How Can I Check for Applied Jobs on LinkedIn?

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To check applied jobs on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Jobs” in the LinkedIn navigation bar.
  2. Select “Manage Job Applications” to view your applied positions.
  3. Review application status and details.

Key Takeaways

  • You can check for applied jobs on LinkedIn by accessing your profile and going to the jobs section.
  • LinkedIn has a software that keeps all lists of the jobs that you have applied for.
  • Your LinkedIn message box can also give you a glimpse of the jobs you applied for if a recruiter sends you a message.
  • Some hiring managers might contact you through your email address to update you on the application status.
  • Checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn helps you to stay organized.

A Guide on How to Check for Applied Jobs on LinkedIn

Search for applied jobs on LinkedIn

After applying for a job on LinkedIn, you might need to go back to the platform and check any progress regarding the jobs you applied for. The task might be challenging if it’s your first time using the LinkedIn platform.

However, checking for applied jobs on Linked in is an easy exercise when you understand how it’s done. Below is a detailed guide that will help you know how to check for applied jobs on LinkedIn. Let’s get started!

1.     Checking the Job Section of Your LinkedIn Profile

Whenever you apply for a new job on LinkedIn, the platform creates a list of all jobs you have applied for to enable you to track their progress. Therefore, when you want to check for applied jobs on LinkedIn, you’ll go to these listings to track the various positions you’ve applied for.

One of the easiest ways of checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn is by checking the job section of your LinkedIn profile. Here is how to do it:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Navigate to the platforms’ jobs section and click on the “Jobs” option.
  • Hit ‘My Jobs.”
  • Select the “Applied” option.

When you hit the “Applied” option, you will be welcomed with a list displaying all jobs you’ve applied for on the LinkedIn platform and their status.

Tip: While checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn, it’s important to use the filter option to go directly to the “Applied jobs” section. By filtering your jobs, the LinkedIn software will only display the jobs you have already applied for, saving you time.

2.     Check Your LinkedIn Message Box

Sometimes you might get notifications from recruiters in your LinkedIn message box. Opening these messages is a sure way of checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn. Suppose recruiters decide to contact you by sending text messages to the platform’s message box, then you will quickly know about your application’s status by reading the messages.

Some employers use these LinkedIn messages to contact you about job refusals or even schedule interviews.

3.     Check Email Messages

So, you want to check for applied jobs on LinkedIn, but you’ve forgotten your login credentials? Please don’t fret about it because there is an easy fix. Remember that your LinkedIn account is directly linked to your email address.

Therefore, recruiters can contact you by email to inform you about your application’s status. By opening these email messages, you will find a link that will redirect you back to your LinkedIn job section, where you will monitor the progress of your other job applications.

The Importance of Checking for Applied Jobs on LinkedIn

People apply for jobs they are passionate about. Therefore, the passion you had when applying for a job on the LinkedIn platform should push you to check your application’s status. Keeping track of the application has its merits, as discussed below:

1.     It Helps You Stay Organized

The LinkedIn platform advertises several jobs. Therefore, it is natural to apply for multiple jobs. Without checking for applied jobs, you might lose track of the ones you have already applied for and their current status.

When you regularly check for applied jobs on LinkedIn, you can be up-to-date on where you stand in each application and organize your diary for possible interviews without missing the deadline.

2.     It Enables You to Make Follow Ups

When you apply for a job and don’t get feedback from the recruiting company, the next action is to follow up to know where things stand.

Therefore, by checking for applied LinkedIn jobs regularly, you can easily identify the applications without feedback and schedule to send the company a follow-up email or message to know where your application stands.

3.     It Keeps You Informed

Most companies and recruiters prefer LinkedIn as a means to communicate with applicants. By simply checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to quickly see any updates or messages from hiring managers relating to your job application status.

4.     It Enables You to Prepare for the Next Step

Everyone dreads getting an interview invitation but knowing it too late. Checking for applied jobs consistently on the LinkedIn platform will let you know about the interview well in advance. It will also let you know the steps you’ll need to take and what to expect.

5.     It Can Help You Stay Competitive

Knowing where you stand with your job applications lets you focus your efforts on applications you haven’t received feedback on. This way, you can apply for new jobs that conform to your career goals.

In conclusion, checking for applied jobs on LinkedIn is critical to your job search. Regularly checking your job applications makes you stay organized and informed about the current status of your applications.

While applying for jobs on LinkedIn, it is wise to set a reminder to check for the applied jobs. You can set your reminder weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how many jobs you have applied for. It will also help if you keep a record of the jobs you have applied for, the date you sent your resume, the resume you used, and any follow-up notes. These notes come in handy while tracking your job-hunting progress.


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