Mongolia Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Mongolia SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

When traveling to Mongolia, staying connected with family, friends, or colleagues is essential. To do so, you may need to purchase a local SIM card for reliable and cost-effective communication. Below is a listicle outlining everything you need to know about acquiring and using a SIM card in Mongolia.

  1. Operators Available:
    • Mobicom: One of the largest and most popular providers with widespread coverage.
    • Unitel: Known for good customer service and competitive pricing.
    • Skytel: Offers reasonable prices and decent coverage, especially in urban areas.
    • G-Mobile: Covers areas that other providers may not, including certain rural locations.
  2. Where to Purchase:
    • Airport Outlets: SIM cards are available at Chinggis Khaan International Airport upon arrival.
    • Brand Stores: Visit official stores of the mobile operators for personalized services.
    • Authorized Dealers: Located in cities and often in small towns throughout Mongolia.
    • Supermarkets and Kiosks: SIM cards can sometimes be found at general stores.
  3. Requirements for Purchase:
    • Passport: A valid passport is usually required as identification.
    • Registration: You may need to fill out a form with personal details for registration.
    • Activation: The store representative typically activates the SIM card for you.
  4. Cost and Packages:
    Here’s a general range of what you might expect, though prices are subject to change:OperatorPrepaid SIM CostData PackagesMobicomAround 5,000 MNTVarious options, starting from 1,000 MNTUnitelAround 5,000 MNTData plans beginning at 2,900 MNTSkytelAround 5,000 MNTData packages start from 3,000 MNTG-MobileAround 5,000 MNTVarious packages, from 1,000 MNT upwards
    • Prices are in Mongolian Tugrik (MNT).
    • Packages vary and may include only data or combinations of data, text, and voice.
  5. Coverage and Speeds:
    • Urban Areas: Expect stronger signals and faster speeds in cities like Ulaanbaatar.
    • Rural Regions: While operators are expanding their networks, some remote areas may have weak or no signal.
    • 4G/3G: 4G services are mostly available in larger cities, while 3G is more commonly found in rural areas.
  6. Top-Up Options:
    • Physical Stores: Visit the operator’s store or authorized dealers.
    • Online: Many operators offer online top-up services on their websites.
    • Bank ATMs: Some ATMs in Mongolia allow you to top up your mobile account.
    • Top-Up Cards: Available at most kiosks and supermarkets across the country.
  7. Roaming with a Foreign SIM:
    • Network Compatibility: Check if your phone is compatible with Mongolian networks (mainly GSM 900/1800 for calls and texts, UMTS 2100 for 3G).
    • Roaming Charges: Be aware that roaming with your home country SIM can be expensive.
  8. SIM Card Activation:
    • Activation is usually done by the seller at the point of purchase.
    • Follow instructions included with the SIM pack if you need to activate it yourself.
  9. Customer Support:
    • Customer support lines are typically available for each operator.
    • Support may not always be available in English, so asking a local for help might be necessary.
  10. Checking Balance and Data Usage:
    • USSD Codes: Dial specific USSD codes provided by the operator to check balance and usage.
    • Mobile Apps: Some operators offer mobile apps where you can manage and review your account.
  11. Important Considerations:
    • Phone Compatibility: Ensure your phone is unlocked and can accept a Mongolian SIM.
    • Language Barrier: You may face challenges if you do not speak Mongolian or Russian.
    • Duration of Stay: Monthly plans may be more cost-effective for longer stays compared to pay-as-you-go for short-term visits.

By following these guidelines, travelers to Mongolia can navigate the process of obtaining a SIM card with greater ease and confidence, ensuring a more connected and enjoyable visit to this majestic land.

Best SIM-Only Plans for Light, Moderate & Heavy Data Users in Mongolia

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the best SIM-only plans available in Mongolia for light, moderate, and heavy data users:

Light Data Users:

  1. Unitel 300MB Data Plan: This plan provides 300MB of data, 200 minutes of local calls, and 200 SMS for ₮1,500 per month.
  2. G-Mobile 300MB Data Plan: Offering 300MB of data, 100 minutes of local calls, and 100 SMS, this plan costs ₮1,000 per month.
  3. Mobicom 300MB Data Plan: Providing 300MB of data, 50 minutes of local calls, and 50 SMS, this plan costs ₮1,200 per month.

Moderate Data Users:

  1. Unitel 1GB Data Plan: This plan provides 1GB of data, unlimited local calls, and unlimited SMS for ₮3,000 per month.
  2. G-Mobile 1GB Data Plan: Offering 1GB of data, 500 minutes of local calls, and 500 SMS, this plan costs ₮2,500 per month.
  3. Mobicom 1GB Data Plan: Providing 1GB of data, 300 minutes of local calls, and 300 SMS, this plan costs ₮2,800 per month.

Heavy Data Users:

  1. Unitel 5GB Data Plan: This plan provides 5GB of data, unlimited local calls, and unlimited SMS for ₮6,000 per month.
  2. G-Mobile 5GB Data Plan: Offering 5GB of data, 2,000 minutes of local calls, and 2,000 SMS, this plan costs ₮5,000 per month.
  3. Mobicom 5GB Data Plan: Providing 5GB of data, 1,500 minutes of local calls, and 1,500 SMS, this plan costs ₮5,500 per month.

Additional Considerations:

  1. Network Coverage: Consider the network coverage in your area when choosing a SIM-only plan. Unitel and Mobicom offer the widest coverage in Mongolia, while G-Mobile may have limited coverage in some rural areas.
  2. Data Speed: Check the data speed offered by each plan to ensure it meets your requirements. Unitel and Mobicom generally offer faster data speeds than G-Mobile.
  3. Promotional Offers: Look for promotional offers that provide additional data or discounts on specific plans.
  4. Customer Support: Choose a provider with reliable customer support in case you need assistance with your SIM card or service plan.

MobiCom Data Packages

Volume4G BonusValidityPrice
600 MB600 MB1 day1500 ₮
1 GB1 GB2 days2000 ₮
1.5 GB1.5 GB3 days3500 ₮
3 GB3 GB7 days7000 ₮
5 GB5 GB15 days11500 ₮
3 GB3 GB30 days16500 ₮

Unitel Data Packages

1 500 ₮24 hours1 GB1
4 000 ₮3 days512 MB per day3
8 000 ₮7 days512 MB per day7
25 000 ₮30 days512 MB per day30
4 000 ₮7 days500 MB500MB
10 000 ₮30 days1 GB1000MB
20 000 ₮30 days3 GB3000MB


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