Myanmar Internet Packages & Data Plan of 2024

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Where to buy a SIM card in Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country that has opened up to the world significantly over the last decade, which has led to an improvement in its telecommunications sector. When visiting Myanmar, staying connected is key for travelers, and the simplest way to do so is by purchasing a local SIM card. Below are the top places where you can buy a SIM card in Myanmar.

  1. Yangon International Airport:
    As soon as you land, you can purchase a SIM card at the Yangon International Airport. You’ll find official kiosks for the major telecom operators—Mytel, Ooredoo, Telenor, and MPT—conveniently located in the arrivals area. Airport kiosks are an ideal choice since they are accustomed to assisting travelers.
  2. Naypyidaw Airport:
    For those who are flying directly into the capital city, Naypyidaw Airport also offers options to buy a SIM card upon arrival. The outlets here provide customer assistance in multiple languages, which can be particularly helpful for international visitors.
  3. Mobile Network Operator Stores:
    Across urban centers, you will encounter retail stores for the four main telecom operators. These stores are a reliable source for purchasing SIM cards and typically offer a variety of pre-paid and post-paid plans to suit your needs.
  4. Authorized Resellers & Electronics Shops:
    Look for authorized resellers and local electronics shops, which can be found in most towns and cities. They carry SIM cards and can often provide helpful advice on the best packages for your planned usage and travel itinerary.
  5. Convenience Stores & Street Vendors:
    In many tourist areas, convenience stores and even street vendors may sell SIM cards. While they offer the convenience of easy access, it’s important to ensure that the SIM is registered properly to avoid any connectivity issues.
  6. Shopping Malls:
    Large shopping centers in cities like Yangon and Mandalay frequently have stores or kiosks where you can purchase SIM cards. This option can combine the SIM card purchase with your regular shopping excursion or while exploring the city.
  7. Telecom Roadshows & Pop-Up Events:
    Occasionally, telecom operators in Myanmar host roadshows or pop-up events in popular areas where they provide promotional offers on SIM cards and other products. These can be great opportunities to score deals on data and calling packages.
  8. Mobile Operator’s Online Store:
    If you plan ahead, some operators allow you to order a SIM card online and have it delivered to your hotel or a local address within Myanmar. This can be arranged before your arrival for seamless connectivity.
  9. Bus Stations & Major Transport Hubs:
    In Myanmar, it’s not uncommon to find telecom services available at bus stations and major transport hubs. Whether you’re traveling by bus or train, you can often find someone selling SIM cards near these locations.
  10. Hotel Tour Desks:
    Many hotels have tour desks that also offer SIM cards as a service to their guests. Inquire at your hotel reception or tour desk to find out if this service is available.

When purchasing a SIM card in Myanmar, remember to bring your passport, as it is usually required for registration. It’s also important to determine if your phone is unlocked and compatible with Myanmar’s networks, which utilize GSM 900/1800 MHz for 2G and UMTS 2100 MHz for 3G. Additionally, 4G services are also widely available and steadily improving across the country.

Myanmar SIM Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Major Telecom Operators in Myanmar:

  1. MPT (Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications):
    • MPT is a state-owned telecom operator, and it is one of the largest and oldest providers in Myanmar.
  2. Telenor Myanmar:
    • Telenor is a Norwegian telecommunications company that operates in Myanmar. It is known for its widespread coverage and 4G services.
  3. Ooredoo Myanmar:
    • Ooredoo is a Qatari telecommunications company that provides services in Myanmar. It is known for its 4G network and international roaming options.

Purchasing a SIM Card:

  1. Authorized Retailers:
    • SIM cards can be purchased from authorized retailers, including official stores, kiosks, and various shops across cities and towns.
  2. Identification Requirements:
    • Be prepared to provide identification, usually in the form of a passport. This is a common requirement for regulatory purposes.
  3. Choose a Telecom Operator:
    • Decide on the telecom operator that best fits your needs in terms of coverage, data plans, and services.
  4. Select a Plan:
    • Telecom operators offer various prepaid and postpaid plans. Choose a plan that suits your requirements for data, voice, and SMS.
  5. SIM Card Registration:
    • Register your SIM card with the telecom operator. This is a mandatory process, and you may need to fill out a registration form and provide a copy of your identification.

Features and Services:

  1. Data Packages:
    • Explore the data packages offered by each operator. Different plans may include various data allowances, validity periods, and speeds.
  2. Top-Up Options:
    • Top up your balance as needed. Top-up cards are widely available, and some operators offer online top-up services.
  3. International Roaming:
    • Inquire about international roaming options if you plan to travel outside Myanmar. Check the rates and activation process for roaming services.
  4. Customer Support:
    • Save the customer support hotline for your chosen telecom operator. They can assist with any issues, including balance inquiries, technical problems, and more.
  5. Special Promotions:
    • Keep an eye out for special promotions or discounts that operators may offer from time to time.

Useful Tips:

  1. Network Coverage:
    • Check the network coverage maps of different operators to ensure they provide a strong signal in the areas you’ll be visiting.
  2. Dual SIM Phones:
    • If you have a dual SIM phone, you might consider trying SIM cards from different operators to take advantage of the best features each one offers.
  3. Local Advice:
    • Local residents or expatriates can provide valuable insights and recommendations on the best SIM cards based on their experiences.
  4. Regulatory Changes:
    • Be aware that regulations regarding SIM card registration and usage may change, so it’s essential to stay informed about any updates.

Always check for the latest information and any changes in regulations or services from the respective telecom operators when obtaining a SIM card in Myanmar.

MPT Data Packages

400 MB699 Ks*777*1#
900 MB899 Ks*777*3#
1,5 GB1,499 Ks*777*4#
2.5 GB2,499 Ks*777*5#
3.5 GB3,499 Ks*777*6#
7 GB6,999 Ks*777*7#
15 GB14,999 Ks*777*8#
25 GB24,999 Ks*777*9#

Telenor Data Packages

565 MB899 Ks*979*2*2*1#
700 MB799 Ks*979*2*2*2#
920 MB999 Ks*979*2*2*3#
1.5 GB1,499 Ks*979*2*2*4#
2.5 GB2,499 Ks*979*2*2*5#
4 GB3,999 Ks*979*2*2*6#
6 GB5,999 Ks*979*2*2*7#
15.5 GB14,999 Ks*979*2*2*8#

Ooredoo Data Packages

450 MB50 MB699 Ks
700 MB100 MB799 Ks
900 MB124 MB999 ks
1 GB500 MB1,499 Ks
1.5 GB500 MB1,999 Ks
2.5 GB500 MB2,999 Ks
4.5 GB500 MB4,999 Ks
9 GB1 GB9,999 Ks
18 GB2 GB19,999 Ks
36 GB4 GB39,999 Ks

MyTel Data Packages

111 MB24 hours111 Ks.*966*11#
300 MB24 hours299 Ks.*966*41#
1 GB7 days955 Ks*966*42#
900 MB30 days866 Ks.*966*12#
3 GB30 days2,888 Ks.*966*43#
5 GB30 days4,999 Ks.*966*37#
10 GB30 days9,999 Ks.*966*38#

Ananda Data Packages

“unlimited” for 7 days: 10,000 Ks. – FUP: 50 GB
“unlimited” for 30 days: 35,000 Ks. – FUP: 300 GB
“unlimited” for 90 days: 70,000 Ks. – FUP: 900 GB
5 GB for 30 days: 2,500 Ks.
15 GB for 30 days: 5,000 Ks.
35 GB for 30 days: 10,000 Ks.
100 GB for 30 days: 20,000 Ks.


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