Facebook Comments Blocked? Here’s How to Fix It

It’s frustrating when you experience a Facebook comments blocked issue. Internet issues can hinder you from commenting on Facebook. Other reasons your Facebook comments can be blocked include webpage issues, privacy settings, customized friends list, timeline review settings, being blocked by Facebook due to a breach of policy, and using an outdated Facebook app. However, fixes like re-logging into your Facebook account, updating the Facebook app, and clearing cookies and browser cache can help solve the nightmare.

Key Takeaways

  • An unstable internet connection can block you from making Facebook comments.
  • Some Facebook users can use privacy settings to bar certain individuals from commenting on their timelines.
  • Facebook can block you from commenting on posts if you violate privacy policy.
  •  An activated timeline feature can block you from commenting on Facebook posts.
  • You can fix the issue of not being able to post comments on Facebook by clearing your browser and cookies cache.
  • Updating your Facebook app can enable you to make comments on Facebook posts.

Reasons You Have Your Facebook Comments Blocked

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you know how important it is to be able to comment on posts and pictures. Unfortunately, sometimes our comments get blocked, leaving us frustrated and unable to express our opinions.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, don’t worry. This blog post will discuss why Facebook comments may be blocked and provide helpful tips for fixing them. Below are some of the reasons why you have your Facebook comments blocked:

Internet Issues

An unstable internet connection is among the main reasons that hinder you from posting Facebook comments. The lagging internet affects the transmission of Facebook comments through the servers.

You can overcome this situation by ensuring a proper ethernet cable and Wi-Fi connection to the router. Also, it’s better to ensure that the router is functioning optimally.

Privacy Settings

It could be that the user on whose timeline your Facebook comments are blocked has restricted commenting access. In such cases, you will only post a Facebook comment if allowed by the user.

Groups and individual pages commonly use these privacy settings to filter who comments or even gets to see posts. An indicator that you have Facebook comments blocked due to privacy settings is when you can comment on other posts besides the one that has blocked you.

Webpage Technicality Issues

Webpage issues can also prevent you from making Facebook comments. These issues include a faulty or incompatible browser cache.

The easiest way to determine whether your browser is faulty is by logging into Facebook via an alternative browser. If you can make comments to posts on Facebook hassle-free when using a different browser, then it’s time to clear your browser’s data cache.

Facebook Blocking

Another reason you can’t make Facebook comments is that you have been blocked by Facebook or the person whose post you are trying to comment on.

Facebook has a feature that enables other users to block you from commenting on or seeing their posts. You might be able to see such posts if someone on your friends lists tags them, but unfortunately, you can’t post any comments.

Alternatively, if you violate facebook’s privacy rules, the company has the right to block you. The commonly used term when Facebook blocks you is “Facebook jail.”

Also, Posting spam comments or posting the same comment repeatedly on the same post might lead to “Facebook Jail,” where other users might report you to Facebook, and you will be blocked.

Activated Timeline Review Feature

You might have your Facebook comment blocked if the user on whose comment you wish to comment has activated a timeline review feature. This feature requires that the user approves the comments before they are displayed on the Facebook page.

A Facebook user receives a pending post notification whenever you comment on your friend’s post or timeline. Clicking on the notification directs the user to the private timeline review where the comment is displayed. After seeing the comment, the Facebook user will decide whether to allow it to display or discard it.

Personalized Friend List

You can customize your Facebook friend list with categories like family, acquaintances, or close friends. The customization gives each group different permissions to elements such as making comments.

If you are in a category that’s not allowed to comment, you will see the posts and what others are commenting on, but you can’t make any contributions.

Facebook Comments Blocked? The Fixes

Are you having trouble getting comments to show up on your Facebook posts? You’re not alone. Many users have reported that their Facebook comments are blocked, but the good news is that there are steps you can take to fix this issue.

Here are the fixes that can give you an out-of-jail card in such situations;

Log Out of Facebook, Then Log in Again

Sometimes a temporary glitch on your Facebook account can block you from making comments on a Facebook post. A simple hack of logging out and re-logging into your Facebook account can quickly fix the issue.

Whenever you re-log into your Facebook account, your device reconnects to the Facebook servers, and the issue will be resolved if there was a temporary glitch.

Clear Cookies & Browser Cache

A simple trick like clearing cookies and browser cache can fix glitches that block you from commenting on Facebook posts.

By clearing the cache, you will rest the browser, removing any available bugs responsible for blocking your Facebook comments.

Here is how to clear the browser cache on a mobile device;

  • Go to Settings.
  • Navigate to “Apps”
  • Select “Facebook”
  • Go to “Storage & Cache”
  • Tap “Clear Storage & Clear Cache”

Here is how to clear the browser cache on a Computer (Chrome Browser)

  • Navigate to “Settings” on the browser.
  • Select “Cache”
  • Go to “Clear Browsing Cache”
  • Click “Clear”

Note: Logging through the incognito browser mode might help fix interfering plugins.

Update Your Facebook App

An updated Facebook app will help to fix the blocked Facebook comments issues. You can get updates from Playstore or Applestore.

Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app to help fix any bug blocking you from posting or seeing comments.

Turn Off the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network enables you to watch specific shows that aren’t available in your country. However, VPN might cause network instability leading to Facebook comments blocked issues.

Therefore, turning off the VPN might resolve the nightmare of being unable to post or see Facebook comments.

Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are third-party applications that might interfere with Fb servers. Therefore, it is advisable to disable all browser extensions when logging into Facebook to mitigate the issue.

Here is how to disable your browser extensions;

  • Go to the browser and click the “Options button.”
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Go to “Extensions”
  • Disable all extensions unrelated to Facebook.

After disabling all browsers, restart it and post a comment to ascertain whether the issue is fixed.


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