be removed from your list. But, unlike deletion, your friend will appear on your list once they activate their account. You won’t have to send or receive friend requests.

4. The Facebook app experiencing a bug

Facebook is a heavily utilized app and can experience a bug once in a while. When it happens, some friends might disappear from your list. Since bugs are unavoidable and your list won’t be restored after, you will have to send a new friend request to add them back.

5. Hacked account

Facebook is prone to hacking. If it happens to your account, hackers can take control of it and might target your friend’s list. Mostly, hackers will send you suspicious links. Clicking the link while logged in to your account gives them access to your credentials. Consequently, they can delete your friends. When you notice your account is hacked, log in and report it to the Facebook support team.

Hacked account

6. Unfriended

If a friend unfriended you, either accidentally or on purpose, from their profile, they wouldn’t appear on your Facebook friend list. Try sending them a new friend request; if they accept, they might have done it accidentally. If they do not accept your request, they might have done it for some reason. Check below why friends might delete you.

Possible reasons your Facebook friends are unfriending or blocking you

1. Sharing too much

Sharing too much information about everything and anything on your page can wrap your friends the wrong way. Post in moderation to avoid any of the persons on your list from getting annoyed and unfriending you.

2. Divisive posts

People differ in so many things, including politics and religion. If you tend to show your own political and religious inclinations while name-calling others, the liberals will leave. Showing your stand isn’t bad, but it is best to do it while appreciating those of different opinions.

3. Too many demands

Demanding your friends to support you in everything you do can be irritating. Some will unfriend you since they cannot stand your excessive requests such as promotions, event invites, and quizzes.

4. Exposing your friends without their consent

You cannot post everything online about your friends without their consent. For instance, if you post photos of a night party with your friends or comment about their hidden vices openly, they can delete you. Some people don’t like exposing their private life to the public. They may not even want their spouses, parents, or employers to get a glimpse of their party life. And, if you do it, they will unfriend you. 

5. Showing hate

Commenting negatively on your friend’s post can earn you an unfriend button. Try to be positive even if you disagree with what they say unless you don’t care about losing them. Posting complaints on your page about everything in your life can also make others leave. According to a study published in the Association of Psychological Science journal, sharing a lot of negative personal disclosures on Facebook makes you less likable.

6. Bringing your life dramas on Facebook

Don’t share on Facebook every single drama you face in real face. Some friends will delete you if they always wake up to your family drama, relationship drama, work drama, and baby daddy or baby mummy drama on your page. They may just quit instead of confronting you in the comment section.

Bringing your life dramas on Facebook

7. Sharing inappropriate content/images

Ever wondered why your friend has suddenly opted out of Facebook services? Could you be the reason? If you constantly share inappropriate content without controlling your privacy settings on Facebook, your friends can unfriend you. You might even make other people cease using the services. They will delete you if they are on your friends list. Some avoid Facebook due to inappropriate content.

8. Excessive bragging

Some people hate it when you brag about every success in your life. They will opt to delete you to avoid getting such information in their feed. If you have no shame in sharing your achievements on Facebook, then be prepared to lose friends.

9. Stalking

Are you too much into someone’s life that they become uncomfortable? Facebook allows stalking, but if you cross a friend’s boundary, they can unfriend you. Unfriending is one way to prevent stalking, as you will only be seeing their profile but not their post. They can even go ahead and block you. In such a case, you won’t see their profile anymore.

10. They want to maintain their privacy

You may not have done anything that made your friend delete you from their list. They may have unfriended you to maintain their privacy. Some people don’t have the time and energy to use Facebook tools to keep their data private. They would rather reduce their lists.

How To Fix Facebook Deleting Friends

To address Facebook deleting friends, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Account: Ensure your account is authentic and complies with Facebook’s community standards. Use real information, a recognizable profile picture, and a valid phone number.
  2. Update Privacy Settings: Check your privacy settings. If they’re too restrictive, you may inadvertently filter out friends. Adjust settings to allow friend requests and maintain a broad audience.
  3. Stay Active: Regularly log in, engage with posts, and communicate with friends. Inactivity can trigger friend removal.
  4. Remove Fake Profiles: If you suspect fake accounts among your friends, report and remove them. Facebook removes fake profiles that violate their policies.
  5. Appeal Deletions: If friends were removed unjustly, you can appeal by contacting Facebook’s support.
  6. Educate Yourself: Stay updated on Facebook’s policies, as they change over time.

By following these steps, you can prevent Facebook from deleting your friends and maintain a healthy online social network.

Why your Facebook friends don’t appear in an app

Facebook cannot delete your friends in an app. If you no longer see them, your friends may have done the following:

Why your Facebook friends don't appear in an app

Blocked the app

When your friend blocks a certain app on their end, you cannot find them through an app. They will remain on your friend list on your page. You can block or unblock apps only from a computer. However, you can remove it using any of your mobile devices.

Changed their app’s privacy setting

Whereas some of Facebook information may be part of public profiles, there are some that a user can choose to hide. So, you won’t find information that your friend chooses not to share.

They didn’t integrate Facebook with the app

If your friend doesn’t integrate apps with their Facebook account, the website removes them. In such a case, you won’t find your friend through the app.

Is it okay to delete Facebook friends?

Are you disturbed that your friends deleted you from their Facebook list? Or do you want to delete them but wondering if it is acceptable? Deleting Facebook friends is okay since it is a free space where one can do what they deem best.

You can try reaching out if someone close deleted you. If you fulfill your friend’s demands, they may accept you back. You can also choose to unfriend others if you so wish.

Key Insights & Takeaway!

Facebook is a free social space where users can do what they deem best if they abide by the guidelines. So, if you notice your friend list on Facebook is decreasing, your friends might have decided you aren’t worth their time. Don’t freak out! They might not have removed you intentionally. Either they deleted or deactivated their account, or it was suspended.

Facebook bugs can also affect your Friends list. Or, it could be the work of hackers. Regardless of the reason, try reaching out and getting back to those you feel you cannot operate without them. Otherwise, use your page while respecting others to avoid earning the unfriend button.



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