Which One Is Better iPhone XS Max Or iPhone 11 For PUBG Mobile? (Find Out!)

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The iPhone 11 is generally better for PUBG Mobile than the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone 11 features a more powerful A13 Bionic chip, providing smoother gameplay with improved graphics and performance compared to the iPhone XS Max’s A12 Bionic chip.

iPhone XS Max For PUBG

iPhone XS Max For PUBG

The iPhone XS Max as we all know is an amazing phone with a lot of features, it is among the first iPhones that came out that had the feature of no buttons. The iPhone XS Max is a big phone that has become a lot and has proven to show a lot of features that make it a phone good enough for game lovers. 

XS Max is also known for its big battery capacity. And as we all know, to play big games like PUBG mobile, you require this big battery so you can play and enjoy it for a long time. The phone came out as part of the iPhone X series, it is the highest among the phones in the series which gives it higher battery life. 

There is only one problem with the iPhone XS Max and the game PUBG. It is said that the user interface doesn’t work properly when playing on iPhone XS Max. The graphics and AR abilities that the iPhone XS Max has are also a feature that causes gamers to go ahead and play this game using their iPhone XS Max. 

PUBG Mobile can be classified as the biggest game that we have today. Among the many games that are available today for mobile play, PUBG should be put as part of the 10 best in the world. The full name is Player Unknown’s Background. This game comes in with new updates, one of the updates and one of the best has to be the one that involves the new Sanhok map. The map was set in the jungle and the map is said to lead the player to more interesting and tedious fights. 

iPhone 11 For PUBG

iPhone 11 For PUBG

Firstly, the iPhone 11 is not like every smartphone that tends to heat up when you are playing PUBG. Heating occurs because of how big this game is though. The iPhone 11 doesn’t heat up in the processor, this makes it a better phone because when the processor doesn’t get heated up, it means that there are no problems. When a processor gets heated up, this implies that the phone is working too much. Some smartphones tend to increase their heat a lot more than others when playing big games like this. PUBG is a heavy-duty game and can increase the heat of the phone while it is being used. 

It is an ideal phone for gaming and can even play heavy-duty games no matter how big. iPhone 11 has a lot of specs and features that help put it in place as one of the best phones for games. Based on the improvements that have been made from the last iPhone brands to now iPhone 11, gamers will surely enjoy any game that they get to play on this phone. iPhone 11 is also one of the best phones to play this game because of the AR platform that it possesses, it is one of the best in the world and is perfect for AR games. 

iPhone 11 comes with a very nice display, it has a perfect LCD that makes it one of the best phones to use outside in the sun. It has better brightness and has a higher brightness peak. The display of the iPhone 11 is magnificent as well as its performance. It has proven to be among the phones with the best display. 

Is PUBG Best Played On Phone?

Well, on some iPhones, this game is playable and you get to enjoy it a lot when you are using an IOS processor. On the newest iPhone, this game like other battle games is not supported and they will also lag if you play them on smaller iPhones. Just like iPhones from 8plus down to whatever number is still available, these games will lag, and also the processor will get very hot. 

Does The Game Lag?

Technically, the game lags and at the same time, it doesn’t lag. It gives a beautiful experience and those who play the game and have played it on different mobile phones will know what we are referring to. The game doesn’t possess any glitches and it doesn’t give you any bad experience. The PUBG mobile on iPhones is extremely nice so you get to enjoy every bit of the game. Some other phones like Android devices suffer from lags most time. 

Does Gaming Cause Your iPhone To Be Slower?

Yes, your phone will slow down when playing games like PUBG because these games need to be played on devices with higher performance. Majorly, a phone that has to play this game would need to have a high-performance CPU with good RAM and internal storage. You also need good battery life because this game takes up a lot of things and so it needs to have some of these things to survive properly.


The article has been able to compare the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 concerning the game PUBG. Both phones are good for playing the game PUBG because both phones have big CPU systems and good RAM too. The PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games today, so it requires your phone to have these qualities.




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